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You Can Sleep in a Coffin

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Sequel to Inside an Institution. Violet hasn't seen her family and close friends since she left. What happens when she has to face them again?

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January 21st, 2012
Violet's P.O.V.

The days have passed slowly since I left. I haven't seen or spoken to anyone since then, except for Aunt Linda who calls me on a daily basis but, even she doesn't know where I moved to. When I left I had no plans, very little money and one suitcase of clothes. I ended up in West Village, New York. I now work a full time job at Cafe Gitane. My apartment isn't much, just a one bedroom flat with the typical New York noise.

To say I don't miss my family and friends would be a lie. I truly do miss them but, I have made a better life here. And although I am barely getting by, I still wouldn't change anything.

I had to be at work at 4 o'clock this morning, I woke up late and didn't even have time to brush my hair. I lazily threw it up into a bun and headed out the door. The walk to and from work isn't too bad. It isn't exactly fun to do at 3:45 in the morning but, still it could be worse.

I arrived at work right on time and start setting up the tables with menus and anything else they may need and took my spot at the front of the restaurant.

By 8 o'clock we are busy. Most of our business comes from regulars at the restaurant and have been coming here for a while.

In my middle of my shift, I receive a phone call, which is unusual while I am at work. I immediately start to panic.

I shakily take hold of the phone

"Hello?", I ask.
"Vi? Oh thank God. You have to get home quick.", Frank's voice erupted in my ears.
"Why? What's happened?"
"It's Mom, she's in the hospital. She fell asleep on her way home from work."
"Is she okay?"
"No, Vi. She's not. Please get down here. Quick!"

I hung up and ran straight to my boss who was very understanding and let me leave. I didn't even bother stopping for clothes, just called a cab to take me to the ferry. My thoughts are in overdrive by the time I actually get there. Always thinking the worst.

When I arrive back in New Jersey, my mood changes. I feel at home here. Frank is waiting for me. We share a hug and tears prick at my eyes. I climb into the passengers seat and we make our way to the hospital. I just hope everything will be okay.
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