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Chapter 3. Inside Radiation(cont.)

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Chapter says it I guess.

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Shyan's breathing was the only thing she could focus on without getting a headache now. At least with him around. Whoever 'He" is, she thought to herself bitterly. Insanity Reaction stood up slowly and carefully stretched her ankles in the burning sun, trying to distract herself further from the tall slender shadow that watched her. She couldn't see his face well, nor could she see his companions' features. Insanity could see how his head moved, and the glint of the sun behind his glasses. She knew he was looking at her, there wasn't anyone else around, and she wasn't one to be smug.

It wasn't that he didn't have a particularly unattractive build: tall and slender, as noted before, and she could see he was lightly muscled. He had taken of his jacket a while ago, it was a hot day in the park. If you could call a few swings and a rusted set of monkey bars such a thing. The benches are the only good things here thought Reaction as she sat back down. Painted in the most vibrant colors, and each of them unique.

Like that guy. The one staring, who seems to be making a new home in Reaction's mind, the one with the amazing hair. The rising sun shone on just the right angle where she could see the outline of the man's pale body much better, and the rays glowed like a halo around him. She couldn't take her eyes off him, and vice-versa. Of course she was looking out of the corner of her eyes, facing away from him, trying to calm her breathing. This entire ordeal scared the living shit out of Insanity, the 50 pound-man-eating butterflies, the racing thoughts, the pull towards him. It reminded her too much of how she used to be before everything happened.

"It's not like that, it's just a crush." She whispered reassuringly to herself, but getting a fright instead as a hand touched her shoulder.

"What was that?" Like midnight silk, a familiar voice wrapped around her. Turning she saw the loving face of Black Radiation.

"Nothing, Blackie, just reciting something." She lied with a smile, which he returned.

"Mmkay," Radiation looked around for something to fill the silence, eyes landing on the mystery boy. "He's been staring at you for quite some time hasn't he?" Roman's eyes narrowed protectively.

"I don't know has he?" Reaction answered quickly, trying to hide that she noticed the man, he mistook it for fear. Stroking her hair Roman pulled her onto his lap.

"Don't worry Shy, I'll make sure nothing bad happens to you again." He whispered, instantly regretting his words as she winced. "Sorry, still not ready?" She shook her head. Still not ready.

"So.. How long will Toxic take?" Shyan questioned softly. Roman looked at her slowly.

"Long enough." He answered,. Rade smirked and picked Reaction up in a swift, easy motion, walking to his garage. Leaving behind the colorful benches, and a watchful, jealous creature.


"They fucking ditched me. They. Fucking. Ditched me." Lillie muttered, "I should have known they would, ermahguUGH WHY DOES TODAY SUCK SOOO BAD?" She stood up on the bench and groaned her unanswerable question to the burning sun.

"I don't think it sicks that bad." An oddly familiar voice resonates from behind her, making her spin around, nearly falling. "At least I'm not walking out there anymore."

"Pah... uhhh. W-walking?" Dazed, Toxic stuttered out her best response as she stared at her idols as the stood before her. The four filthy, sweaty yet attractive men smiled awkwardly to her.

"Hi." One of them, Fun Ghoul, stepped forward and extended a hand. Of course Toxic accepted, thinking to shake, but being pulled into the accidental embrace of the slightly taller man. Ghoul blushed and looked down,"Yeah walking. Our truck broke down and we trekked most of the way here. Know a place where we can shower?" His hesitant voice striking a chord on Renegades Motherly side of the brain, she snapped out of her daze and spoke complete sentences, grabbed two of the boys' hands dragging them to her house.

"Yeah I know a place. My house. I'll find some clothes for you, I'm sure my brother or dads things could fit you. And I'll make breakfast. or lunch. Its 9ish is that breakfast or lunch? whatever just tell me what you want and I'll see what I can do. Names Toxic by the way. Toxic Renegade." Renegade prattled on.

"Muffins? Is that okay? Or something like that, please." Jet Star suggested, stepping into the doorway.

"Sure, I can make muffins. And I'll start a brew. The shower's over there make yourselves at home." As she disappeared into the kitchen a quartet of killjoys stood partially stunned, unsure of what to do next in the quiet room. But quiet never lasts. Ever. "TOWELS ON THE TOP SHELF!" Toxic yelled from behind a door, and suddenly jackets were thrown down in a frenzied rush to be the first with clean hair.

I really need to stop writing short chapters. Will have an update by next week! Not much else to say but ughhh I have no idea what I'm doing. With fucking rainbows-Toxic Renegade
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