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Chapter 3. Inside Radiation

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Not really drama, but whatever. Rade's P.O.V

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Sorry it took so long, please don't hate me! I kept rewriting it. And I've decided to write it in third person because it's a bit easier for me with my disorder

He calmly placed the aviators on the bridge of his nose as he walked to her doorway, imagining her face when she would see them. Black Radiation had snuck into Toxic Renegade's room, again, and taken her fingerless leather gloves and aviators. Knowing her well, he could almost hear her cursing and throwing her things around in her frenzied search for her things. Opening her door to view a, however attractive, inappropriately topless torso. Roman allowed his eyes to linger on her chest a few moments before knocking on the door frame, and when she turned around, he spoke.

"Hey Toxic. It'd be nice if you didn't tear you'r hair out right now, you know. They're coming today." He teased, reminding her of the Killjoys. All he felt then was his heart speeding up and the thoughts running around in his head as she slowly stood up and glared at him.

"Hand over my glasses Rade, and I promise your sweet little whore won't get hurt." Her voice like poisoned silk in his ears. He loved getting reactions from her even if she was threatening his girlfriend. He narrowed his eyes to play along, feeding her ego.

"Don't you touch her Renegade. Don't you fucking dare." Roman growled, running fingers through his hair, and internally beaming at how she noticed it(he'd never show her how happy that made him). All bitchiness drained from her face, and rushed back in a manner of seconds.

"You want me to leave her alone? Then hand over the hostages. Unharmed." Toxic narrowed her eyes and pursed her lips, bringing forth former hatred. Radiation always found this so cute, she was trying not to smile. "Now, boy," she demanded. Roman just grunted, removed the gloves and aviators. He smirked at how she looked at him, he knew she liked him, but it wasn't enough for him. He wanted her to need him. Allowing his icy blue eyes to travel along her body, making her shiver, he remembered ab out her... current state.

"Clothe yourself, Toxic. We wouldn't want your idols to get the wrong impression now would we?" She looked down at herself. Apparently she didn't know she lacked any clothing. But she showed no sign of alarm or embarrassment.

"If we're worrying about wrong impressions then why aren't you on a leash? Cant have them thinking you can actually think for yourself, now can we?" God, he hated when she reminded him of Annie's "rules". One of them being, and I quote, 'Someone has to always be in the room with you if Toxic Renegade is there. I can't bear to think of what she'd try'. All he could get out to voice his disapproval for the subject, was a frown and a growl before she smiled and pushed him out the door. After Toxic slammed it in his face, He turned on heel and shuffled to Lillie's shy, intelligent, practically mind reading best friend-who was currently waiting for them on a park bench-Insanity reaction(a.k.a. Nereid).

Sorry this one is super short, but I have school tomorrow and need to sleep, I will continue this chapter tomorrow!-Toxic
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