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Part 1

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It's a story about Liu's life after his experience with Jeff's homocidial side. Yes, this is Creepypasta. Jeff the Killer. It was based on an rp I had with a friend. If there is a category for Jeff...

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Another cruel sleepless night crept up on Liu. His eyes were traced with darkness. His anxiety was pounding on his heart and thrashing its way through his chest. Maybe that's why most of the time he felt like he couldn't breathe. It had been plenty of years since the gruesome slaughtering of his parents. However, every time he looked in a mirror he saw those charcoal eyes and the crimson smile that trickled across that pasty face, like a sliver of the moon. The blood had even stained his teeth. Then, those words. Those fucking words.
"Go to sleep."

Liu couldn't even see himself in the mirror. He saw Jeff's reflection merely, with bodies piled up behind him. Those kids would always be among the stack of bodies. The kids who bullied Jeff and Liu on their first day in a new town. Hell, Liu couldn't even remember their names, just their faces melted into blood-chilling screams. He never witnessed their murders, but still imagined their frozen, horrified faces. It was interesting how a dead person's face could have so much life in it. Pain is what can make you feel so human. The sunlight had started to spread across the sky, so Liu decided to not even bother to attempt to sleep now. He glanced at the clock with read "5:00 am."
This was such a usual routine.
By the time he crawled into a black, plaid button up shirt and a pair of jeans, it was 6:05 am. He swallows time in the morning just convincing himself he needs to get out of bed.

It was close to the time when the coffee shop would open, so he dragged his feet to the door. His door protected him from the unknown outside world. Today was a lucky day for him, since he managed to build up the strength to move out of his bed.

He cracked the door open and slithered out into the sunlight. Liu walked the short distance to this adorable café. The walls were a soft brown with coffee cups traced all over. The only people employed were blonde teenage girls. Liu ordered some black coffee and sat down to watch the news on the television in front of him.

A short distance from Liu were two boys, not far from his age, chatting at a table.
"Keith, I'm telling you that Freddy would beat Jason any day!" One boy barked.
"And I'm telling you, I don't give a fuck." Keith stated.

Liu smirked as his coffee was handed to him. This smirk melted away when he peered back at the television. He saw an image of words painted on a bedroom wall. These words were all too familiar. "Go to sleep." Liu's hand launched frantically to the television to turn up the volume.

"…Another victim. Once again, the words 'go to sleep' were splattered on the wall. If you have information on what these words could mean, or anything at all about these crimes, please contact the police."

Liu choked on a gasp. The coffee in his quaking hand flew and crashed to the ground. Tears rolled down his burning red cheeks. His face returned to the child-like state, like when he first met his newly twisted brother. Shadows seemed to circle him like vultures. He finally noticed that people were examining him as he made a scene. He didn't even notice the teenage worker cleaning up his spilt coffee below him. Liu threw himself out the door and onto the city streets.

"Uhhh." Keith gawked at the door, "Shaun, did you see…?"

"Yes." Shaun, who was the other boy, blurted.
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