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Ask the DBZ Cast _3_

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Vegeta has to do the show alone today. Let's see how how this goes...

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Disclaimer: Still don't own DBZ.

Vegeta sits alone on the couch with his arms crossed.
Vegeta: As you can see, I am alone today. Kakarot is sick, so the rest of the cast had to drag him to the hospital. The show must go on, though. First question.

Question One:
PizzaLover asks:
Why do Saiyans wrap their tails around their waists like belts?

Vegeta: Because if we don't, clumsy oafs like Kakarot step on them, shut them in them in doors,etcetera.

Question Two:
SuperDude asks:
What do Saiyans do other than fight?

Vegeta: (raises an eyebrow) What do you mean "other than fight"? What else is there to do?

Question Three:
SilentFire asks:
I am picked on at school. What should I do?

Vegeta: Well, Mr. or Mrs. Fire; you should man up and beat the crap out of them. That's all our time for today. Thanks for watching.
EpicSlytherinGirl: I'm sorry. I know that one sucked. I'll try to think of some better questions.
Vegeta: You'd better! I'm sick of answering this crap!
Vegeta: (scowl)
EpicSlytherinGirl: I'm never taking the rest of the cast out of an episode again! Sorry this one was so dumb. I promise I'll try harder. Thanks for reading!
Vegeta: Can I go home now? This is the worst job I've ever had.
EpicSlytherinGirl: Like you've ever had a real job before.
Vegeta: (rolls his eyes) It's still the worst.
EpicSlytherinGirl: That's it, I've had it with you! KA-ME-HA-ME-HA!
Half the studio is destroyed and Vegeta lies on the floor.
EpicSlytherinGirl: Vegeta? Vegeta? ...oh crap.(turns to camera) What are you doing? Don't film this, you idiot! Stop filming! CUT! Give me the stupid camera! (takes camera, smiles to it) Sorry abot that. Well, keep reading and please review! Bye!
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