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The Dreaded Phone Call

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Phil is taken to hospital and Dan denies all of his advancements

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(DAN) “You will Phil. You’ll be fine. I will help you and you will get better. You matter more than I do and you will get better before you help me. This is all my fault.” Dan knew this was his fault. He felt so guilty. Phil was ripped from him yet again as they entered the hospital. Dan was led to the waiting room while Phil was led to surgery. Dan was so scared.

After 3 hours, Phil work up, tear stained face. “Dan. Wheres Dan! Wheres my Dan?!” The nurse hushed him. Phil cries, asking for his Dan. He lets them poke him with needles, the whole time, humming a song to himself, thinking of Dan. Thinking of his amazing chocolate eyes, how every time he sees them, he melts. He thinks of Dan’s smooth, flawless tanned skin, how nice it must feel to touch. He thought of Dan’s lips, how badly he wanted to kiss them, how he wanted his lips to connect with Dan’s. Phil moaned. “Dan…”

Dan is woken up to be told that Phil wanted to see him. He followed the nurse to Phil’s room. He was then left alone to enter the room. When he did he saw Phil with his eyes closed moaning his name. The sight gave him an instant hard on. Dan felt immediately guilty. He walked over to Phil and placed an innocent kiss on his forehead.

Phil opened his eyes. He saw the beautiful chocolate that he loved so much. He smiled, thinking it was a dream. “D-Dan. Hey there beautiful.” If it was a dream, he could complement and fantasies about Dan all he wanted. It was his dream. He reached up and stroked Dan’s face. His skin was soft and wonderful, better then Phil first thought. He smiled and almost moaned at the touch.

Dan laughed. “We have to wait till England for that Phil. Sorry, as much as I want to there’s still someone standing on our way.” Dan brushed Phil’s hair out of his face and smiled at him.

Phil frowned. “But I’m here… and your here… Admit it. There really isn’t anything in your way. It hurts every time we touch, me knowing that something is stopping us.” Phil’s hand finds Dan’s waist. “England is so far, Danny. This person in our way, they are all the way over there. But we are here, right here, right now…”

“But I’d feel so guilty. I want to Phil, I really do. I already feel guilty enough by making you fly out here. You can call him if you want. Here’s my phone.” Dan handed Phil his phone. He watched waiting for what Phil would do in reaction to what he just said. Dan shook his head. “I do want you Phil, just not while you’re still with PJ. That’s all that’s stopping me from throwing myself on you. You’re not stupid Phil, don’t talk like that. I figured that you’d break it off with PJ when we got to England, that’s why I keep saying England.” Dan took Phil’s hand in his. “I was thinking you’d call him to at least let him know where you were. He’d be worried. At least I know I would be if I was your boyfriend.”

Phil smiled at Dan’s words. “Boyfriend,” he whispers, imagining Dan as his boyfriend. He smiled and closed his eyes, imagining Dan replacing PJ in his head. Holding Dan’s hand instead of PJ. Kissing Dan’s lips, holding Dan in his arms, sharing his bed with Dan. He smiled more. Dan, his boyfriend.

Dan smiled. He loved seeing Phil like this. “Why don’t you call him? We could be together, its clear that you want me Phil. I love you Phil, I really do and I want nothing more than for us to be together.” Dan placed a light kiss on the older boy’s forehead. He meant what he had said. He wanted Phil more than anything in the world.

“I love you too, Dan… More then you could ever imagine…” Phil smiles and sat up. He winced but hugged Dan’s waist. He pulls away and sighs. “I better call PJ…” he frowns, looking at the phone.
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