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Making Plans

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Phil ignores his boyfriend and books a flight.

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He opened Phil's message. It read 'I care. Always have and always will!', 'I will fly over to you or fly you over.', 'I'm glad I got to you on time. I have been a wreck waiting to see if you were okay, I needed to know that you were.' and finally 'If you were gone I would cry. I may even do something stupid.' Phil... No, you can't. Not because of me. He opened up his reply and typed 'Don't you ever do something stupid because of me! Even if I feel like shit right now for scaring you. Even if I did just get accused of lying to you just to get your attention. Unfortunately I don't live in England. I live in Australia, I know what you're thinking, kangaroos and koalas. You always manage to find the cutest part of something, that's how you are. But I hate it here. I just wanna get out of this place and this part of my life. I'm super sorry I scared you, as I just said I feel like shit. Sorry' He hit send and hoped Phil would get it. Dan tried to forget about the message from Peej but couldn't and just cried his eyes out, head buried between his knees.
Phil smiled at the reply then frowned. 'Even if I did just get accused of lying to you just to get your attention.' Phil shook his head. 'I know you're not lying Dan. I can feel your pain from here. Anyone who hates on you, they’re not worth a second thought. They are scum and attention seeking themselves. Australia huh? Cute little koala bears! Do you wanna come to Manchester? Stay with me for a week or two? I am more then happy to bring you over here. It might help you relax. Dan, I do want you to know this though, I love you. I really want to help you."
Dan read Phil's reply. Phil obviously didn't know that Peej sent that message. I'll just have to let it slide I suppose. 'I guess someone decided to hate me for taking up their precious time with you. I would love to come to Manchester. I've never been, but I feel as though I have somehow. Like when I listen to you there is no accent but everyone else says there is and I feel so left out coz I can't hear it. You really shouldn't be bothering with me, but since you obviously are I will gladly accept your help. It is an honour to even be talking to you. I cannot believe you love me though. I'm sorry but I have been lied to too many times on the subject of love. I wish I could believe you, my heart wants to believe you, but my mind says you're only trying to make me feel better. But know this, I really need to get out of here, as much as I'd love to I can't afford to go anywhere.' Dan wiped the tears from his eyes, only to have fresh one take their place.
Phil wipes his eyes. He did know how to respond to this message. This boy was so broken, almost gone beyond repair. No, Phil will help him, help his see that he is worth it. 'What time is it there Dan?' Phil will get on the next plane and surprise Dan, taking him back home to Manchester.
Phil had asked him the time where he was. 'well seeing as your live show was at 3am, the time now is' Dan looks at the clock. Shit! It's 6am, he has to attend classes today. '6am. It's 6am, I really need to get some sleep. The University of Sydney does not accept sleeping in class, so as much as I would love to keep talking to you, I really need to sleep. I promise you that I will wake up tomorrow.' Dan then sends his computer to sleep, sets an alarm and tries to get at least a couple of hours sleep.
Phil nods. He starts packing his bags. Peej frowns. "I'm going to Sydney. To find Dan." Phil rushes around. He looks for flights. "YES! One leaving in an hour! I'll reach Sydney at...." Phil thinks, calculating. "6pm. Awesome!"
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