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Alice Armstrong, twenty one and an employee at a piercing shop. She secretly hopes to meet her Mr. Right there one day. What happens when he walks through the door?

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Ms. Alice Armstrong, you my dear, are up! I hope I didn’t disappoint you!

Yeah…I kind of changed this one a bit concerning Bob’s role. DO NOT FEAR! It’s not anything drastic. At least I think not…

Just the Girl by The Click Five sums this up pretty well I think. Yeah….


Alice Armstrong, twenty one with her whole life ahead of her. Her mother had told her she could be whatever she wanted to be.

So, she took it to heart and got a job at a piercing parlor.

Her mom was mildly disappointed, but complied with her choice to keep the peace between them.

It was seven A.M. and Alice was just rolling out of bed. She had to be into work by eight or her boss said she was out of there. She was late almost every day since she got her job there a month ago. She really loved her job and wanted to impress the boss, so she got up early today to make it on time.

She dragged herself over to her mirror and observed her image. Her hair was cropped short with a fringe hanging over her eye. Her natural hair color was dark, but she had dyed it platinum blonde. Grudgingly, Alice picked up her eyeliner and rimmed her green eyes with it.

Picking up a random pair of skinny jeans from the floor she threw them on along with a t-shirt (with a rather rude slogan on it if she might add) and her military style jacket. She stuffed her feet into a pair of trainers lying by her door and then wandered into the kitchen.

Alice owned her own apartment. It was crappy and small, but it was home. After brushing her teeth she grabbed a few poptarts from the counter and grabbed a bottle of lemonade for later. She took one look around her apartment and then vacated the premises.

She had gotten to work five minutes to eight. Alice clocked in, pleased with herself for being early for once. She made small talk with her friend Gwen, the receptionist of the shop.

In the back where she put her lunch and jacket she found Bob Bryar, her best friend and fellow co-worker.

“Hey Alice, have a nice weekend?” Bob asked her as she opened the small refrigerator.

“Yup, it was pretty nice. Yours?” she asked has she stuffed her lunch in.

“Eh, same old same old,” he said as he went back to texting.

Alice walked out of the room and wandered around the shop. The mornings were always the most boring. They all just sat around waiting for the first costumer. Sometimes no one would come in until one in the afternoon!

She made herself comfortable on the sofa in the waiting area and picked up the nearest magazine. It turned out it was the newest edition of Inked Magazine. Gwen had ordered a subscription for the shop. As Alice casually flipped through it she heard the bell on the door go off. Jumping up she walked over to the counter. They had a customer.

She saw that Bob already had it handled and was talking animatedly with the woman. She was seemingly ordinary, probably between the ages of 25-30. Disappointed, Alice sat back down. She wouldn't admit it but she was hoping she could someday meet her Mr. Right at the shop. She always loved a guy with piercings. Tattoos weren’t a bad addition either. She always felt silly at thinking about it but she couldn’t help it. Never would she dare tell Gwen or Bob.

As she sat back down she watched Bob lead the woman over to his station from her peripheral vision. At the reception desk Gwen rolled her eyes and went back to work at her computer, typing away furiously.

About three hours later Alice went into the back room to have her lunch. It was an agonizingly slow day. Her and Bob had only taken two customers each. Just as she had gulped down the last sip of her lemonade, the bell on the front door chimed.

Alice bolted towards the front in an attempt to beat Bob. They had started a competition to see who could get the most costumers by the end of the day. As she reached the front desk a peculiar sight met her eyes. She scanned the shop and found Bob, who had just come running out of the bathroom, staring at the sight as well.

There was a total for three guys at the front desk. The first one she saw was tall and lanky. He was wearing ripped skinny jeans with a faded Anthrax hoodie. A brown beanie was pulled down tightly over his head with brown hair was poking out of it. The boy wore thick, black rimmed glasses. He was also either flirting or engaging in a deep conversation with Gwen.

Bob and Alice both rolled their eyes. Gwen was nice with a sturdy head on her shoulders, but when it came to guys she was a total flirt.

The other two boys were in an argument. They were getting increasingly louder as they went on. Alice and Bob attempted to break it up.

“Gerard, you can’t leave now! You promised you’d come with me!” the first teen said. He was quite shorter than the other with long brown hair. He had olive skin and adorable greeny-brown eyes.

“But Frank!” the other boy said in a whining manner, “You know I hate needles!” This boy was half a head taller than the second. He had ghostly pale skin with stringy black hair framing his face. He was talking very animatedly with his hands.

“Well that’s too damn bad now, isn’t it? Ray already left! He won’t be back for a half hour so you either sit and wait or come with me!” The short guy was sassy little git, wasn’t he? Alice thought to herself.

The boy named Gerard looked down dejectedly and complied with Frank’s response.

“Erm…do you guys need some help?” Bob finally asked, scratching the back of his head nervously.

Frank brightened up, “Yes, actually! I’m here to get my lip pierced. These two guys are just here for moral support.” He gestured to the other boys.

“Well, Alice here can help you!” Bob said gesturing to her. She scowled in return. That last thing she wanted to do was pierce this kid’s lip.

“Just check in with Gwen over there,” he pointed her way. She was still talking to the last boy, “and then you’re all set!”

Alice rolled her eyes. “My station’s back there. Just come by when you’re ready.”

Gerard grudgingly sat down on the sofa and perused their magazine selection. Upon picking one out, he sat back contently and read. “Mikey!” he said calling to the last boy, “Leave the poor girl alone and come sit with me!”

Mikey blushed and said a feeble goodbye to Gwen before joining Gerard. Frank took his place as he went over the pricing with Gwen. Alice got her station set up ahead of time. When Frank moseyed his way over to her she sighed. She did think he was attractive, no one could deny that. But she didn’t think he was the one.

As he sat down he tried to start a conversation with her. She replied with curt nods or one word answers. Even when she was getting ready to pierce his lip, he still insisted on talking! Now he was rambling about music. She noted he was naming some bands she was into, but it had to end.

“If you don’t mind, would you please shut up so I can do my job?” she asked sweetly.

As he complied she sterilized the needle. Right when she was about to push it in Bob crept up behind her.

“How’s it going?”

Alice let out a yelp and flew out of her chair. Turning around she punched him the arm.

“Do you WANT me to stab him in the tongue?” she asked Bob furiously.

“You’re fault not mine.” He said as she sauntered away. Scowling, she sat back down and started again.

After about five more minutes she had successfully pierced the young man’s lip with no trouble. She reached over and handed him a little mirror to examine himself in.

“Thank you so much! This thing is so sick!” he said in an excited tone. “Thanks!”

“Glad you like it,” she said dryly. “Now get out.”

He pouted a bit. She couldn’t believe it. He actually POUTED.

“Hey, what’s your name?” he asked her as she got up.

“A name.” she answered ambiguously.

She thought he would let it die, but to her surprise he implored even further, “Pleaaase tell me?”

She allowed herself a little laugh, “No! Why does it even matter?”

“It’s not every day you meet someone as lovely as yourself.” He said in a matter of fact sort of way.

“Oh, shut up.” She said as they walked toward the counter.

He just smiled as he handed his cash to Gwen. “I left a big tip for the lady,” he said gesturing to her, “Make sure she gets it.” With one more wink towards Alice he collected Gerard and Mikey and they walked out.

“Oh yeah,” he added as he held the door open, “I’m going next door to the tattoo parlor. If you take up my offer, you’ll know where to find me.”

With that he left. Alice was now thoroughly confused. She found he had left her a ten dollar tip. It was probably too much considering the fact that he may want to get a tatt done next door. She also saw he gave her something else. It was a little scrap of paper with number on it. Upon closer inspection she found it was a cell phone number. On the back it said two words, ‘call me’.

As she sat down on the sofa contemplating her options, it suddenly hit her. Most guys didn’t try to pursue her if she turned them down once. They thought she was too ‘rough around the edges.’ She thought she was too good for them. It evened out in the end. After more contemplation Alice finally smiled to herself. She then dashed to the back and grabbed her jacket.

“I’m going out for a break Bob! You and Gwen can hold down the fort, can’t you?” With that Alice sprinted towards the tattoo parlor. She could only hope they hadn’t left yet. Alice may have just found the one guy who could handle her, and she wasn’t about to let him slip away. Not just yet.
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