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Hozzie and the Ways have a sleepover! When her fear of horror movies and slasher films get's the better of her one of the boys must be her knight in shining armor. I hope you like it!!

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Here you are Cookie_Monster! I love your username by the way haha :P I hope I didn’t kill it and that you like it :3 I also hope you didn’t forget about me :)


Hozzie was finally on the doorstep of the Way’s house after hours of packing and fighting with her mom. Hozzie’s mom wasn’t a big fan of her daughter having a sleep-over with two boys, but in the end she agreed. Hozzie really didn’t see what the big deal was. She was only staying for the night, not a whole friggin’ week.

As she stood on their doorstep twirling her shoulder-length brown hair she was bursting with excitement. It’d been a while since she, Gerard, and Mikey had gotten together. They didn’t go to the same school so it was hard for her. Every once and a while they’d try to plan a movie night together. Tonight was such a night.

When Mikey opened the door after two rings she gently pushed him aside and made her way in. There, she dropped her bag and hugged him tight. He was a head taller than her so hugging really was a challenge.

“I’m so happy we could finally get together!”

“Me too!” he said with a smile, adjusting his glasses.

“My mom was being a meanie about it though. I almost couldn’t come.” She frowned as she looked at the floor. Just then Gerard came walking up from his room in the basement. He ruffled his black hair and yawned.

“Geeeeeee!!!” She exclaimed as she hugged him as well.

“Hey Hozzie! It’s been a while!”

As they released each other they sat down on the couch in the living room.

“Mom and dad are out tonight. They decided to have a night to themselves.” Gerard informed Hozzie.

“Kay!” she said back happily.

“What do you guys want for dinner?” Mikey asked.

“Well I, for one want pizza!” Gerard exclaimed. Mikey agreed.

Hozzie stuck out her tongue. “Pizza’s disgusting!”

“Then what do you want?” Gerard asked her as he playfully pulled her hair. She contemplated for a minute.

“Make me peanut butter and jelly sandwich!” she finally said with a grin.

“You heard the lady Mikey, GO!”

After that Gerard ordered the pizza while Hozzie and Mikey made a sandwich. After dinner the trio debated which movie they wanted to watch. In the end against Hozzie’s will, both boys wanted a horror movie. She didn’t want to get into a full out argument all night over it so she complied.

“We’ll buy you all the chocolate bars in the world!” Mikey told her as he ran upstairs to grab a movie in his room. Gerard laughed at that. They were sitting in the living room on the floor wrapped up in blankets.

“I hope you don’t have another nightmare.” He told her teasingly.

“I hope so too,” she said as she sunk further into her blanket.

Gerard frowned. “Look, we can watch another-”

Hozzie cut him off. “No, it’s fine.”

At that point Mikey returned with the movie.

“What’d you pick out Mikes?” Gerard asked getting up to see the film.

“Texas Chain Saw Massacre.” He said nonchalantly, getting ready to put it in the DVD slot, “The old one though, not the remake.”

Gerard’s face lit up while Hozzie grimaced. “AWESOME!” he exclaimed

Hozzie volunteered to go make popcorn for them just so she could miss the beginning. The more time wasted the merrier. She took her time getting it ready. Even going as far as to grab them both sodas, water for herself. When she went back into the living room she had successfully missed fifteen minutes. They nodded towards her as she set the tray down.

“I’m going to go change.” She told them.

“Awww! You’re gonna miss the best part!” Gerard whined. She just smiled. Hozzie dug through her bag and fished out her pajamas. She threw on an over-sized Slipknot t-shirt with a pair of loose fitting pajama bottoms. She left her feet bare.

When she went back for a second time she had successfully missed ten more minutes. Mikey informed her that they still had about an hour to go. She frowned and then took her seat underneath the blankets. The rest of the movie her eyes were pretty much closed for. She would scream at every bump and rattle in the film. The boys gave her mercy about forty minutes later and turned it off. They just browsed the channels until they were tired enough.

Gerard had called the couch for the night since he was the oldest which left Mikey and Hozzie on the floor. The three of them brushed their teeth, said their goodnights, and were off to bed.

Of course, Mikey was out like a light in minutes. Slasher films didn’t even make him blink twice. An atomic bomb could go off and he wouldn’t wake up. Hozzie envied him on nights like this. She knew she wouldn’t be in bed for at least another two hours or so.

Above her she on the couch she could hear Gerard start to softly snore after around twenty minutes. Hozzie curled up in a ball and tried to sing herself to sleep in her head. She went through every All Time Low, Slipknot, and We Are the in Crowd song she knew and still to no avail.

Around 3 a.m. sleep finally overtook her. What seemed like an eternity later she felt someone shaking her and she heard screaming. It took her a few minutes to realize the screaming was coming from her.

“Shhh, shhh, Hozzie! Wake up!” she heard a voice call to her. She bolted upright and looked around. Her makeshift bed was drenched in sweat and she could feel someone hugging her tightly. Mikey was sound asleep next to her so she knew it had to be Gerard.

“Wha..what happened?” she asked, still in a sleepy daze.

“You had a nightmare. I woke up and you were screaming bloody murder. God, I thought I was in the middle of one of my slasher films.” Gerard said with a breathy chuckle.

She sighed and relaxed into his arms, relieved. “Thank you for waking me. That was terrible!” she said as she covered her face.

“I’m so sorry. I promise we will not be doing that again.” He said with another small laugh. She couldn’t see him clearly in the dark, but she knew he was smiling. Just knowing this made Hozzie smile as well.

“Sorry for waking you.” She said while snuggling further into his arms.

“It’s no problem. It reminds me of when Mikey and I were younger and he’d have nightmares.”

“Really?” Hozzie asked. Seeing him now she would never have guessed he had nightmares. Gerard told her some stories about it. After about twenty minutes she was a lot more relaxed than before. She felt herself starting to nod off again. Gerard still had his arms around her she noted.

Just as she was about to fall asleep for the fourth time she heard something. It sounded like singing. She forced herself to wake up and listened. Gerard had started softly singing to her. She listened even harder and found that he was singing Stay Awake by All Time Low. She felt so touched since he knew they were her favorite band. He himself wasn’t a fan so she was surprised he knew the lyrics.

After a few more lines she fell asleep with ease. She knew there would be no more nightmares tonight.

Stay awake, get a grip and get out
You're safe from the weight of the world
Just take a second to set things straight
I'll be fine even though I'm not always right
I can count on the sun to shine
Dedication takes a lifetime
But dreams only last for a night
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