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Chapter 2

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Freddie get's to know the officer's

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Murdoch's POV
Wilde was staring into the bottom of his teacup obviously in a world of his own. I sighed. ″How long do you think there going to be? I've got my shift in five minutes!″I exclaimed.
Harold walked into the room accompanied by James. But instead of a teapot in his hands, Harold was holding a young child. ″What on God's green earth are you doing with THAT?″Wilde shouted.
Harold set the child into a seat. ″THAT is a baby Mr Wilde!″he said.
″I can see what it is you fool! What're you doing with it?″
″This woman came into the kitchen and left him with me! I told her no! But would she listen? Would she hell! She told me it's 'only for the day!' and that he won't be any trouble at all. So I sort of... agreed to have him.″
″I'm sorry! For a moment there I thought you said you AGREED to look after some woman's baby for the day!″
″Um... I did.″
″Well... it's a good job you've finished your duties isn't it? Looks like he's with you for the day.″
I roared with laughter at Harold's face. ″Good luck to you mate!″I called as I walked past him. Poor Harold.
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