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7. New York

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*this is to make up for Monday ;) enjoy!

That night, Carlos helped me pack my stuff. We didn't go to sleep till 4:34am. 
We sleep in my bed together for the next few hours we have together. 
We wake up around 8 in the morning and eat breakfast that Carlos made. He made my favorite. Banana pancakes with whip cream and caramel syrup.
"thank you Carlos, I appreciate it so much."
"your welcome. Anything for you today." he pours me some milk in a cup then sits down and eats next to me. 
"I'm really tired. Aren't you?" I ask. 
"yeah. We spent all night packing. What do you expect?!" he jokes. 
"yeah," I giggle, "fuck, what am I gonna do when I get there?" 
"call Annie."
"I guess I can do that." but a better idea pops into my head that I don't share out loud. 
I'm going to call Harry.
"oh god, I have to adapt again. It's going to be so hard."
"tell me about it. Aren't you gonna call your family?"
"nah, let it be a surprise." he giggles and we continue eating breakfast. Carlos turns on the TV and we watch the news in silence. 
When we were done, we carried my luggage downstairs to our car. 
When I came up for my last bag, I said my last goodbye and closed the door. 
On our way over to the airport, I called my dad and told him the story. Then he hurried to the airport with Mary. 

When we arrived at the airport, my dad was already there with Mary.
"I cannot believe there wasn't another flight." my dad said as he hugged me. 
"I know, I really wish to not leave right now." I move on to Mary. 
"honey, I'm going to miss you." she whispers in my ear as she strokes my hair like she use to when I would cry. 
"I will miss all of you. I hope everything goes fine over there." 
"it sure will." she says and pinches my cheek for the last time. 

We sit and wait and tell old stories and memories as we wait. Time seems to fly by like If it doesn't care about my feelings because it was time to go so soon. I hug everyone goodbye one last time and make my way into the tunnel that leads into the airplane. 

I sit and listen to my iPod as I wait for the airplane engine to start. Some of my favorite songs pass by and then comes along a certain song. Fences by Pheonix. It reminds me of the Halloween dance back in high school. When I was dancing with Gerard which brings a smile to my face. Then that song passes and Teenage Dream by Katy Perry plays and it brings out a giggle. I remember that's the song I had in mind when it was my first time with Gerard. And finally, that songs ends and the most saddest song from Swan Lake starts playing, which brings tears to my eyes just remembering that Gerard broke up with me the day of production.
He was such an asshole. He left me there in the parking lot alone in the dark and coldness crying my eyes out on the floor for him and he didn't even care. Never even spoke to me once after that. I remeber he was wearing his best tux. It was such a shame. I hope he's learnt his lesson. 
What would I do if I bump into him? Would I be angry and scream at him? Or would I forget everything and kiss him? Of course I still love him, but I have resentment towards him. He did me wrong but I still love him with all my heart. 
This cruise of flashbacks soon ends as these songs pass and a few other songs start to play. I drifted off into a deep sleep even before the plane took off. 


"excuse me, miss?" someone shook me awake. 
"it's time to get off the plane."
"oh I'm sorry. Do you happen to know what time it is?"
"about 4pm ma'am."
"oh okay thanks." 
"you're welcome." she walks on by checking the seats and I get my smallest luggage out of the luggage holder and make my way out. 
After passing security and blah, blah, blah, I got all my luggage which took about 45 minutes. For some reason I couldn't find it. 
I sat down in the waiting area and looked out the window. 
"I'm back In town. Sorta. This is New York, not New Jersey." I took my cell phone out and made a call. 
"hey Harry, how are you?"
"what a surprise Edith, I'm fine."
"are you busy?"
"well, I'm driving home. Why?"
"I'm in New York.." I say after a pause. There was silence on the other line. 
"where are you?"
"John F. Kennedy International Airport." 
"I'll be right over." 
"oh well okay." there was an end on the other line. Guess I didn't have to ask. 

Harry's POV
I feel so rude for not acting happy on the phone but I just couldn't react. I can't believe she's here and so soon! Was I the first one she called when she got off the plane? Was she thinking of me? I feel like a creep for thinking about her. I've been thinking about her all day. Since I arrived in NYC. That's pretty creepy if you ask me. And right that second she called, I was day dreaming of the day she would arrive here in New York. Looks like my wish came true. 
But you know what sucks? I am pretty far from the airport. I was heading home from the studio when she called and the studio is pretty far. About an hour away. Well, that's a lot for me, since I want to see her already. 
I parked at a parking space nearest from the entrance. I walked as fast as I could to the waiting lobby but no luck in finding her in an instant. 
I walked around for a few minutes trying to find her but it was really full. This airport sucks. 
At a far window, I see a young girl lying down on a bench sleeping with her cell phone in hand. For a second, I think it's her. But it isn't because Edith isn't so short looking. So I keep looking. 
About 10 minutes later, I see another girl putting on a jacket by the window staring out into the airplanes. And I know it's her because I've seen her wear those black leather boots and I remember her ballet body and posture.
So as I approach her, my heart beat races and makes my face pound. 
"hey." I say and she turns around with a grin. She stares at me for a second but then jumps on me giving me a hug. 
"oh my gosh, I can't believe I'm here!" she says in my ear. She's hugging me so tightly, I can feel all her body pressed up against mine. 
"I can't believe it either. Why are you here so soon?" I pull away to look at her over joyed face. 
"it was the only flight left till next month. I decided to just take it because I wanted to be here already."
"that's great!" I say and hug her tightly again. She pulls away quickly, holds my face and kisses me. I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her in closer. 
She pulls away and smiles just as wide as I am. 
"shall we go?" she says, still in my arms. 
"yes." I say after a second and let her go. She carries a large bag and rolls another as I do the same with two other roller bags. 
We head to my car and stuff the luggage in my car and step inside. 
"have you found a place to stay?" I ask as we exit the airport up north. 
"hmmm... I do actually but, mind if I stay with you a day or two?" 
I grin at her, "not at all." she returns the same sweet smile. "Kay." 
"wanna go somewhere before we go home?" 
"not really. Do you have a place in mind?"
"nah. Want to watch a movie when we get home?"
"yeah. That'd be cool." I like how she still acts like a teen even though she's a mature adult. 

We go into a random video shop deep in The Apple. Well, it's not so random, a friend recommended it to me so, till now I'm checking it out. 
"here we go." I say and step out of the car as she does the same. 
We enter the place and it's really old fashioned like from the 70's. It's like an oldie video shop. We walk around together for a second but then make our ways into different parts of the shop.
I walk in isle that is full of action movies from the 90's. We've got Commando, Mortal Kombat 1 and 2, Matrix, Jurassic Park and a tons more. But none interest me. I look around for the owner of this place and find him at the comic book section. There's a comic book section? 
"uhh excuse me?" I say. He's a weird looking kid. He has jet black hair up to his shoulders and is wearing a large black jacket with black pants and a belt that had a bat buckle. He was so pale he looked like a ghost. 
"hello?" I waved a hand in front of his face and he looked up, taking out his right head phone. 
"I'm sorry sir, can I help you with something?" he said closing his comic book. 
"well, I'm here with my uhh.. Girlfriend and we were looking for a video to watch tonight. Do you have anything good?"
"hmm, what are you looking for?"
"a scary film maybe?" 
"ha, perfect selection. Follow me." he got of his seat and took me all around the shop to a hidden section. Well, it seemed hidden to me. As we walked on by, I saw Edith looking at some films close to this section. 
"there's uhh, Halloween, Friday the 13th--personally my favorite--Jeepers Creepers, Nightmare on Elm St, Trick-or-Treat.. Uhh.. Ooh! The Ring.. Errm.. The Grudge, and uhh, that's it I guess. The rest are shitty. Oh and there's Goosebumps but thats shitty too, or unless you like them." 
"Goosebumps is shitty, well thank you kid. What's your name?"

Gerard's POV
"well thank you Gerard." 
"Kay, if you need anything else I'll be where you found me."
"okay thank you." I star to walk away till I start to realize.. did he just call me kid?
"I'm sorry sir, but may I ask how old you are?"
"29. Why?
"oh it's just, I haven't been called a kid since like I was 16."
"really.. How old are you?"
"no way, you look too young to be 24."
"I get that a lot."
"I bet you do."
"well, I'll be at the comic book section."
"sure. Thanks again."
"your welcome."
That guy looks nothing like 29. I would of thought he was 25 or something. Specially by the way he was dressed. He was wearing a black tee with skinny jeans and combat boots. What 29 year old wears that?!
I made my way back to the comic book section when I stumble across his girlfriend. Or I think is his girl, she's the only one around. But I don't get the chance to see her face. But she was beautiful from behind. Her hair was short and it was jet black, like mine and she had such a slim and curvy figure. She was also wearing a black tee, like her boyfriend and black skinny jeans with black leather boots. Her boyfriend arrived and thats when I decided to stop staring because it would be weird if he found me like that. So I just put me headphones back on and continue my path. 

Edith's POV
"hey look, wanna watch Friday the 13th?" Harry says approaching 
"ohh, a scary movie. Sure. You like scary movies?"
"hell yeah. They're awesome." we make our way back to the register. Harry rings the bell as I get caught up reading the title of a book. They have a novel section? I thought this was a video store! I hear loud stomps from behind me and turn around to see what lunatic is running around. I see a guy with a black jacket going to the cash register. I ignore it and go back to reading the back of this novel. 
"let's go?" Harry says placing a hand on my lower back. I turn around and face him, catching a glimpse of the register guy. He's reading a book with his back facing us. 
"sure." I smile and follow Harry. 
"wait hold up, forgot my keys on the counter. Wait for me outside."
"Kay." he runs back in and talks to this guy. Then runs back out.
"what did you tell him?"
"I just said thanks and have a goodnight. He helped me pick this video out. He said it was his favorite."
"ohh, okay. I really like this movie." I look at the cover and, I get another flashback. I remember Gerard telling me to watch his favorite movie with him. I wouldn't have agreed if I would have know it was this one. We watched it together and I was screaming my lungs out. He kept laughing at me and I was starting to get really scared so he decided to turn it off. It was past 1am and we fell asleep together in his bed. It was a nice night. 
"you know, I use to be really scared of scary movies."
"really?!" he starts to laugh. He laughed as evilly as Gerard laughed at me. 
"shut up! It's not funny."
"yeah it is! Are you still?"
"no. I got over that long ago."
"we'll see tonight." he winks at me and starts the car. 
I'm either not scared or I'm just saying that because I haven't watched one in so long. Oops..

We entered this beautiful residents. It was full of big houses and even the street lights were fancy. We made a right turn and parked in front of this beautiful modern home. 
"this is your house?" I ask as we step out. 
"yeah. Wait till you see the inside." he walks over to me and leads me inside by the shoulders. 
"wow." I say as we enter. The ceiling is way up over my head and there is skylights, where you can see this radiant evening. 
His couches were white and they complimented the greyish walls and black marble floor. He has lovely plants all over the place. He has a grove of bamboos in the corner and an artificial panda on the pot eating a bamboo stem. 
"that's so cute!" I say pointing at it. 
"I know. I got it like two years ago when I went to China."
"that's so adorable." I continued walking around. The kitchen was astonishing. He had a large stove and fridge and the cabinets were a crimson red the matched the fridge. 
"want to check out upstairs?" he asks leaning on the door edge.  
"sure." he leads me upstairs where I find three bedrooms. A master bedroom--which I'm sure is his--and two other guest rooms. 
"you can keep looking around as I go bring your luggage."
"oh no its fine. I'll help you."
"no, you keep looking around. I'll do it for you."
"fine." I smile and continue my journey. I enter the master bedroom first. 
Inside, is a large master bed. It is well organized and the color reminds me of vanilla. It was a light vanilla color. The floor is wood and the walls are white. And there is no ceiling. Only skylights. And there is a large lamp hanging from the top top of the bedroom where the skylights are. The furniture is a dark brown. I walk near the furniture that holds several picture frames. I pick one that catches my attention. It's Harry surrounded by a group of Chinese kids. It must have been when he went to China. In another picture, he's hugging an old lady that is kissing his cheek. It's a cute picture. And in another one, he's surrounded by a group of people in a studio. Might be the AV studio. I go lie on his bed and let me tell you, it is so comfortable I can fall asleep right now, so I just sit back up before he finds me asleep. I'm just so tired. I look at his night stand where there is another picture frame, a lamp, a can of soda and a pen. I pick up the picture frame and in the photo is a young couple with a little boy with bright blonde hair. I here something roll and fall and notice the pen fell inside the drawer. I open the drawer and pick up the pen placing it back where it was. But as I did this, I found something else in his drawer. Out of my curiosity, I opened the drawer wider and found this drawer to be full of condoms. I hear footsteps coming up so I close the drawer quickly and pick up the photo frame again. 
"hey so I'm finished." he stood over by the door. 
"what are you doing?" he said approaching me. 
"I was just looking at this picture. Is this you?" I point at the little boy. 
"yeah. I was 8 years old. The reason why I wasn't smiling is because my parents made me take the picture when I wanted to play outside. I was a bratty child." he giggles. 
"you were adorable."
"I've been told. So um, do you want to watch the movie here or in the living room or outside."
"yeah, I have a TV outside."
"wow Mr. Rich man. Can we watch it here? Your bed feels amazing!" I lie down hugging a pillow. 
He laughs, "alright. I'll be back with the popcorn and movie."
"I'll go downstairs with you so I can change in comfortable clothing." I get up and follow him downstairs. 
"your luggage is right there." he points at the living room as he goes inside the kitchen. 
"thanks" I shout. I grab my small luggage that has my pajamas inside and head upstairs to change. 
I go inside his restroom and I can't believe even his restroom is fancy. The bathroom is large and it has a walk in shower. That is freaking rad. I change into my pajama yoga pants and a tank top and head outside. 
When I step out I find him shirtless. 
"oh I'm sorry." I say trying not to look at his firm torso. 
"it's cool." he says and slips on a white tee.  
He glanced down at my torso. 
"is that a tattoo?" he points out. I look down at my stomach and notice my tank top isn't long enough and is showing my newest tattoo. 
"oh yeah, I just got it done earlier this week." I lift up my shirt so he can take a better look. He leans in forward and examines it. 
"that's a really cool dragon. Cool artwork. I didn't know you had tattoos. Is that the only one?"
"no, I have this one," I point at my back left hip where my ballerina is, "this one," I turn back around and show him my last name tattooed in Greek letters, "this one." I point behind my ear and show him my peacock feather sparkiling with blue, "and this." I role up my pants and how him my lace tattoo.
"oh and these." I take my bracelets off revealing my written tattoo. I can't believe I almost forgot this one. He reads it in a low whisper. 
"who's initials?" he questions. 
"uh, just a friend." 
"I had no idea. All I have is this Aztec symbol on my back." he lowers his shirt from his shoulder and shows me his aztec symbol. 
"wow, that's really nice. When did you get it?" 
"like when I was 26 or something. I dont exactly remember." we hear a loud beep coming from downstairs. 
"that's the popcorn. I'll be right back." he says and runs down the stairs. 
I go and make myself comfortable in his bed as he comes back up with a big bowl of popcorn. He sets up the movie and plops down next to me under the covers. 
After about an hour of silence between us both and just eating popcorn and watching the movie, he looks at me. 
"are you scared?"
"you sure?" 
"mmhm" I get a handful of the little popcorn that was left. 
I've seen this movie a couple of times, but have never finished watching it because I get really scared. I guess I've never gotten over this phobia. 
"are you really sure.." he whispers in my ear leaning closer. 
"yes okay!" I say and move to the end of the bed, watching the movie even closer to the TV. He stays silent. Instead of watching the movie, I close my eyes and think of happy thoughts. It was working for a couple of minutes till I heard a scream from the TV and Harry grabbed my ankles tight, making me scream and struggle out of bed. 
All I hear is his laugh invading the room. I fall out of bed and stare at him feeling embarrassed. He pauses the movie and looks at me.
"what happened?! I thought you weren't scared?" he lies on his stomach, palm in hand and legs crossed. 
"okay fine, I am scared." I blurt out. He continues laughing at my obvious confession. I sit up and sit on the bed. 
"okay, it's not so funny."
"fine fine, I'll stop. But why didn't you say that in the first place?"
"because I thought I wasn't scared. Especially of this movie. I've seen it three times already, including this one, and I've been scared all three times."
"wow. You're such a scarty cat." he snorts. 
"yeah I know."
"well um, do you want to continue the movie?" I shake my head in shame. He laughs a little. 
"fine." he turns off the TV and gets up. 
"so, you want to stay here with me tonight or do you want the guest room?"
"your bed is fine." I smile.
 "okay, make yourself comfortable."
"alright." I get off the bed and grab my toothbrush from my bag and make my way to the restroom. 
I come out ignorantly from the restroom and find the room to be in full darkness. I stop at the door way. Then I take a step and someone roars and grabs my waist with claws. I scream at the top of my lungs when the lights come back up and I see Harry wearing a wolf mask and claws. 
"what in the motherfucking world is wrong with you?!" I shout catching my breath and leaning on the wall. 
"I'm sorry." he says once he stopped laughing. He wanted to give me a hug but I pushed him away angrily. 
"no come here." then I feel his normal hands wrap around my waist from me behind me as he buries his face in my neck. I feel his warmth against me and it makes me chill. 
"I'm sorry." he whispers and kisses my neck. 
"it's okay. But don't do that again. You could do it once in a while but not twice in a row. Especially when I'm scared." I reply stroking his forearm. 
"okay. I promise." he spins me around to face him. He stares at my pale lips and kisses me. He tightens the grip on my waist and I embrace his neck. He walks pushing me towards the bed till I fall and he's lying on top of me. He moves his hands to my thighs and squeezes them. Then I remember the drawer with condoms and stop. 
"um, can we not.. Tonight?" I keep  my eyes closed and focus on his breathing as it slows down. 
"I'm really sorry. I got carried away."
"it's okay.. It happens." I open my eyes. He rests his head on my shoulder then comes up to face me, kisses my lips slightly and rolls over on the bed. I turn around and crawl in bed as he does the same. We keep a distance between us as we make ourselves comfortable under the covers. 
"goodnight." he says turning off his night lamp. 
"goodnight." I whisper. Then there is silence. I stare up at the ceiling as my vision adjusts to the darkness. I soon stop staring as I remember the movie and start imagining stuff. I scoot a little closer to Harry and hug his waist and squeeze it as he wraps an arm around my shoulders and squeezes them too. Soon, I get sleepy and drift off to a deep sleep. 
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