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A new school year is beginning, but nothing's changed for Frank, Mikey, and Gerard. But for very different reasons.

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Chapter 1

Present day…

Frank’s POV


My alarm startles me and I wake up screaming. Fuck past me for thinking it would be a great idea to record myself bellowing like an angry lion and setting it as my morning alarm. I grab my iPhone off of my bedside table and silence it. Good morning, Frank.

Today is the first day of my junior year in high school. Am I excited? Not in the slightest. I’m a shadow at my school. A punk-rock shadow, only visible when jocks throw sandwiches at him or stuff him into lockers. Last year, I was locked inside the freezer in the school kitchens.

My only friend at school is Pete, a sophomore. I met him last year when some seniors locked us inside a closet together and told us to have fun. We did. Pete and I played cards until the janitor freed us. We’ve been best friends ever since.

The morning goes by quickly. I shower and straighten my hair so it hangs over one eye. One side is dyed red. I do all my normal morning duties, such as applying scarlet eyeliner. I get a lot of crap for the way I look, but personally, I think I look fabulous. Gray skinny jeans make my ass look really nice.

With no time for breakfast, I steal my dad’s coffee thermos out of his hand and dash out the door, Black Flag blasting through my headphones. The bus awaits me at the corner. When I get on the bus, nearly everybody goes silent. Eyes follow me as I walk towards the only empty seat, judging and scrutinizing my every move. I guess nothing’s changed since last year. The bus ride to Belleview High is short, but still painful as people whisper behind their hands and stare at me. And I know they’re not talking about my new lip ring.

When the bus pulls up in front of the school, I’m one of the first people off. A black figure carrying an umbrella walking towards the side entrance catches my eye. He has long black hair and is wearing strange clothes. A black button down shirt, black jeans, and gloves. Obviously black, of course. The only color on his body besides black is a red tie.

Sexy… I think. But what’s with the gloves?


Gerard’s POV

Giovanni Pacini drifts from my cell phone, alerting me that it’s seven o’ clock in the morning. Not that I need an alarm. I just really like classical music.

All over the east coast, teenagers are reluctantly dragging themselves out of bed and preparing themselves for the shitstorm that is high school. Scrawny thirteen and fourteen year olds are eagerly anticipating the beginning of their freshman year, blissfully unaware of the horrors that await them. The not-so-genetically-gifted and late bloomers are dreading the locker rooms. The “popular” girls are caking on their ridiculous makeup and arming themselves with bottles of perfume, ready to poison the hallways. I wrinkle my nose just thinking about it. It smells like merda to me, but at least it masks the scent of blood. The warm, delicious, life-giving liquid that flows through the veins of the human body…

I lick my lips. I can’t wait to start high school again, or as I call it, the hunting ground. Teenagers are so easy to kill. So easy to lure in, so easy to-

“Can you be quiet? Your morbid thought are interrupting my morbid thoughts.” an irritable voice says behind me.

I turn around to face my brother. “There is a knock-before-you-enter rule, Michael.”

My younger brother smiles at me, his sharp canine teeth gleaming even though there’s no light in my bedroom. I had the windows blacked out years ago. “I haven’t entered a room the traditional way for over one hundred years.”

I sigh and run a cold hand through my black hair. “It’s just as annoying each time.”

Michael (excuse me, Mikey,) tosses a black backpack and matching black umbrella towards me. I catch it in the blink of an eye. “It’s time for school.” he says. “And this year, you’re driving me. Those buses are disgusting.”

“You know how to drive a car perfectly well.” I tell him.

My brother pouts childishly. “I’m only 15.” he whines.

“15, il mio culo.”

In the end, I’m in the driver’s seat. I’ve gotten pulled over for having all of my windows tinted, but never got in legal trouble because… I grin to myself, thinking about my collection of police badges in my bedroom.

“Can we kill off the cheerleading team this year, Gerard?” Mikey asks as we pull into the school parking lot. “They’re so obnoxious and unnecessary.”

I glance at him sideways. “Remember what happened last time? We had to move to a new state.”

Mikey rolls his eyes dismissively. “Qualunque. So, you excited, Mr. Senior?”

“Just as excited as I was 130 years ago.”

“That’s the spirit.”


I promised an update a long time ago, I know. But here it is... a couple months late.

Frank is going to be your typical Three Cheers era Frankie, but he'll undergo a massive character change later on in the story. I promise it will be a better love story than Twilight.

Short, non-descriptive chapter, I know. Small children were attacking me with foam swords as I wrote this. And I'm a little caffeine-deprived.

This Is The Best Day Ever will be updated soon, as will I Never Told You What I Do For A Living. I have a bad habit of reading a thousand books at once, and same goes for my writing. I get all these ideas and I HAVE to write them. A new fanfiction will be coming shortly, as will the first chapter of my Elton John inspired story. GAH. FIVE FANFICTIONS. Somebody please slap me.


Qualunque- Whatever.
Merda- Shit.
Il mio culo- my ass.

Thanks for reading!

xo CJ.

(damnit, I've caught the xo virus.)
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