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Megan meets a boy in the oddest of situations at an Avenged Sevenfold concert. Once she saves him from embarrassment, what happens then?

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Heyyy there! Hehe, TOLOVEISTODESTROY I really hope you enjoy this! I also really like your username as well :P


“I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE YOU SCORED TICKETS TO SEE AVENGED SEVENFOLD!” Megan shouted to her friend Anna over the roar of the music. Anna just smiled back at her. Megan had no clue if she had even heard her. The guitars and bass were drowning everything out. She just shook her head in disbelief.

After about twenty more minutes of moshing Megan told Anna she had to use the bathroom.

“GOOD LUCK GETTING OUT OF THIS!” Anna shouted towards Megan as she gestured towards the moshing crowd.

Since Megan was around 5’8” she could see over a lot of heads. She didn’t have to waste time finding her way back toward the exit. She spotted it immediately off to the side and made her way over. She bumped into people and stepped on some toes, but made it about ten minutes later.

As she pushed her way into the bathroom she looked around. The place was a total wreck. The tiles were almost brown with dirt and the overhead lights were mostly blown out or broken. The mirrors were spider-webbing or scratched and the sinks constantly dripped. She didn’t even want to start on the floor.

Cautiously Megan opened one of the stall doors. Upon taking one look at the toilet she backed out. She could definitely wait until they were back home to use the bathroom. She stood in front of the mirror and tried to tame her short, curly hair as best she could. It was to no avail though. It didn’t look bad on her, but she wished it would do something else for once.

As she examined herself further she noticed a pair of converse peeking underneath a stall. She had seen them when she entered and it have been ten minutes at the least. She wondered if they were okay.

“Are you alright in there?” she asked, her voice filled with unease.

Whoever was in the stall shuffled around a bit before answering. Megan noticed that the converse were a bit large for a woman.

“Erm..everything’s fine! Thanks!” A squeaky falsetto voice exclaimed back to her. When the person reached the ‘thanks’ their voice cracked. It was very awkwardly silent for a moment. The only sound that could be heard was the cheering of the crowd and constant thump of the bass guitar.

“Um…you sure about that?” Megan asked again as she approached the stall door. She was met with silence once again. “I hate to impose, but I’m coming in if you don’t come out.” She said in a brave voice. She had a hunch about who was in the stall, but she wanted to confirm it.

Ever so slowly the stall door opened. When the person exited Megan smiled in triumph. She was right. In front of her was a boy. He was even taller than her with fair skin and long light brown hair. Megan could tell it used to be styled, but the mess of the concert had it a bit wonky. Around his hazel eyes were a pair a thick rimmed glasses.

“Look,” he said rushing to explain, “I got sick during the concert and ran towards the bathroom. I didn’t realize it was the women’s until you walked in. I saw your heels and didn’t know what to do. I was just about to come out when you opened the door.” He looked down, ashamed. A slight blush spread across his cheeks.

Megan laughed, “Hey, man it’s fine. It’s just us at least. I don’t think you’d want twelve angry women on your hands.”

The stranger laughed with her. “Yeah I guess. Just don’t tell my brother?”

“Well,” she started still laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation, “Even if I knew him I still wouldn’t.”


“So, what’s your name?” Megan asked as she leaned against the sinks.

“Mikey, you?”


“Nice name,” he said with a smile.

“Only one I’ve got.” She responded back with a smirk.

“So…” Mikey said as he rubbed the back of his neck, “how do I get out?”

“I’ll spot for you. Just wait for my signal.” With that Megan left the restroom, the click of her heels echoed around the bathroom. Mikey started biting his nails as he anxiously awaited her signal. A few minutes later she popped her head in.

“All clear! You had better hurry.” He didn’t need to be told twice. He sprinted out of the bathroom and before he knew it, back into the throng of people.

“Are you here alone?” Mikey shouted to her over the music.

“No, I’m with a friend! You?”

“Just my brother!”


They went on shouting at each other for a good five minutes. Subconsciously Megan had followed Mikey to wherever they were going. He grabbed a tall, lanky raven haired boy and shouted something at him. He waved towards Megan, and then turned back to the person next to him.

“That was my brother!” Mikey shouted in her ear.

“OW! OH GOD YOU’LL MAKE ME GO DEAF!” She shouted clutching her ear.

“WHAT!?” he shouted back.

She pulled him closer and shouted once more.

“YOU’LL. MAKE. ME. GO. DEAF!” This time, it was his turn to spin away, clutching his head. She threw him an apologetic look then dragged him with her. She wanted to find Anna and make sure she was okay.

“ANNA!” Megan shouted once she found her. “THIS IS MIKEY!”

“HI MIKEY!” Anna shouted in reply, still head-banging and singing along to the music.

Mikey and Megan danced with each other the rest of the night. Anna didn’t seem to mind. She even met a nice guy. Towards the end of the gig, Mikey’s brother showed up and whispered something to Mikey.

“Gerard says we have to go!” he shouted sadly towards Megan.

“So soon?” she asked with a pout.

“I’m sorry!” he said while he turned to go.

“Will I ever see you again?!” she asked, pulling his arm and dragging him back to her.

“Hopefully!” he said with a grin. He slipped her a piece of paper. She held on like her life depended on it. She didn’t want to drop it or lose it.

“Call me sometime!” he said with a smirk. He hesitated for a second, and then a look of determination flashed in his eyes. He leaned down and quickly pecked her on the lips.

“See ya round!” he shouted back at her with one last look. “And thanks again for the help. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this!” he started laughing as Gerard pulled him away.

Megan was left smiling like an idiot. She promised herself that as soon as she and Anna got in the car, she would call that boy.
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