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Vampires Will Never Hurt You

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Gerard is a social pariah at Belleview High. Because, well, he's not exactly human. And he's about 130 years older than his peers. Gerard meets Frank, a fellow social outcast. He can't seem to figu...

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Vampires Will Never Hurt You


The year was 1866. A gala was being held to celebrate the marriage of Camilla de Luca, the daughter of an extremely wealthy Italian merchant. All of Venice’s rich upper class families had been invited to the party. Beautiful women in elegant gowns flitted about the room, flirting with smartly dressed young men and gossiping about who danced with who. Waiters with trays of champagne and chartreuse weaved around the dance floor, their black-clad feet nimbly avoiding the twirling dancers.

One of Camilla’s cousins, seventeen-year-old Adelaide Cipriano, noticed a raven-haired figure standing alone near a bust of the queen. Gerard Calogera, a rich, handsome young man in his early twenties. He was very antisocial, so it was surprising to see him at a well, social event. Adelaide knew him from seeing him and his younger brother Michael at an art auction. Gerard came from a line of famous painters. His work sold for high sums of money, attracting art connoisseurs from all over Italy. But for some reason, Gerard hardly ever showed up to his own art auctions.

Adelaide caught herself staring at Gerard. And he was staring at her. Adelaide swore under her breath and pretended to examine a painting hanging on the nearby wall. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Gerard turn on his heel and disappear down one of the mansion’s many hallways. Intrigued, she began to follow him.

“Adelaide! Where are you going?” Bianca, Adelaide’s sister, called after her. Adelaide ignored her and continued following Gerard.

Her mind told her not to follow strange men down dark hallways, but her heart pulled her forward. She wanted to speak to Gerard, to get to know this mysterious man…

“May I help you with something?” Gerard suddenly asked, turning around and startling Adelaide. The sound of the orchestra floated down the hallway. Suddenly, the music seemed ominous.

“I-I’m terribly sorry, Mr. C-Calogera.” Adelaide apologized quickly. Her heart sped up a bit and her palms were clammy. Nice going, Adelaide, she scolded herself. Way to make a fool of yourself. She started to run back to the ballroom, but Gerard caught her arm and pulled her dangerously close. He had an amused smile on his handsome face.

“Call me Gerard, if you will. And what is your name?” he purred. His voice made Adelaide tremble.

“Adelaide Cipriano.” she whispered. Gerard’s hand rested on her forearm, the other leaning casually against the wall.

Gerard lowered his eyelids over his hazel eyes. “What a lovely name to suit such a lovely face.” he commented, his hand traveling from her arm to her cheek. His index finger ran down her temple and traced her jaw line.

Adelaide’s body filled with electricity. What was it about this man that made her so weak, yet so excited? His delicate lips curved into a smirk as he watched her melt under his stroke.
“Thank you… Gerard.” Adelaide said quietly.

Gerard released her face and moved away from the wall. “Would you like to dance, Miss Cipriano?” he asked. Adelaide froze, but quickly regained her composure.

“It would be a pleasure.” Adelaide said, smoothing her hands over her sky blue gown.
Gerard placed his hands on her narrow hips and began stepping in time with the music.

“Shouldn’t we take this to the ballroom? Most people dance on the dance floor.” Adelaide joked, but she put her hands on his shoulders anyways.

Gerard laughed slightly, but continued dancing in the middle of the hallway. He was staring right into her eyes. Adelaide wanted to look away, but she couldn’t tear her eyes away from his smoldering gaze.

“Tell me a bit about yourself, my dear Adelaide.” Gerard said. His hands tightened slightly around her waist.

“I-I love art.” Adelaide said stupidly, focusing on her dancing. I can’t miss a single step, she thought.

Gerard raised an eyebrow. “Oh, are you now? Are you perhaps familiar with my work?”

Adelaide smiled. “Yes, I am. Did you not wonder how I happened to know your name?” Her heart slowed back down, relieved by the easygoingness of the conversation.

“Hmm. I hadn’t thought about that. You are a clever girl, Adelaide.” Gerard said. Adelaide loved the way his voice lowered when he said her name.

They danced through the whole song, and then another. Adelaide allowed herself to relax and moved slightly closer to Gerard. There was never a lull in the conversation. Gerard continually asked her questions, seeming genuinely interested in Adelaide.

Suddenly, she was aware of his hands sliding up her back. “I’m quite familiar with the de Luca mansion. There’s a particular painting of mine hanging in a spare bedroom you might be interested in seeing.” he murmured.

Adelaide smiled flirtatiously. “I’d love to see it.” she replied.

Adelaide knew quite well what Gerard was implying. She also knew quite well that it was completely inappropriate for a girl of her age to be sneaking off with young men during a party. She also knew that she was not married to this man, and therefore should not be allowing him to press her against the wall and kiss her.

But she didn’t care. She wanted more. Gerard pressed his torso against Adelaide, slowly rocking his hips against her. Her body was pulsating, alive with feeling and passion. Gerard’s hands slid across her breasts, and she responded by sliding her own hand across the front of his pants.

Gerard took fistfuls of her dress and kissed her neck. “Shall… we… go see… that painting now?” he whispered in between kisses.

“Now.” Adelaide agreed. Gerard wrapped his arms around her, and to her surprise, lifted her up. He carried her swiftly up a flight of stairs and into an elegantly furnished bedroom.

Gerard deposited Adelaide onto the bed and lifted her gown, revealing delicate underclothes and slim, shapely legs. Adelaide inhaled sharply as she felt his cool fingers come in contact with her stomach. They ran along her hips and down the inside of her thighs.

Gerard smiled serenely and knelt beside her on the bed. “My dear Adelaide…” he purred. He brushed a few loose strands of golden hair that had fallen out of her updo away from her neck. He leaned forward and pressed his lips to the smooth, warm skin of her throat. Adelaide closed her eyes and sighed in contentment.

“It fills me with regret to inform you…” Gerard murmured, never taking his lips from her neck. “But I am a homosexual.”

Adelaide’s eyes flew open for the last time as Gerard’s sharp white teeth ripped through her throat.

End of Prologue

Hey guise! Sorry that the prologue is so fast paced. The chapters will be slower. In chapter 1, I'm jumping to present-day New Jersey. This will not be your typical vampire fanfic, I assure you. I hope you liked what I've written so far! Please rate and review if you have any suggestions!

-CJ (KIlljoyOnFire)
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