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the story of the Host club's embarrassing confessions...taken back.

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I can't believe I was doing this. Stupid baka Kaoru,daring me to do something so embarrassing. I mean, how would I break the awkwardness I would've just created? I groaned. I was so going to get Kaoru back for this later. I took a deep breath and strolled down the school's halls nonchalantly, my mind actually panicking and trying to piece up my monologue quickly before I bumped into her.

"Um...Confront with my usual teasing self?" I mumbled to myself. "Of more serious...? Gah! Stupid Kaoru." I hung my head in a depressed matter. I mean I did kinda like her, but I obviously didn't want to confess! Goddamnit.

"Hmm? Ah, Hikaru! Hey, where's Kaoru? It's strange to see you two separated." A familiar voice that could be taken as uni-sexual came from in front of me and I looked up. Immediately, I felt blood rush to my cheeks, and tried my best to keep my blush at a minimal level as I looked face to face with Haruhi. She tilted her head. "You okay? You look a little flustered."

I mentally shook my head. Ah, Haruhi. So oblivious. However, (I cursed) I would have to fulfill my damn dare now. Ugh. "Oh, uh, Haruhi. Hey. I was just looking for you. I wanted to speak to you about something serious." I gave a genuine stare, causing her to widen her eyes in a scary shocking matter.

"Holy shit. You're actually serious? Did Kyoya poison you?! 911!!!" She gawked and waved her arms. I quickly held them down, looked both ways, and dragged her into a nearby closet, mind processing on how to make it not seem like I was drugged serious.

"Shh, no, Haruhi-chan, I wanted to talk about sex and bunny suits, and fluffy things!" I gave a small smirk and she rolled her eyes, calming down.

"Of course, I was really getting worried there." She gave a sigh of relief and I wanted to smack her. Was that really how I was always like? Oh was. Heh...I blame Kaoru.

"Haha, gee thanks. You, uh..." I turned serious again, causing her to bite her lip all nervously again as well, but thankfully didn't yell for 911 this time. "I wanted to say, Haruhi, that you mean a lot to me." I searched her face for a reaction, and saw her smiling.

"Aw, gee, thanks! You too, I mean, you're an awesome friend and all!" I mentally facepalmed. No wonder she was single.

"No, not that. I wanted to say, I-...I love you. With all my heart and soul." I gave a tender gaze and she stared, shocked.

"S-seriously? You're not...But you...Seriously?" I nodded. Alright, plan executed. Now my second mission: make things not awkward. "But...You do know I...Uh...Oh god..."

"...psych." I gave a laugh. She glared, then relaxed, giving small nervous laughs. "Wow Haruhi, you really are gullible, huh?" I snorted and chuckled again.

"N-no! You're just really good at acting! Dang, you had me shocked for a moment!" She smacked my head and I gave a sad smile. Acting? Yeah, but only halfway.

After that, I headed home, where Kaoru was waiting on our bed. As I opened the bedroom door, he glanced at me and grinned. "So how'd it go?"

"I psyched her." I smirked. "She really was shocked though for a moment. You shouldn't dare those things anymore Kaoru..." I complained.

"You...You psyched her?" He laughed. "Why you baka? That...Hahaha!"

"Well, yeah, I mean I like her really, but I'm not confessing any time soon." I rolled my eyes.

"You like her seriously?" He raised an eyebrow. I gulped.

"Um...psych?" He glared. I gave a meek smile.
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