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Jennifer thought she could hide her being in a band from her mom and brother by lying. Now the secret's out. To make matters worse she happens to fall for a certain drummer along the way.

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Hello there readers! I’ve been getting these done way faster than I thought! Anyhow, atomickilljoy, I hope you like this!


It was eleven a.m. in the morning and Jennifer was making a cup of coffee. She and her band members were out late at a gig and slept in today. Granted, their manager told them they had another gig tonight at seven, but they’d be ready no problem.

Just as Jennifer sat down with her mug, her phone rang. When she checked the caller ID a pillow suddenly made contact with her head.

“Ow James!” she said irritably as she threw the pillow back at her fellow band mate. “What’s your damage?”

“Turn the damn thing off. I’m trying to sleep!” he said as he rolled over. “That’s the tenth time your over-protective mom’s called you in the past two days.”

Jennifer rolled her eyes and left the tour bus as she answered her phone. “Hey mom!” she said cheerfully, trying to banish the sleepiness from her voice.

“Why didn’t you pick up on the first ring!” her mom’s voice suddenly screeched, cutting through the phone line like a knife.

“Calm down mom! I…uh…just got out of classes!” Jennifer said, recovering from her stutter. She hated lying to her mom, but it had to be done.

“Oh,” her mom said calming down, “how are they going?”

“They’re fine.”

“That’s good, honey!”

“Yeah…mom I hate to cut this short, but I gotta go. I’ll call you sometime tonight.” Jennifer said hurriedly.

“Okay, I love you sweetie. Keep up the good work in school!” With that Jennifer disconnected the call and walked back in.

“When are you going to tell her the truth?” Andrew, her other band mate, asked from the kitchen as she walked in.

“Hopefully never,” Jennifer admitted, “I hate lying to both of them, but I don’t want to be an accountant. This is the only way I can live my dream without hurting them.”

“It’ll only hurt more when they find out.” Another band mate, Danny, said with a sigh.


“HELLO NEW JERSEY! HOW ARE Y’ALL DOIN’ TONIGHT?!” Jennifer shouted into the mic as her short, black hair flew around her face. She would never, ever get over the high of a gig. As the crowd roared back at her she spoke again. She noticed that James had absent-mindedly started strumming his guitar making pretty little melodies that floated around the venue. “Thank you all for having us here with you tonight! On behalf of all of Rebellion Fighters, I’d like to say that we will try our very best to put on a good show for you!”

Before she could even finish Danny had already laid down some drum beats, the rest of the band followed his lead and flowed right into their opening number. This is what Jennifer lived for. It was times like this when she remembered why she lied to her mother and brother in the first place.

At the end of the concert they stadium erupted into thunderous applause. “Thank you, thank you!” she said with a little laugh, “We’ll be outside for an hour or so sighing stuff, you’re all welcome to come!” They crowd roared again and then stage crew dimmed the lights. As the band filed off the stage, the manager pulled Jennifer aside.

“Hey, there’s another band here. They said they wanted to talk to you guys. Normally I don’t let people in, but we just had these guys play our venue last week!” the manager said. She could tell he was only partially in tune with her though.

“Okay! Can you tell them to wait for about a half hour or so?”

“Sure,” he said curtly before walking off. Jennifer told the rest of her band and then they went outside to sign for the fans.

“I wonder who’s here! They must be something if they’d played this show before.” Collins said enthusiastically while he packed away his bass. The rest of his band agreed.

After about forty-five minutes of signing and idle chat with the fans, the band made their way back inside the venue to meet this mystery band. Upon opening the door they were surprised. Well, surprised might be a bit of an understatement.

“OH MY GOD IT’S MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!” Andrew started freaking out at the sight of them. Jennifer just rolled her eyes. He could be such a fan girl. The rest of the band had wide grins spread on their face. Jennifer herself was excited as well.

“Hey guys! It’s nice to meet you!” Gerard said as he shook hands with everyone, a goofy grin on his face. The rest of the band made their introductions as well.

“Likewise!” Jennifer said. “So, what brings you all here tonight?”

“Well, we were just getting back from our tour and saw your flyers everywhere. Almost everyone we’ve talked to said they really liked you. So we decided to drop by and see what all the fuss was about, turns out you guys actually…well...rock!” Gerard said with a grin.

“You seriously think so?!” Danny said incredulously.

“I wouldn’t lie about that.”

Jennifer smiled and invited them to sit down on the couches. They swiftly took to each other and were chatting like old friends in no time. Jennifer had found herself talking to Bob. He was always her least favorite of My Chemical Romance, but seeing him in person and talking to him she saw a different side. She was really in tune to him and he seemed like he liked her well enough. They had a lot in common and just…clicked. She couldn’t explain it, it was like they were meant to be together.

They exchanged numbers at the end of their conversation and he vowed to text her ASAP. As the two bands went their separate ways they promised to meet up again. Maybe even have a joint concert in the future.


A few weeks later Collins was flipping through channels when Jennifer yelled at him to stop. He jumped about a foot in the air, frightened by her sudden outburst, but complied.

As he found the channel she was referring to her face paled and she stood motionless. Even Collins’s face dropped.

“Hey guys, what’s u-” Andrew stopped in mid-sentence as he stared at the screen. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He called the rest of the band an in minutes they were all crowding around the TV as well.

Jennifer still hadn’t moved. On the television staring back at her was…herself. A popular music channel had broadcasted some clips from their previous gig. She hadn’t realized they were that famous.

“Why are you looking so down Jen? This is good for us!” Danny said excitedly as he patted her on the back.

“No, you don’t understand. My brother watches this show. He loves it. The same brother who thinks I’m in college.” Jennifer said through gritted teeth. “If he finds out, I’m done for. We’re done for!” she said, her voice getting gradually higher as she spoke.

“I told you, you should’ve just told them before!” Danny said as he scolded her.

Jennifer just stared at her cell phone. She was dreading the inevitable call. When it did finally come an hour later, it was her mother. And boy was she angry.

They got into a heated argument that lasted about a half hour. It ended with her mom and brother telling her they were going to visit her in New Jersey. They had booked the next flight out and were to be there by the next afternoon.

Once Jennifer finally hung up, she was exhausted. She went straight to her bunk and told her band mates not to bother her until morning. She quickly called Bob. Unbeknownst to her mom and brother, she and Bob had started dating a week previous.

“Bob, we have a situation…”


The next day Jennifer was ready. She had cleaned up her whole apartment beforehand and had dressed her best for her brother. She wore a t-shirt he had given her for her birthday this past year and a necklace he gave her when she graduated high school.

She thought it was better to break the initial news to her family alone, with the exception of Bob, so she forbade her band mates from coming over. She had wanted to get all her secrets on the table ahead of time. It couldn’t possibly get any worse.

While she and Bob were anxiously awaiting Jennifer’s family they decided to watch some television to pass time. They were so wrapped up in it that a sudden pounding on the door had them jumping a mile high in their seats.

“Jen! You in there?” A male voice called.

Bob raised an eyebrow at her. She shot him a look and opened the door. Standing in front of her was her older brother, Derek.

“Derek!” She said happily as she hugged him. He hugged back, but frowned as they pulled away.

“Where’s mom?” Jennifer asked anxiously.

“She couldn’t make it. She didn’t have the heart to. You really hurt her Jen.” Derek said as he looked down on her with sad eyes.

“I know. I’m so sorry you had to find out this way.” Jennifer said, blinking back a stray tear or two. “I just…I couldn’t do it. I never wanted to be an accountant or anything like that. All I wanted to do was make music.” Before she could start to really cry Derek hugged her tightly.

“I forgive you, even if mom doesn’t, I’ll still be here for you.” Jennifer smiled up at him and then lead him into the house.

“Please, don’t be a stranger, you’re welcome here anytime. Make yourself comfortable.”

As Derek walked in he had a wide smile on his face, all his stress and tension was let out. That is, until he spotted the sandy haired man in the kitchen. “Who’s he?” Derek asked, his eyes turning cold.

“Erm…that’s Bob. He’s the drummer of My Chemical Romance.” Jennifer added the last part hopefully, she knew he kind of liked the band.

“I don’t care who he is, why is he here?” Derek asked, the question directed towards Bob more than Jen.

“Um…he’s my…uh…boyfriend…” Jennifer said awkwardly, looking everywhere but her brother.

Let’s just say, Derek lost it.

“WHAT! First, you lie to us about going to college, NOW you go off and get a boyfriend behind our backs?”

Derek was pretty riled up at this point. He strode right up to Bob and got in his face. From that point onwards was a blur. There was shouting Jennifer recalled. Lots of shouting. She thought Derek had thrown a punch or two as well. Bob, ever the gentlemen, only shouted to defend himself.

Once it got too far Jennifer pulled Derek away.

“Step back,” she kept telling him, “please just calm down Derek! Please stop! I really like him, I love you too.”

After a few more minutes of arguing, he finally cooled down. He went outside to cool off some steam while Jennifer and Bob talked quietly inside. When Derek finally made an appearance he took a moment to collect himself, and then walked over to Bob to apologize for his earlier outburst. He shook his hand and then awkwardly sat down by Jennifer.

“I’m only doing this for you.”

She smiled, “That’s all I ask. Thank you Derek, for everything.”


Derek stayed with Jennifer for a few more days. He got to meet the whole band before he left. He even got to briefly meet with My Chemical Romance. Once he was gone everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

“So, he’s not making you quit the band?” Danny asked hesitantly. Jennifer just laughed in response. It had definitely been a tense three days.

Just before Rebellion Fighter’s next gig, Jennifer’s mom called her. This was the call she had been dreading ever since Derek’s departure.

“Hello, mom?” she said hesitantly.


“Yeah, I’m here.”

“What’s all that noise in the background?” her mom asked irritably.

Jennifer sighed inwardly, “I’m…I’m at a gig mom. We’re about to go onstage.”

“Oh,” her mom said in a cold voice, “in that case I’ll just call you back. I know how important it is to you.” She said sarcastically.

“No mom,” Jennifer said, “We are going to talk now. Gig or no gig, we need to talk.”

“Honey, you lied to me and your brother’s face. You played us like that guitar of yours. I thought we had a better relationship than then.” Jennifer sunk down the wall behind her to the floor, she felt as if she had been slapped. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed Bob lurking around, no doubt waiting for her to go on. She motioned for him to leave. With one last encouraging smile, he did.

Jennifer pulled herself together, and then poured her heart out to her mother. Her band mates were becoming concerned and anxious, but she waved them off. After another twenty minutes of talking, her and her mom had finally come to an understanding.

“If that’s really what you want honey, then who cares about silly accounting. You’re my daughter and the only one I’ll ever have. Go live your life like I wish I’d have lived mine.”

“Thank you mom,” Jennifer said with a new found happiness. As they hung up her mom promised to visit her sometime. She was anxious to meet Bob and much more accepting than Derek was of him.

“So, how’d it go?” Bob asked hesitantly.

“Perfectly. We’re at a better understanding than we’ve ever been before.” Jennifer said happily. Bob nodded with a smile. “Where do we stand?” Jennifer asked, referring to the gig.

“Well, your band mates have convinced that opening act of yours to play an extra fifteen minutes. If you get a mic on you and wired up, you should be good to go with time to spare.” Bob said as he grinned goofily at her. “Knock ‘em dead tiger!”

Jennifer kissed him excitedly, and then threw him one more smile before turning and running towards the stage. Needless to say, that concert was the best one of her whole life.

A/N: Sorry it might have been short and/or rushed, but it’s only a one-shot. It is longer than the others and I don’t have time to make a detailed, chaptered story. You could easily write this as one haha. Anyhow, I hope you liked it.
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