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Cake Alien

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I stared at it. It sat there, teasing me. I wanted to touch it, stab it, shove it in my mouth. Drooling, my eyes sparkled dangerously.

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I grinned at Usa-chan and picked up my fork. Tonight was one of our every-other-day cake party nights. Sitting in front of me were thousands of different types of moist, fluffy, sweet, delectable, and delicious cakes. I stared at each one for a few seconds, devouring them with my mind, their beautiful symphony of flavors playing a melodious melody in my head.

Sachertortes, black forests, operas, dobos tortas, mont blancs, battenburgs, red velvets, mille feuilles, and a high tea-styled cake platter full of petite fours sang out to me. "Usa-chan, today's going to be great!" I whispered, twinkling sparkles surrounding me. As I dramatically raised my fork just to sustain the moment, the kitchen door creaked open. There, holding a flashlight, was my brother: Yasuchika Haninozuka. He stood at the doorway, gawking at the scene laid before him. Stumbling upon his words, wide-eyed, he let loose a string of gibberish. I turned towards him, grinning.

"Why hey there Chika-chan. Would you like some cake as well? There's plenty." He took a step backwards, staring.

"M-monster....Alien...Cake alien!" He cried and when I turned back to my cake, I heard feet stumbling along the wooden surface. I delicately took a slice, placing it gently onto my plate. Then, I attacked. After taking one bite just to savor the flavor, I suddenly violently stabbed the fluffy slice with my fork and stuffed it into my mouth.

"Nom nom nom..." I chewed, swallowed, and gave a sigh filled with content. That was a sachertorte...Aw deliciousness....In a flash, I fused together my martial arts reflexes along with my chewing speed and quickly finished off all the cakes in a minute. I pretended Usa-chan was applauding me and gave a happy giggle, pretending to bow. "Thank you! Thank you!"

The next day, I was stopped in the hallway by Mori-chan. "Hmm? What's up Mori-chan?" I beamed up at him. After, all, he was my very best friend.

"I heard you were eating thousands of cakes last night." He stated in his expressionless face. I tilted my head, confused.

"Yea! It was Usa-chan's and I's every-other-day cake night. Remember?" I grinned. Mori gave a slight smile.

"And didn't you say you ate thousands of cakes last night, too?" He grunted. I froze, then gave a nervous laugh.

"Heh, well, Mori-chan," Finally I quietly whispered "Yeah." Mori shook his head in a disapproving matter.

"Honey-san, I think you are getting even more addicted to cake than normal. I think you should take a small break from desserts, just until you return to your normal self." He gave me the ultimate punishment. This was worse than the cavity!! Tears welled up in my eyes, and I hugged Usa-chan tightly.

"N-no! I don't wanna! I want to eat cake!" I pouted.

"No." Came the simple reply. The waterfall crashed downwards, flowing freely down my face.

"B-b-but...N-noo!!!!" I sobbed. Cake, I can't live without cake! Sweets either! At least let me eat puddings or something! I hung my head and looked down at my feet. I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up to see Mori-chan with a gentle smiling face. My eyes widened, it was rare for him to show any expressions at all!

"Only for a little bit. Then you can eat cake again." He reassured. I wiped my tears away and nodded slowly. Mori-chan smiled slightly wider. "Promise?" I sniffed.

"I-I promise..." Mori patted my head and we walked down to class. During lunch break, we walked again to the host club room. I heard Mori explain my cake situation to the others, and sulkily left to a table of ladies waiting for me. They were eating cake. Soft slices of a green tea sponge roll. With whipped cream. I bit my lip.

"Honey-sempai!" The girls cooed as I neared the table. I slowly walked into their arms and plastered on a smile.

"Hello~! Hehe." The girls smiled back with adoring looks and handed me a plate of their cake.

"Would you like some?" I grinned. YES. However, just as I was about to reach for it, I caught Mori out of the corner of my eye staring me down. Gloomily, I put my arm down.

"S-sorry. I'm taking a break from cake now." I mumbled, tears spilling. The girls all 'Awwed' and gave me reassuring hugs, showering me with pity.

After my line of customers, Mori walked over. "Good job. I know it took a lot of control to not eat that cake. You will keep you promise, right? Until you don't crave for sweets every single second?" I gave a sincere nod and gave him a smile. He patted my head and left.

"...Psych! I can't live without sweets!" I giggled to myself and saw Kyoya talk to Mori about something.

"Do you really think Honey-san will actually go through with this promise?" He smirked, glasses flashing dangerously.

"I know Haninozuka-san quite well. I'm sure although he will hesitate, he will go through." Mori declared. I giggled. While they talked, the twins and Tamaki were harassing Haruhi-chan. I quickly snuck into the back storage room. As I turned the lights on, I saw hundreds of cakes, each stored in a fancy box with gold thread sewn into it.

"Aaahhh!" I gasped, and grinned. "Look Usa-chan!" I showed it all the cakes and took out my fork. "Heaven!" I quickly dug in, tearing open boxes one after another and doing my "Martial Eating" technique. "Nom nom nom...nom...." After 40 seconds, I was on my last two. I tore off the ribbon and threw off the box lid.
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