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Courtney meets Gerard at Mikey and Alicia's wedding and sparks fly. After they dance together she realizes she's late for her band's concert, can Gerard catch her before it's too late?

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A/N: Hello!! And another down! I hope you like this M_Courtney_R!! :D Hehe I really liked this story line! The description was a bit long, so sorry if this seems short/rushed, but it was cute :3


As soon Mikey and Alicia kissed, the chapel was filled with applause and cheers. Courtney was starting to get a little emotional as well. It’s not every day you get to be the maid of honor at your best friend’s wedding.

“They make a cute couple, don’t they?” A male voiced suddenly asked beside her. As she looked over she saw it was Gerard, Mikey’s older brother and Alicia’s now brother-in-law.

“Yeah, they do. God, I’m so happy for her. She has been worried sick the past month that Mikey was gonna break up with her, he was acting so strange.” Courtney replied with a laugh. “She told me that when he proposed she just broke down crying from relief.”

“That’s my little brother for you. He can’t keep anything as secret without somehow screwing it up.”

“So, I assume you’re coming to the reception after this?” Courtney asked, even though she knew the answer already.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”


At the wedding party Courtney was seated at a table in the center of the room. She was with a few of her other friends, most were Alicia’s bridesmaids. She sat awkwardly as she fidgeted with the hem of her dress. The garment really was a beautiful thing. It was a simple strapless black dress that fell right to her mid-calf in the front and to the floor in the back. In honor of Alicia’s red wedding dress, Courtney’s had a red sash around her waist and some red fabric peeking out behind a portion of gathered black. There was some black tulle falling around it as well.

As she sat and admired her dress, she heard the chair next to her slide on the wooden floor, indicating that someone had sat down.

“Oh, hey Gerard!” she said as she noticed it was him. She noted he had abandoned his jacket and his sleeves were rolled up, the men had worn black and red as well. A bit of a morbid setting, but the joy of the people at the wedding overpowered it.

“I see you’re enjoying yourself,” he said sarcastically.

She rolled her eyes, “I’m not much of a party person.”

“Me either.” He said scrunching up his nose, “too much talking needs to be done.”

They both grabbed a few drinks and cake then spent most of the night talking. Occasionally one of their friends would interrupt them, or drag them away for a while, but they always found their way back together.

As a slow song come on Gerard jumped up. “Oh my gosh! I love this song!” he exclaimed as he grabbed Courtney’s hand. “Dance with me!”

Courtney gave him a skeptical look.


After a while of begging she finally gave in. As they made their way to the floor the lights in the place dimmed, they noticed almost everyone was up for this number. As she gently laid her hand on his shoulder they started talking.

“This isn’t how I pictured my night to be.” She said with a laugh.

“Nor did I.” he said, just as amused.

With one final twirl, the song ended and they went to sit back down. That is when Courtney noticed the regal clock mounted on the wall.

“Oh shoot! Is it really five of nine?” she asked in a panicked voice.

“Yes,” Gerard said as he checked his watch to confirm. “Why?”

“I have a gig tonight! I’m going to be late!” Courtney dashed to her table and started frantically packing up her things, Gerard was at her heels.

“Wait, what gig?” he asked, confused.

“Ugh, my band Midnight Rivalry. Tonight is the first show of our U.S. tour. Right after we start driving for Pennsylvania. If I’m late, it’ll screw everything up!” she said irritably as she slipped off her heels, if she wanted to make it she’d have to run.

“When will I see you again?” he asked her.

She stopped dead in her tracks. “I actually don’t know.” As they walked swiftly towards the door she grabbed a napkin from the bar. She snappily asked the bartender if he had a pen. When he handed one to her she sloppily wrote her number down.

“Call me sometime,” she said hurriedly as she handed the paper to Gerard. Without another word she flew out of the door, down the stairs, and into the night.

Gerard just stood on the marble steps, dumbfounded. He felt as if time had stopped. His mind was still trying to catch up with the last ten minutes of his life. When he finally regained his senses he sprinted back inside and ran around the ballroom like a madman.

“Kelly!” he exclaimed as he spotted a friend of Courtney’s. “Do you know where Courtney’s gig is at tonight?” Gerard frantically asked as he pulled her aside.

“No, I’m sorry Gerard I have no clue. She didn’t tell me.” She said regrettably.

Gerard left her before she could even finish her sentence and flew around frantically searching for his brother. “MIKEY!” he shouted to him from across the room. As he ran up to him he stopped inches short, almost colliding into his brother.

“Geez! Calm down Gerard! What, is it the apocalypse or something?” he asked with a laugh.

“No, listen, do you know where Courtney’s gig is at tonight?” he asked as he practically shook his brother.

As Mikey extracted himself from Gerard’s grip he adjusted his glasses before responding, making Gerard grow even more impatient. “Sorry, no. I didn’t even know she had one.”

“Okay,” said Gerard as he pinched the bridge of his nose, “where did Alicia go?” Gerard asked in an almost pleading voice, she was his last hope in finding Courtney again.

“She should be hanging around the bar.” Mikey said, still very confused on what was happening.

“Thank you so much!” Gerard said as he sprinted away towards the bar.

“ALICIA!!” he called frantically as he sprinted up to her. He stopped to catch his breath for a moment.

Alicia’s eyes widened with surprise. “Oh hey Gerard! It’s good to see you, what do you want?”

It’s nice…to see…you too.” Gerard said with a smile as he caught his breath, leaning on the bar for support. “Do you know where Courtney’s gig is at tonight?” He held his breath as he awaited her response.

“Actually, I do!” she said in a happy voice. I really want to go but as you can see…” she said gesturing to the party.

“Really! That’s great! Will you please tell me! I really want to catch her before they leave on tour!” He said in a hurried voice. He glanced at the clock, it had already been around twenty minutes since she left and he still had to get directions to wherever Courtney was playing. Alicia wrote down the name of the venue Courtney’s band was playing at and the address.

“Good luck,” She said as she handed it to him, “Tell me how they are.” She added with a smirk.

Gerard took the paper and thanked her a thousand times. “Thanks Alicia, I owe you big time!”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Alicia said with a wink.

As Gerard ran out of the ballroom and into the parking lot he noticed it had started raining. It was enough to soak him in a matter of minutes, but he could still see through it well enough.

As he jumped into his car he jammed the keys into the ignition. He punched the address into the GPS on his phone. He groaned when he saw that it would take about thirty minutes to get there. As he hit his head against the steering wheel his horn blared.


Gerard was only around five minutes away from the venue and driving like a maniac. He was surprised he hadn’t gotten into a car crash yet. He was never one for road rage, but he was so desperate to get there before Courtney finished her gig that he laid on the horn to every car that went too slowly.

When he finally reached the venue he could feel the soft thumping of the bass. He sighed in relief and parked his car. He wasted no time in finding her and bolted from his car. He had to constantly wipe the rain from his eyes.

When he finally reached the door he was confronted by the bouncer. He realized he had no ticket and almost cried out in frustration.

“Please, you have to understand! I’m a friend of Courtney’s. You have to let me in!”

The man at the entrance gave Gerard a look. “Listen, I’d love to let you in, but if I let every guy with a sob story like that in, I’d be fired by now.”

“Please! You don’t understand! I just drove here in the pouring rain, probably broke about a hundred traffic laws, and on top of that I left my brother’s wedding party early to come find her. Please! I have to see Courtney before she leaves for her U.S. tour.”

The bouncer looked at him sympathetically. He took in his smudged makeup and ruined wedding attire. “I’m sorry…I can’t.”

Gerard was almost ready to cry. He dejectedly sat down on the curb. The rain was pouring down on him but he didn’t mind. He had missed her. He was so close, and he had missed her. Then, he suddenly remembered he had her number. Taking the napkin out of his pocket, he punched it into his phone. The numbers were blurred and almost illegible, but he managed.

“Pick up, pick up.” He pleaded silently to himself as the phone rang and rang. The whole time he was holding his breath. On the last ring, he was heartbroken. It had gone straight to voice mail. He threw his phone on the ground and held his head in his hands. By now the only noise he could hear inside were the fans. He could only assume the gig was over.

That was when he got the idea. He inconspicuously looked up at the bouncer. When he made sure he wasn’t looking at him Gerard picked up his phone and stood up, slinking away towards the back of the building. Every moment he was thanking Mikey for making him wear black. When Gerard finally made his way to the back he saw their tour bus. Courtney and the band were making their way over to it through a group of fans.

The only dilemma Gerard saw was the ten foot tall chain link fence. He tried calling Courtney’s name, but to no avail. After several failed attempts to climb the fence, he gave up and just called her. As he stared at he, he glared daggers into her head, challenging her to not pick up. He knew she could hear her phone out here.

“Hello?” he heard her voice ask as he watched Courtney answer her phone. Unlike him, she had brought an umbrella to shield herself from the rain.

“Courtney! It’s me Gerard!” he said in a relieved voice.

“Oh hey Gerard! We just finished our gig.”

“I know.” He said with a smile.

“How?” she asked incredulously.

“I’m looking right at you.”

Courtney spun around, stunned. As she squinted through the rain, she finally found him. He had his fingers intertwined with the fence and offered a small smile. Courtney said a few lines to her band mates and then ran over to him. Her long black hair was spinning around her as she ran, some strands sticking to her face in the rain.

“Gerard! How long have you been out here?! You’re going to catch a cold after much longer!” Courtney said in a surprised tone. She wrapped her fingers around the thin wire of the fence.

“Well, I’ve been here for a while. The guy at the door wouldn’t let me in. I had to wait for you here.”

“I’m so sorry! I should’ve said something! I had no idea.”

“No, no. It’s my fault.”

“Here, come around to the front. That way we can properly talk.” She said, gesturing to the fence between them.

He padded back towards the front and waited by the door. He tried to stand under a little strip of over-hanging roof, but he was still getting wet. A few minutes later she came running out front, her hair throwing water around with every step.

“Hi.” She said out of breath.

“Hi yourself.” He said with a laugh.

“Why did you chase after me to this extent?” she asked in disbelief.

“Well, unfortunately for me, I realized too late that I really wanted to see you again.” He said as he brushed some wet strands of hair out of Courtney’s eyes.

“Yeah, just a little too late,” she said with a laugh, “Well…here I am!” she said finally after a pause.

After that they just stood there in the rain staring at each other. They could barely see from the water dripping into their eyes, but they didn’t mind. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, Gerard kissed her. Courtney had always wondered what a kiss in the rain would be like. She smiled at the thought.

When they finally broke apart, Courtney’s tour bus was parked by the curb. They honked the horn at her.

“I have to go,” she said with regret as she motioned towards the bus.

“Yeah…I figured.” Gerard said sadly.

“I’ll be back in only a matter of months, don’t worry.” She said jokingly.

“Take care.” Gerard said, “Don’t you dare catch a cold before your next gig.” He said with a lopsided smile.

With one last kiss she left him. As she ran onto her tour bus the band gave her a weird look. She just shrugged and threw her wet coat on a hook by the door.

“So…who was he?” Her guitarist asked with a smirk.

“Just a person,” Courtney answered with a coy smile. As the rest of the band laughed she paused. Then suddenly, she sneezed.

‘Oh crap,’ she thought to herself.
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