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Part 2

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A few teens break into Liu's house and Jeff protects his brother.

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“I wonder if he was the killer.” Keith tilted his head.
“Knock it off!” Shaun whimpered.
“Well, he did run off all scared. The next time we see him, he’ll have the word ‘murderer’ next to his name!”

Liu heaved himself back into his house and forcefully locked the door. His emotional pain upgraded to a physical pain, deep in his stomach. He was getting sick to his stomach knowing his brother had so much free reign. Liu had the realization that Jeff would control his life until either his or Jeff’s heart stopped. Jeff would probably even cause his death.

Liu curled his fingers around the inside of his shirt sleeve and pulled it up. Underneath seemed to endless scars. Whether horizontal or vertical, they were deep and each one had so much meaning to Liu. He had started cutting himself merely a month or two ago, yet he had to have, at the very least, thirty scars on his arms. It was quickly decided that he couldn’t wear anything but long sleeves for the rest of his life. However, these scars were his security blanket. They reminded him that there was still life in him. This pain he felt was truly the feeling of life in him. He searched for his blade, so that he could start living…
Liu threw open a few cabinets. He scanned his favorite hiding places, but his knife had been hidden where he could not find it.

A creak from upstairs cracked the silence. Liu’s heart beat on his throat like the violent drumming of a heavy metal song. He walked towards his stairs, paying attention to every step. This time a crashing sound shattered the now fragile silence. Liu defied his wishes to just leave and bolted upstairs to the source of the sound.

“Oh fuck!” one out of three kids spitted out.

Before Liu was a skrawny girl with plenty of black eye make-up caked on, along with a chubby teenage boy with a black and red Nirvana shirt holding in his round stomach and another girl, who was frightening with chopped up dark red hair and a leather jacket. Liu opened his trembling lips to speak, only to have the skrawny girl melt her fingers over his mouth, before he could blink. She pressed a knife to his thin neck.

“Don’t scream.” The only boy whispered.

“Laura wanted to see the killer’s house.” The skrawny girl gestured to the red-head.
Something about these kids reminded Liu of those three who attacked Jeff and himself. They had such similar intentions.

“What do we do with him now, Dani?” Laura groaned.

“Call the police! We can get money for turning in this motherfucker!”

Did people really think he was this new killer?
He thought for a moment and realized everyone had reasons to feel that way. He was so quiet.

He didn’t even know his neighbors name even. This inside of his house was always dimly lit. He nearly never went outside. The boy tossed everything around in Liu’s home, searching for a phone. Liu wiggled against Dani’s grip.
“No way, you little faggot.” Dani scraped her knife against Liu’s bare skin on his throat. Liu whimpered and attempted to flinch.

“Looking for this?”

That voice. That voice that had squeezed the breath out of Liu’s lungs. It had chilled his blood frozen and drained the sight from his eyes. His very existence crackled under its power. Jeff let a phone slip from his fingers.

“What the hell is wrong with your face?” Dani chuckled.

Jeff, himself, carved a blade down Laura’s spinal cord. The snapping growled in Liu’s ears. Laura squealed in a way that sounded inhuman. She flopped to the ground like a ragdoll.

“Fucker!” Dani released Liu, who scooted his back against a wall. Jeff wrapped his arms around Dani, in what looked like a hug, “Join your friend now.”

Jeff tore the knife through Dani’s throat. Dani gargled her blood and finally plopped to the floor to die. By then, the chubby boy found Laura’s cell phone and dialed 911. Jeff slithered his crimson-stained blade through the boy’s head, before he could get in a word to the police. Jeff crushed the phone under his foot.

Liu was sprawled on the floor, passed out. Jeff dropped his knife by Liu’s hand.

“I only took your knife because cutting isn’t the answer.” Jeff pressed his scarred lips onto Liu’s forehead before disappearing out the window.
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