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5. Shockers

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Edith's POV
Waking up on the living room floor doesn't feel so good. My neck aches so badly. I look around; my eyes burn because the room is so bright. What the... Oh god, how did I end up with chocolate syrup on my belly? Damn. 
Last night, Carlos and I stayed up playing video games. He got a brand new Xbox and we were playing some zombie game and then Silent Hill. It's a fucking scary game. He insisted to buy all this junk and so we bought chips, pizza, popcorn, candy, ice cream, whip cream, a shit load of things. He must have poured chocolate syrup on my belly when I was sleeping. That jerk. 
I get up and find Carlos on the couch, sleeping with a nice pillow and blanket. 
"you jerk!" I yell and hit him with a pillow. 
"wha- what the hell!?" 
"you left me on the ground and you make yourself comfortable?!"
"uhh, duhh.."
"ugh!" I start hitting him with the pillow again. His smartass holds up his forearm above his head blocking the pillow and then grabs my leg and pulls it making me fall to the ground. He gets off from the couch and pins me down. 
"get off! You smell like rotten pizza!"
"you smell like chocolate syrup! Ahh shit!" he yells and gets off. He looks down at his stomach and he's all covered in the chocolate syrup that was on my belly. 
"that's what you get!" I get up and run for the restroom laughing. I was able to shut the door before he got in. All I hear is a loud bang on the door. 
"watch when you come out!" 
I laugh hard in the restroom till my stomach hurts. Then I undress and take a shower to wash off all the smothered chocolate syrup on my stomach.
When I was all done and in my towel, I slowly opened the bathroom door and stepped outside like a cat; silently. I looked around the hallway corner, he was no where to be seen. Then, I heard a muffled sound coming from his room; music. 
"he's probably listening to music." I whispered to myself. Coast is clear. So I went down the hallway, still quietly, but not with my guard up. 
Suddenly, I hear something behind me. I turn around quickly coincidently, and there he was, with the Michael Myers mask. 
I screamed at the top of my lungs and put my hands up, Forgetting I was holding my towel. My full naked body was exposed to Carlos. 
"oh shit!!" he yelled covering his eyes over the mask. 
"Carlos!!! what the fuck is your problem!?!?" I quickly pick up my towel and run in my room. 
I feel so embarrassed. I have never felt this embarrassed in my life. 
"Eddie I'm sorry!!" he yells laughing outside my door. 
"go away!" I yell back, tears running down my cheeks. 
"no! It was a mistake. I had no idea that would happen! Please, let me come in!" I scream and burry my face in my pillow. 
I hear my door open and Carlos come sits beside me. 
"I'm sorry... I didn't see anything."
"liar!" I yell. I sit up and slap his chest then grab my pillow and squeeze it tightly. 
"okay fine, just a little. I'm really sorry though. C'mon, you're my best friend. It's okay." he places his hand on my shoulder, then embraces me in a tight hug. 
"c'mon Edith, we've known each other for so long. I've danced with you and felt your body against mine. I'm not telling you to feel comfortable to show me your body but what I'm saying is that, you don't have to feel embarrassed okay?" I just nod. I understand, he has a point but.. I just feel uncomfortable because... It's Carlos.. He's like a brother.
"and I see you got a new tattoo, when did you get it?" 
"why didn't you tell me?"
"I forgot."
I was out all day yesterday with one of my friends from the company. She was going to the piercing shop to get her clit pierced. Yeah weird, I know but whatever. 
So I went with her and decided to get another tattoo done because there was this design I just had to get. I got it on the opposite side of my last name. It is a legendary dragon river spirit from Japan. It was freaking cool. It's an aqua color with silver and it is flying with a little girl on its back over the moon. It's fucking awesome. 
"can I see it one more time?" he asks. 
"sure." I say and lower my towel being careful not to expose my boob to him again. 
"wow.." he says and traces his finger over my tattoo. I get a flash back; the time when Gerard saw my first tattoo and traced his finger over it. I shut my eyes tightly trying to forget the image and the feel of his touch over my skin. 
"does it hurt?"
"a little, why?" 
"you closed your eyes in pain."
"oh um.. Well right now it did. You touched a sensitive part that's why."
"oh okay" I cover myself with my towel again when he removes his hand. 
"it's nice. I'll get out right now so you can get changed. I'm sorry once again. But don't feel embarrassed brah, okay?" 
"okay." I laugh. He hugs me once more and kisses my head before leaving. 
I sit there for a while not moving. I still have the flashback in my head. 
It takes me a few minutes to eventually forget and carry on with changing. 

I stepped out of my room once I was all finished and found Carlos watching TV. 
"don't you have anything to do today?"
"nah, the studio is working on something that has nothing to do with me today so I don't have shit to do." 
"oh okay, I'm gonna visit my dad."
"for what?"
"oh! Well I forgot to tell you that Mr. Turner let me switch companies."
"that's great Edith! When are you leaving?"
"I dont know, I'm going to talk to my dad about it. That's why I'm going to my dad's house."
"alright. Well I hope you have a good time in New York."
"thanks Carlos. So I'll see you later."
"bye." he says as I walk out of my apartment. 
I sure hope my dad takes it okay. He was so happy that I was moving in with him when I was 16 but almost didn't let me move in with Carlos because he still wanted me to stay with him. Now imagine how he will feel about me going back to New York... 

Carlos' POV 
Edith is finally leaving my side. Wow. I've been with her for so long that it'll be weird not having her around. I can't imagine it. 
But I'm very happy for her. She's one of those girls that knows what she wants and when she wants something, she pursues it at whatever risk. She's a girl of challenges. That's what I admire about her so I'm glad she made it into the company. She deserves it. 

Edith's POV
I arrived at my dad's house at 5pm. He lives in the other side of town so it took me about half hour to get here. 
I knock on the door 3 times before he opens. 
"Edith! How pleasant that you came to visit your old buddy!" he says to me and welcomes me into a tight hug. 
"hi daddy." we enter the house and my step mom enters the living room. 
When I moved here, I had no idea my dad had a girlfriend. He didn't tell me till after I got here but it turned out okay. She was very supportive and she gave me that mother love that I wouldn't have had in Canada. Her and I have always had a lovable bond. Her and my dad got married shortly after I moved here.
"oh Edith.." she says and hugs me. 
"hi Mary. I'm so glad to see you."
"it's always wonderful when you come around Edith. Puts a smile on my face." she smiles at me and pinches my cheek gently. She's done that all the time since I met her. That's the first thing she did when I saw her. 
"you're so adorable."She said even though I was 16 at the time. But you know, adults. 
"I'm so happy you both get along well." my dad says coming over and hugs us both by the shoulder. 
"tell me Edith, what brings you here?" my dad asks leading us all to the couch. 
"well I just want to see how you guys are doing."
"well we're fine. Uhh, Spooky recently passed away." my dad answers. 
Spooky was the family pet. He was a German Shepard just like my dog, Arthus. It was welcoming to have Spooky around. At times, I would get confused and call Spooky Arthus. It's sad to hear he passed away. That dog was around even before I came.
"oh I'm sorry to hear. He was a very special dog."
"yeah he was. We had special moments..."
Silence fell for a quick second. 
"um.. Mary and I are also planning to go to Hawaii this summer."
"really.. That's great. For anniversary?"
"yeah, our 6th."
"happy early anniversary. I'm happy for you two.."
"thank you Edith. We appreciate it." Mary answered. 
"your welcome, so listen dad.. I need to talk to you about something."
"well, would you like to stay for dinner? Mary made her delicious pasta. We can talk about it during dinner."
"fine. I'll stay. Because I love your pasta Mary." she grins happily and makes her way to the kitchen. Dad and I follow her as well to get the dinner table ready. 

Once we are all set to eat, we do our prayer. It's kind of a tradition my dad has. I remember even when I was smaller we would do it with Jade and my mom. 
"so before we talk about what you need, how are you Eddie?" my dad questions as we dig up on our delicious pasta with ceaser salad and an amazing juice my dad makes out of watermelon.
"I've been fine."
"how's the company?" 
"um, it's good. That's what I came to talk to you about actually."
"seeing anybody yet?" Mary interrupts adding a wink. She doesn't know about Gerard. I convinced my dad not to tell her or anybody.
"uhh.." I can feel my face turn hot. 
"ooh, who's this lucky guy?" she says overly excited. 
"um, it's.. A guy named Harry Carson." my dad, all of a sudden drops his fork. 
"Harry Carson? From American Vision Contemporary Dance Company?"
"yeah.." I say silently. He's gonna blow. 
"that's interesting. How'd you meet him?"
"well, since all our productions were over and they were a success, we had a whole day of fun. Meaning, our company invites  guest choreographers to give us master classes. He was one of them and I took his class. We had a little talk afterwards, we clicked, and then he asked me on a date. Well that's how it happened..." 
"oh, okay.."
"oh how wonderful! I'm so happy for you Edith!" she reaches over the table and grabs my hand tightly. 
"so what is it that you wanted to tell me?" my dad says continuing to eat. 
"ahem, I uhh- I'm moving to new York." now they both drop their forks. Mary gasps and covers her mouth and my dad glares at me. 
"for what reason?" their full attention is on me now. 
"well, I'm joining AVCDC."
"makes sense now, you're dating their artistic director and joining their company?.. Interesting..."
"dad, what are you trying to say?"
"you are my daughter, and I love you with all my heart and trust you, so I'm going to ignore my thoughts.."
"I hope you got in fair and square."
"oh my god, you know it's been hard for me to date and you know exactly why, but me dating this guy has nothing to do with me getting in the company. I can't believe you." I completely forgot Mary was in the room. I didn't want to talk about this topic.
"okay, I'm sorry Edith. I'm happy for you." he squeezes my arm and it takes all I've got to force a smile and not jerk his hand off me. 
"wait, what's going on.." Mary says worriedly. 
"nothing honey." and she doesn't question it anymore. We all continue eating in silence. 
"when are you leaving?" my dad asks after 10 minutes of dead silence. 
"I dont know, I'd have to look into that. I didn't want to do it till I came and talked with you."
"I appreciate that"
I smile and nod. 
"so dad, are you okay with me leaving?"
"well, you're an adult now. I can't stop you from doing what you want. But I am okay with it. I'm happy that you pursue what you want."
"thanks dad." 
"you're welcome honey." now the lovely atmosphere is back in the room. 
We continue eating talking about different topics. I'm just glad I took that out of my chest. It didn't go as bad as I thought.

When we were done, we ate ice cream in the living room and watched one of my old performances. I think I was 17. God, I've progressed so much these last few years. 

"I'm glad you came Edith." I was getting ready to go. It's getting late and I have a long drive home. 
"I am too. I had fun."
"I'm gonna miss you." I can see my dad's eyes get watery. So I embrace him in a hug. Then Mary joins us and we stay hugging each other for a few minutes. When I pull away, we're all in tears. 
"goodbye now." I say and kiss them both on the cheek and make my way out. 
I get out of their drive way but stop half a block away to take a minute. I'm going to miss my dad and now, I kind of wish I would have visited more often. The last time I had seen him was about 3 months before today.
Then suddenly, I get an unexpected call from Harry.
"hello?" I answer weakly.
"were you crying?" he asks me. 
"no why?"
"nevermind but hello, I just called to say goodbye."
"wait, you're leaving today?"
"yeah I am."
"wait, what airport are you at?"
"Abbotsford. Why?"
"mind if I drop by?"
"not at all. I'd love that." my stomach is invaded by butterflies."
"..Kay.. I'll be there in a few."
"alright. I'll be waiting." my heart skips 3 beats. 
"okay. Bye." I hang up, throw my phone on the passenger seat and step on the gas to get to the airport as quickly as possible. Coincidently, my dad lives around this airport. 

Usual arrival time from my dads house to here and normal driving is 35 minutes. In my case, I wasn't driving like a normal person so it took me 20.
I walk around for a few seconds, buy a coffee and keep looking around. Then, I see his blonde messy hair. He's reading a book at a far chair next to the window. I walk over slowly and when I'm close by, he looks up at me with his over-melting smile.
"hey" I say silently so he's the only one that hears. He gets up and hugs me. 
"I'm glad you were able to make it."
"I'm- I'm glad too.." I rest my head on his chest and I can hear his heart beat accelerating. Just like mine. 
"let's sit." he says and leads me to one of the seats and we just sit there, smiling at each other. 
"did you have a fun week here in Canada?" I say bursting the bubble of silence and staring. 
"yeah I did. It was a lot of fun."
"what was the highlight of this week?"
"well um, meeting you." 
"oh really... Why is that?"
"because you are an amazing person and I can't see how anybody would want to leave your side. Trust me, If you wouldn't have come, I would have left with the guilt of hesitating on wether I should go visit you or not."

leaving my side 


"so you just called instead?"
"yeah. I didn't want to be a bother so I decided to call you better."
"well that's very nice. But I would have liked to see you too anyways so, you should have gone over to my house."
"only if I would have known.."
"oh but.. Then again, I wasn't home."
"oh well you see, it would have been a waste."
", it was good you called" I giggle 
"yeah, I guess so." he smiles and looks at my lips. 
"what time is your flight?" 
"10. It's 8:30 right now." 
"you're going to have to leave soon huh?"
"yeah but, who cares. I want to spend time with you."
"you will. Soon, I'm going to New York. Remember?"
"oh that's right. Well, can't wait." 
We spent another 15 minutes talking before they called over on the speaker that the flight for New York is getting ready to leave. 
I walked him over to the door, till we couldn't go any further. 
"so I'll be seeing you?" he says looking at me admirably. 
"yeah. you will."
"that's awesome. So, this is it huh.."
"yup." and once again, he looks at my lips. I pretty much got the message that he wants to kiss me so I close the gap between us by wrapping my arms around his neck. He places his hand on my lower back. Then we stare at each other admirably before I get on the tips of my toes and kiss him. He tightens the grip on my back as he makes the kiss more intimate. I cup his face with both of my hands and let go of his lips. 
"you need to go." I whisper catching my breath and resting my forehead on his.
"befor I leave, can I tell you something?"
"I just feel like I need to say it... I really like you." I take a deep breath, close my eyes tightly and kiss him once more. Closing any small gap between us. 
He lets go and looks straight into my eyes. 
"goodbye Edith." he says and kisses my cheek. 
"goodbye. I'll be seeing you soon." I look at his lips and they're blushing a rosy pink as he licks them and smiles.
"goodbye." he starts walking away. He hands over his ticket to the lady and turns back around, blowing me a kiss. I pretend to catch it and place it over my lips. I do the same and he places the kiss over his heart. The ticket lady looks forward and back at us and grins so happily. 
He turns around and makes his way in with his luggage and I stare at his beautiful blonde hair. 

I really like you repeats in my head as I drive home. I really like you.. Do I really like you?...
When I open the door to the apartment, it is chilly and dark. It's almost as if it's been abandoned. 
"hello?" I say. No answer. I check the time. 10:15pm. I'm getting tired. I'm going to sleep. 
I go in the restroom and brush my teeth then I go inside my room, which is colder than outside.
I change in the darkness into my pajamas and walk my way carefully into my bed. 
Once I'm in bed, the covers are warm.. 
Then I feel someone next to me. I turn on my lamp and next to me is Carlos. 
"what the hell?" I say loudly. He's sound asleep. I wonder what he's doing here but whatever the reason is, I don't question it. So I let him sleep in my bed. I scoot closer to him and hug his back. He turns back around facing me and from the dim moonlight, I can see him smile so I smile back. 
Then he takes the covers for himself. 
"Carlos!" I say tiredly. He laughs and passes me the blanket and we both fall sleep with our backs touching. 
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