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6. Tomorrow

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I wake up to the sound of rain falling on trees outside. I forgot to close my window last night so its extra cold and the rain is extra loud.
Don't feel like waking up just yet so I scoot closer to Carlos and bury my face in his chest. This guy is still very sound asleep. 
"get away!" he yells but pulls me in closer to him.
"I'm cold." I say and hug the blanket tightly. 
"I thought you were sound asleep." I add. 
"nah, I've been awake since 7."
"what time is it?"
"oh. Wanna tell me why you were asleep in my bed last night?"
"I missed you."
"but I've been away before and you're asleep in your bed. What was different about yesterday?"
"I felt bad. I still feel bad. For our incident."
"oh, well... I thought we talked about this."
"I know but, you know me, I'm emotional." I look up at him with a questioning look. 
"no you're not."
"okay fine but, I feel embarrassed for you. It's different for a guy to flash a girl but for a girl to a guy, I've known it's very embarrasing and humiliating and most girls are insecure about their body."
"I guess, but I felt embarrassed because it's like flashing your own brother. That's weird. Now if it were to some guy I like or a random guy, then that would make me feel insecure."
"oh I see, alright I guess. At least I know you're still comfortable around me."
"of course I am, you're my best friend." 
"alright well, I'm glad."
We didn't talk after that. We laid in my bed hearing each other breathe and I fell asleep once more. 
Later that day, the rain got louder and that's what woke me up again. My room was a lot warmer though, I opened my eyes and found a heater a few feet away and my window was closed but I was alone in bed. 
I checked my watch, 10:40am. I need to get up. 

When I was done with my necessities in the restroom, I went into the kitchen to fix myself some breakfast. 
I am too lazy to cook something up so I just get some cereal and make my way into the living room to watch some TV. 
"it's going to be 56 degrees all week and it will rain." the news reporter says as I throw a party. Not literally but I like it when it rains. 
"hey, good morning." Carlos says stepping into the living room with his dance cloths. 
"oh shit that's right, we have to be at the studio today. At what time?"
"fuck, well I'm going to get ready when I'm done eating my cereal."
I bathed and got ready at 11. I had to hurry because we were suppose to leave at 11:30 and it's 11:40. 
"hurry up!" Carlos yells at me through the bathroom door.
"okay okay, I'm ready, let's go." 
So we make our way out as Carlos complains to me how we're going to be late and what not. I guess I should be worried too because Mr. Turner and Ms. Sodàn don't like late dancers but some how I'm not worried. 
Luckily, we made it in 10 minutes before class time. Surprisingly, there wasn't traffic because it was raining--so that's good. 

We warmed up in class and did all our exercises and we were moving on to across the floor when someone's phone rang loudly. And it sounds exactly like my ringtone. 
oh shit I think to myself. 
Everyone just looks around the studio to see who's phone it is but Carlos glares at me. I feel embarrassed and shy to say its mine so I just stay quite. The teachers just kind of ignored it as we continue with our lesson. 
Then it rings again. 
"who's ever cellphone is that, please go turn it off this instant!" Mr. Turner yells and when he yells, it's serious. 
"uhh, sorry! It's mine!" I yell back and make my way to my dance bag. Everyone just glares at me as I go turn my phone off. But Mr. Turner doesn't say anything else. 
A call from Annie, ugh this girl. 
"sorry!" I say again and we continue on with our lesson. 
I get a glare from one of the girls, Sandy; Emily's friend. 
Oh man, this girl has always been envying me since the day I got here. I think it all started because I was close to Mr. Turner and I was also close to Carlos; who she tried to hit on in the beginning. But Carlos told me the reason why he didn't pay attention to her was because she was too much for him. Meaning, she was all over him and too sexual. Even though Carlos is into stuff like that, he still likes a girl to who respects herself and she wasn't. 
She has always wanted my roles. Who knows why exactly. I mean, I do get main roles a lot but not all the time. I come out for half a minute sometimes but then again, if I don't have a main role, she doesn't and I always have a higher role than she does. 
The one who always has the main roles here is Carlos because of his looks, I mainly, as well as Charlotte Fitz. Oh she's an amazing dancer and I think she should be the main company ballerina but it's always a vote between her and me. Since everyone agrees we're both good and we've both been here the longest. She is also the sweetest. She says we make a good team of main ballerinas since we never argue. Most of the time we agree on everything. She is the sweetest person I've ever met. 

"what the hell?" Carlos whispers to me as I join him in back of the line. 
"sorry. I got a call and I forgot to turn my phone off." 
He just glares and rolls his eyes.
"what went up your ass this morning." I comment but he just moves away. Seriously, what's up with him? He's been bitchy with me all morning. 

The lesson finished and everyone starts to makes their way out. I was about to leave when Mr. Turner stops me. 
"Edith Lynn, what was that earlier."
"I'm sorry, I had a busy morning and forgot to turn off my phone."
"hmm, well remember next time. You've always been a good dancer and on top of everything so I'll let this one pass."
"thank you."
"when are you leaving for New York?"
"oh I dont know yet but I hope as soon as possible. And I want to thank you once more for letting me have the opportunity to move to that company."
"I know it's one of the things you'll enjoy and you have the potential to do good so I granted you your wish. I've watched you grow as a dancer for these past years so I know you can do well with Harry. Besides, wouldn't it be good to be with your mother again?"
"I guess so. Thank you again. It's a wish come true so thank you."
"you're welcome." 
"well, goodbye Mr. Turner."
"why do you insist calling me Mr. Turner? Didn't I say to call me Mike?"
"okay fine. I'll call you that. I just felt weird to say it because you're my boss so, I feel like I need to respect you."
"oh Edith, always being respectful." he pats my shoulder quite hard. 
"I'm gonna head to the showers now."
"okay Edith. Have a great time in New York."
"sure will. Thanks again." I say and walk out. As I pass through the hallways, I pass next to Sandy. She keeps glaring at me but I try to ignore it. 
"kiss ass" I hear her say and just walk on by. 
Ignore it, ignore it Eddie I repeat in my head. Just another bitch like Victoria. You were able to handle her so you can do it with Sandy as well. I'm in front of the shower doors and I pull the door open with so much force, it hits the wall. 
Carlos' POV
Fuck, What the HELL is wrong with Edith today?! 
Nah, that doesn't sound right. I think somethings wrong with me instead. The reason why you're being bitchy is because you're worried and jittery for the fact that Annie gave you a call this morning saying she's leaving tonight. So don't be blaming this on Edith Carlos!
Ehh, you're right conscience, I should apologize. 
It is really cold, one step outside of the showers and I'm freezing.
As I wait for Edith outside, Sandy, some hoe steps out of the showers. I take one glance at her and instantly turn away. Don't want her to be getting the wrong message. Crap, here she comes. 
"hi Carlos." she starts. 
"hey." I say nicely. Don't want to be rude. 
"how are you?" she takes a seat next to me at a bench outside the showers. 
"I'm good. You?"
"I'm good too. I know it's late and all but I didn't have the time to congratulate you personally on your excellent performance as the prince of Sleeping Beauty." Her southern accent makes it even more annoying. 
"well thank you, I appreciate it." 
"you were great. You always are." She tossles her hair behind her shoulder and arches her chest towards me. 
"oh look! Here comes Edith!" I tell her making Edith turn our way. I get up as she stands next to me. 
"we'll have to talk later Sandy. I'm going with EDITH now." She rolls her eyes at Edith and sends me a flirty smile. 
"bye Carlos. Have a great day!" she calls as I almost drag Edith 
down the hall. 

"god she's annoying." I say opening the car door. 
"tell me about it." we both step inside and just sit. 
"before we head out, I want to say I'm sorry." I tell Edith. She looks at me straight in the eye.
"why?" she reached for her bag and took out a nutrition bar. 
"well, I was being a bitch this morning for no reason."
"oh that, ehh, it's cool. We all have our moments."
"I guess.. But listen.."
"wait, I have to make a call." she reaches for her phone and dials a number. 
"hello? Yeah you called? Yeah, what?! Really?! Aww man. What time? Want Carlos and I to go? Okay cool, we'll be there. Bye," she hangs up her phone, "Annie called."
"yeah, I was gonna talk to you about that." I start the car and make my way out. I make a left turn towards South. 
"you knew?" 
"yeah. She called me this morning. Telling me she's leaving. That's why I was mad."
"wait, I don't get it."
"ugh, are you really gonna make me explain?"
"well duh."
"I like her okay? And the fact that I can't do anything about her leaving drives me crazy because I want to go out on a date with her and a whole bunch of other things but no! Because she doesn't live in Canada!" I hit the driving wheel with my fist three times. 
"gees, calm down but wow, I had no idea. Why don't you tell her you like her?"
"because she doesn't like me. Wait where are we going?" 
"to her hotel."
"oh okay." 
"so yeah, how do you know she doesn't like you?"
"because I just know. She doesn't want to date a dirt bag like me."
"you're not a dirt bag."
"yeah I am! I can't settle with a girl! You even say it yourself! All I look for is sex!"
"do you really? Is that what you look for in Annie?"
" But.. She probably thinks that's all I'm looking for."
"don't assume because you're not right okay? Trust me, I know Annie. Just tell her. I'm going to leave you two alone at a certain point and you should notice this so you can tell her. Grow some balls for damn sakes!"
"fine but I'm telling you, it's no use now."
"you don't know that."
"yes I do." 
I don't actually but I just hope it makes a difference. I can't help but doubt myself. I dont know what is it about her that turns me into a chicken. She's like, untouchable... 

We arrived in front of her hotel after 5 minutes of silence. I parked the car and stepped out nervously as Edith called Annie informing her we're outside. 
"she's coming right down." she tells me as she comes to stand next to me. 
We wait a little but then step inside the hotel lobby. We sit down at one of the arm chairs when we see her come out of a full elevator. As she approaches us, she smiles so sweetly. 
"hey you guys." she greets us both with a hug and I can't help but smell her beautiful hair. It smells like roses.. Hmm..
"let's go to my hotel room?"
"sure." Edith answers and we follow her to the elevator. 
Throughout the whole way up, Edith and her talked as I stood quietly observing her every move. 
When she laughs, she grins and I can see her super straight white teeth and her only dimple on her right cheek. When she turns her head, her ponytail moves around and shines in the light and when she walks, her hips move side to side like a super model. Oh god.. 
"so this is it. Sorry it's a little bit messy."
"wow, this compares nothing to the mess in Carlos' room." And there goes Edith, putting me in the spot making me blush. Annie 
turns to me laughing as I smile back. Then she just focuses on me and smiles shyly. I grin the best grin I've got and she turns away. Damn. 
"are you all done packing?" Edith says looking around.
"yeah pretty much. I just need a ride over there. Don't want to pay extra for a taxi."
"we can help you with that. What time do you need to be at the airport?"
"in like, an hour. Should we get going?"
"depends what airport your going to." 
"oh yeah, we need to leave now."
"Kay. So, I'll take this bag down." 
She points at a heavy looking one. I was about to say, "I'll take it." when Edith's starts talking.
"no, it's okay. I'll call a bell boy and he should help you."
"okay I'll call on my cell."
"no! No need for that! I'll do it" she jumps over the luggages and stands by the front door. As she passes next to me, she winks. And she hurries down the hallway closing the front door. 

There is a very awkward silence as Annie looks around the room and I'm just standing here like a fucking retard. 
"well um.. Do you need any help right now?" I ask stepping closer to her. 
"not really. I guess Edith has it all under control so we don't need to worry. Do you want anything to drink?"
"yeah, can I have some water?"
"sure." she makes her way to the kitchen and I follow behind her. 
"hey um, can I ask you something but you don't have to answer if you don't want to."
"okay." she answers weirdly. 
"so um, the day at the club you were dressed all um... Sexy. But the next day, uhh, you were dressed differently. What's up with that? I mean! Don't get me wrong. You were pretty both ways."
She giggles a little, "the real me is the day you saw me at your company. The day at the club was the old me. You see, Edith and I use to be really crazy. We would party a lot and so, I thought she was still like that and I wanted her to have a good time so that's why I took you guys to a club. Turns out she got over that long ago so I decided to tell her as well that I'm not like that so yeah, that's what's up." she giggles again and I join. 
"that's very interesting. Can't imagine Edith like that."
"would have never thought Edith would get over that stage." she hands me my water and smiles. 
"thanks. Um.."
"you know Carlos, I want to um, apologize."
"for what?" I finish half of my tall glass of water. I'm pretty nervous. 
"that day in the club, I sort of.. harassed you.."
So she remembers. 
"oh, that.. It's okay I guess." she looks up at me and giggles, placing her hands on her temples. 
"no it's not. I wish I wouldn't have done that."
"I'm not that kind of girl. I don't want you to see me as some type of whore like my cousin does."
"oh, I'm sorry to hear."
"no, it's okay. He plays with me like that but it still hurts."
"but it's okay. I know you had a little bit too much to drink. So did I and I understand. It's okay. I don't see you like that anyway." I scoot in closer, making the gap between us smaller. 
"thanks." she nods and looks at the ground.
"did you, mean it?" I say after a moment of silence. 
"like, did you enjoy it."
She smiles. "well, yeah."
"...was there any feelings behind it?" I scoot in much closer. I can see her turn red. 
"a little." then, I grab her by the waist and go for it. I kiss her because I couldn't stand being that close to her without being able to touch her. She loosens up and enters my mouth. She's a hell of a kisser. But at the instant it starts getting good, she pushes me away. 
"no no no, this can't happen."
"why not? Listen, I've only known you for a short period of time but I already feel like I really like you. I've never met a girl like you."
"sure, how many girls do you say that to." She pushes me and walks pass me. 
"Edith told me you're a player."
"oh my god! Well, I don't care what she told you. And I'm not gonna lie, I am a player. I have gone out with a lot of girls and.. I'm a fucking horn dog! But really, you're something different. There is something that you have that makes me go wild on the inside and bubbly at same time. I've never felt this way before. 
Every time I look into your eyes, I feel nervous because your eyes are so big it scares me but, the color of your eyes is a bright hazel. Like a cat's. And I like cats. Your beautiful and let me just say, you have an amazing body. I dont know how many times you've heard that but, believe me you do and, you deserve all the respect in the world because you are so kind and beautiful it makes me go crazy." I finally stop and catch my breath. I have never poured my heart out to someone. 
"but you know what, I understand you for not wanting to be with me. I'm a fucking dog. That's why."
"Carlos, that was so sweet in such a weird way and for some reason, I believe you. I guess because, you looked so scared at first but once you started talking, it looked as If you couldn't control it and your heart was speaking instead of your mouth."
"well, I was scared in the beginning."
"honestly, I feel the same way but, felt scared to go along with my feelings because I didn't want to get hurt. But now, it's seems different." 
"believe me Annie, please." I walk towards her and grab her hand. 
"I know you're leaving today but it's better late than never."
"that's true."
"so, what do you say?"
"I say this is sweet and I believe you." she moves in closer to me and hugs my waist. She kisses me with her, oh so fragile juicy lips. I can't resist myself so as she moves her hands to my neck, I move my arms around her tiny waist and pick her up. She wraps her legs around me and I grab her bare thighs that are shown by her short shorts. I start to walk and push her against the wall, like she did to me and I start kissing her neck as she breathes in heavily in my ear like that night in the club. 
"whoa!!" I hear someone say and open my eyes to find Edith and the bell boy with mouths wide open. Annie and I freeze in our sexual position. 
"uhhshould I step out?" the bell boy, who was about 19 years old, points at the door.
"if you'd like." Edith says so calmly. The bell boy doesn't hesitate and steps out. 
I put Annie down and she fixes her bun and places her hand over her neck as I fix the hem of my shirt. 
"I'm gone for 2 SECONDS and you guys are fucking already?" Edith yells like a child. 
"no, we're not fucking and you were gone for 15 minutes." I answer picking up a luggage and heading towards the door. I step outside and the bell boy helps me out. 
When I step back inside, Edith is laughing on the ground.
"oh god, ignore her." I say and place and arm around Annie. We start to help the bell boy out as Edith laughs to herself. 

As you can guess, Annie, the bell boy and I ended up doing all the work as Edith catches her breath as we all head down to the lobby into our car. 
At the airport, we waited for about another hour till it was time for Annie to leave. 

Edith's POV
"it was so fucking awesome that I got to see you again Annie. I will miss you dearly."
"but remember, we'll be seeing each other soon in New York right?"
"yeah! Woo!" I scream launching a fist in the air. 
"I'll be missing you Carlos since I won't be seeing you anytime soon." 
"same goes for me. Remember, better late than ever."
"yeah, that's our motto." They high five and entangle their fingers together. I observe as they both look at each other with googly eyes. 
"shit, there goes the speaker again. I have to go." Annie says and hugs me tightly.
Before she hugs Carlos, he leans in and kisses her on the lips, which took me by surprise and then they hugged. 
"bye you guys." she said and walked away. 

"what was that?" I ask Carlos almost mockingly as we walk back to the parking lot. 
"I told her."
"and what did she say?!?"
"she felt the same way and we started to kiss. Thats when you found us."
"eeep!" I scream overly excited and jump up and down. 
"you're such a bitch though." he says as we step inside the car. 
"you told her I was a player. That's why she almost didn't believe."
"oh I'm sorry." I say and grab his head and kiss it. 
"eww. I don't want Harry saliva on my head."
"Carlos!" I smack him. All he does is laugh as we exit the parking lot. 
At home, I grab a cup of tea and sit at the computer to buy my flight for New York.
"let's see, it's all booked for next week. Let's click nearest one." 
And I almost pee my pants. 
"tomorrow?!? I can't leave tomorrow!!"
"wait what?" Carlos says entering my room. 
"the only flight to New York is tomorrow at 12pm and there isn't another one till next month!"
"why don't you just wait?"
"I can't wait a month!" I turn around to face Carlos.
"I don't want you to leave tomorrow." Carlos says sitting on my bed. 
"me either but I have no choice." I get up and sit next to him and hug him as I cry. 
I'm going to have to buy this flight. I can't wait a month. I just can't. 
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