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What happens when a 2nd class woman leaves her two year old son with the officers for the day?

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12:35 in the officer's mess and Officer's Lowe, Moody, Wilde and Murdoch were enjoying a cup of tea, casually mentioning topics such as how nice the weather was and sharing fond memories of home. Harold stood and reached for the teapot on the table. ″Who want's another brew then?″
The three officers murmured their responses and off Harold went. ″So... how are things at home Wilde? How are the kids?″asked Moody.
Wilde shrugged. ″Fine, everything's pretty normal.″
″Hmmm... that's nice. Say! Where's Harold got to?″
Murdoch shook his head. ″How long
does it take to make a cup of tea?″
″Maybe he needs help. I'll go see″Moody said.

I hope he's OK he thought to himself as he entered the kitchen.
″Oh my good Lord! Harold! PLEASE tell me you have a good explanation why there's a bloody baby in the kitchen!″he yelled.

Harold turned to look at Moody with round eyes. ″I'm not too sure to be honest! This woman came in, told me I looked like a man who was good with kids. Then she dumps him on me! Can you believe it?″
″The flamin' cheek of it! You're an officer not a bloody babysitter! Well what shall we do with him?″
″We can't just leave him here! Let's take him to the others, see what they think.″
Moody agreed and watched nervously as Harold attempted to pick the child off the kitchen table. The child screeched and lashed out at Harold. ″Woah there! Watch those hands!″Moody warned him.
″James!,″Harold scolded,″he's a toddler! He doesn't think he's doing anything wrong! Go easy on the poor thing!″
″What's his name?″
″Freddie″Harold told him, walking out of the room with Freddie in his arms.
″Oh. Just wait 'til we see Murdoch's face!″
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