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Frenzied Tweeting

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Phil is worried that Dan has died. Has Dan finally left?

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Phil saw this and jumped out of Peej's arms. "NO! DON'T! Listen to me! I've done that too! I have scars to hide!" Peej looked confused. He didn't know this about his boyfriend. "Please! Don't do this. Not yet! Let me meet you! Change your mind! I don't want you to go back to trusting your old friend. I trusted him one too many times and, well, it never ended well. Dan, I want you to listen. Contact me, email me! I need to meet you, want to meet you! All you have to do, one cutter to another, is put down the blade... Please."
Dan heard Phil's plea. He hadn't actually cut yet, but he was close to it when he had heard. He put his blade down on the desk. He typed out a reply 'I was close. So close. As in the tip was on my skin. But then I heard you. There is no new blood, I am okay. Please don't worry about me.' He sent that. Phil had to know he was okay. He then went to twitter and sent Phil a direct message 'I'm sorry I scared you. :( My email address is, and I would love to meet up with you. Tonight is the second time you have saved my life and I can't thank you enough. You care about me even though I'm not worth the time. Thank you.' Dan burst into tears for the second time that night.
Phil saw all these messages from Dan. It broke his heart. Phil read all the messages and cried hard. "I-I-I want all of you to know, I want no one to have to go through such pain, to need to cut. Contact me and we can talk." Phil giggled. "I'm gonna go now. Stay wonderful and stay positive and please please please! Live to see another day!"
Dan closed Younow after Phil had logged off. "Stay positive and please, please, please! Live to see another day!" This was his parting message to everyone, but Dan felt as if it was aimed specifically towards him. He logged back onto Twitter to see that Phil had left him a message.
Phil hugged and cried on Peej's shoulder. "I don't want him to die. Do you think he'll reply? Oh god! What if I didn't get through to him?! What if he's dead?!" Phil panicked and sobbed.
Dan opened his message and read 'Please be alright! I'm wishing and hoping that I got through to you and you are alive. Please never trust your old friend again. I know how it feels to think that no-one cares, trust me, I really do. I almost died because that's how I felt. But I was found before I faded away. Know that I care for you. I always will. I have since I noticed you. Please let me know if you're okay, I haven't heard from you since I pleaded with you to stop cutting. Please write back. Phil x' Phil didn't get my message? He must care if he went to the trouble of sending me messages like this. I tried to let him know that I was okay but it must have been lost in the mass of fan comments and messages. I open up a reply box and type 'I am okay. It was a close call but I heard you before I pierced the skin. I tried to let you know I was okay but I guess my messages got lost within your fan mail. I would love to meet up with you by the way. I did give you my email, but that probably got lost too. I'm so sorry I scared you. I thought no-one would care if I was gone.'
Phil notices the message and beams. He replies back with. 'Now you know, I care. I always have and always will! I got your email address. Are you in England, Dan? Because if not, I will fly over to you or fly you over here. Keep me posted. I am glad I got to you on time! I have been a wreck the whole time waiting for your reply. I needed to know you were okay. Let me tell you this Dan, even if family or friends, even if they won't care when you’re gone, you need to know that I will be a wreck and cry hard. I might even do something stupid, if you know what I mean...' Phil smiled as he sent that message. He looked over at Peej on his phone. "What's wrong?" He asks. Peej shakes his head, continuing to send the hate message to this Dan.
Dan looks back at his messages. There is two unread envelopes on his screen. One was from Phil and the other one was from a Peej? Oh, Phil's boyfriend. He opens that one first to see a huge long message with lines like 'pathetic loser', and 'lying to my boyfriend to get attention', along with 'shame on you'. Dan was shocked by this. How could this prick think that he was lying? Dan knew that he wouldn't do that, he was honest in every way. But to be accused like this? He just felt the world crashing onto his shoulders. He didn't know what to do.
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