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Why Aren't You Repulsed By Me?!?!?!?

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Phil wakes up and continues on his path of self destruction

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Dan sighed and grabbed Phil a pair of jeans and one of his band shirts, “Is this good for tomorrow?” He showed Phil the clothes and after getting a nod, placed them to one side with his own clothes. He walked Phil to the bed and laid the sleepy boy upon it. He stripped Phil out of his clothes so only his underwear were left and did the same to himself before climbing in beside Phil and falling asleep.

Phil wakes in the morning, in pain. His arm ached. He liked it. He saw the sleeping Dan and giggles. Dan looked like an angel. Phil started to reach out the gagged. He forgot he ate on the plane. He ran around, looking for a bathroom before he threw up. “Oh no!”

Dan heard someone throwing up, he walked out of his room to see Phil in the bathroom hugging the toilet. “Phil? Are you ok?” Dan was concerned. He rubbed Phil’s back, drawing circles and trying to sooth him.

Phil cried ,throwing up violently. He mumbled fat over and over. He felt Dan’s touch. He sobs. “Don’t look! I’m horrible!” Phil cried harder.

“Phil. I’m not leaving you, you may not think you’re beautiful and fit as fuck but you are. I don’t tell everyone that I love them, just you Phil. Because you’re special.” Dan brought himself to his knees and put an arm around Phil. “It’s ok, just let it all out. I won’t leave you.”“Why aren’t you repulsed by me?” Phil throws up harder. “Why do you-” Phil throws up again, this time, blood staining the bowl. Phil sobs. “Be skinny! Fuck!”

Dan was concerned about Phil. “I would never be repulsed by you. You’re the only person who ever cared about me. I care about you Phil, which is why I’m calling an ambulance. I need you, we’re going to the hospital.” Dan ran back to his room and retrieved his phone before racing back to Phil’s side. He dialed 000, panicked and stated all the information he needed to. All he could do now was comfort Phil until help arrived.

Phil sobs, blood dripping from his mouth. “D-Danny?” Phil sobs louder. “Danny, I-I’m scared…” Phil turned and clung to Dan. He loved Dan so much. “Dan, I love you. I don’t wanna leave you…” Phil looked up, his eyes swimming with worry and panic.

Dan rubbed Phil’s back. It broke his heart to see his idol like this. “It’s okay Phil. I’m here. I called for help they should be here soon. I love you too Phil. You won’t be leaving me just yet.” That was when Dan heard sirens approaching.

Phil moans at the noise. “Oh crap! Our flight! I wanted to take you away and make you happy! I’ve ruined that! I am so sorry! I wanted to run with you and take you away from here, from hurt. I fucked up.” Phil cries loudly, each so causing him great pain.

“Phil, it’s ok. I’d rather have you here than fly away to England without you. We can cancel the flight and go to Manchester when you are better. Lets just get you to hospital and get you better.” The ambos take Phil away from Dan and put him in the back of the ambulance, Dan jumps in and the doors are closed.

Phil sobs, reaching for Dan’s hand. He saw Dan hesitate. “Please Dan…” He holds Dan’s hand tight. “What if I don’t get better? What if I never get to save you?”
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