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You Put The Spike In My Heart

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Frank is just as lost and confused as any junior in high school. Gerard can't figure out the strange feelings in his cold chest.

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Chapter 3

Frank’s POV

Ray and Bob whistle in appreciation at the scantily clad girls strutting down the hallway, just like they have practically since 7th grade. The girls scowl at the three of us. One of them even flips us off. I bow my head to hide my shameful face. I didn’t even do anything, but I still feel guilty for my friend’s actions.

It’s not that I don’t like girls. I really do. I enjoy checking out the hot seniors in their miniskirts just as much as the next guy. But I don’t really… feel anything when I look at them. Am I supposed to? To me, hot girls are just eye candy. I gave up on my friendships with females long ago. People always assumed there was something going on with me and my chick friends, and it was irritating. So I’ve kind of avoided girls since 8th grade.

Some people are starting to wonder if I’m gay. I mean, I wear the tightest jeans at school and eyeliner. I like how I look, but it does give off a gay vibe. Maybe that’s why no girls ever approach me. I don’t get why it bothers me… I haven’t had feelings for a girl since… well, ever. Truthfully, I have thought about guys, but it doesn’t mean I’m gay. I’m not gay. I’m not!

“Dude, you’re blushing!” Ray laughs, playfully punching me in the arm. “You totally like her!”

I snap my head back up. “What… who?”

Bob grins, his lip ring glinting. “Come on, bro. You were just staring at her.”

Who?? I wasn’t staring at anybody! I zoned out! I look across the hallway, trying to find the person I had been unintentionally staring at.

Some random girl, standing near the strange boy with the gloves I saw this morning. The one that I thought was sexy. Who’s gay now, Frank?

Oh, shut up.

The boy is leaning against a locker, talking in a hushed voice to the guy next to him. They’re both dressed in all black. Something about them is off… and it’s not just their clothing. The boy in the red tie looks up and meets my gaze. My heart stops for a second, and then continues to beat in a frenzied dance. Heat rises to my cheeks again. Why am I blushing?? I quickly look away and begin to talk about nonsense to Ray and Bob.

“That one uh, Black Flag album is pretty awesomely sweet and… awesome.” I trail off, realizing how stupid I sound.

Bob raises his eyebrows. “Which one?”

“Uh… B-Black Flag.” I stammer. What is wrong with me? Suddenly, the bell rings, signaling us to get our asses to class.

Saved by the bell, I think before running down the hallway.


Gerard’s POV

My sensitive ears pick up a sharp whistling sound, causing me to flinch. I still haven’t gotten used to my strong hearing, even though it’s been… 137 years? No… 147. I think.

I turn my head towards the source of the whistling. It’s coming from a blonde boy with a lip ring and a boy with a curly brown… what do they call it? An astro? Ashtray? Something like that.

“Did you write the note about gym class?” Michael- Mikey- asks me. It’s doesn’t feel right to call him that. He changed his name to seem more modern years ago, right after we changed our last name from Calogera to Way. He suggested I change my first name as well, but I refused. I want to keep some of my Italian heritage alive.

Italy… Oh, how I miss being human and living in Italy. I had so much that I can never get back. A wealthy, well-respected family, a beautiful manor, a blossoming art career… Then one night, it was all taken away. I shudder as I remember the agonizing pain.

Ciao? Terra di Gerard!” Mikey waves his hand in front of my face.

Mi dispiace…” I apologize.

“Dude, you’re blushing!” I hear the curly haired boy say. I look across the hallway. That’s when I see him.

Bello…” I whisper.

My sharp eyes pick up every detail of the handsome boy’s face. His warm brown eyes, lined with makeup he doesn’t need. The delicate arch of his eyebrows, giving him a smoldering, yet somehow still innocent appearance. Those lips, so kissable looking… I wonder if they’re as soft as they appear. Strange feelings begin to stir in my cold, dead chest… I don’t recognize these feelings. The pressure on my heart, the tingling spreading through my body, the way the room seems to be spinning… What is happening? Surely vampires shouldn’t feel like this…

The boy catches me staring. The tingling intensifies and a warm feeling erupts through my body. Warmth. Real warmth. Warmth I haven’t felt since I was Turned.

The beautiful boy looks like a deer caught in headlights. Memories of terrified victims flash through my mind. Then he says something to his friends and takes off at the sound of the bell.

This is my fault. I refrain from running after him. My hand hovers in midair, reaching towards his retreating figure. A sinking feeling replaces the tingling.


I barely hear Mikey over the sound of my own thoughts, as if I’m underwater. What is happening to me?


"Ciao? Terra di Gerard!" Hello? Earth to Gerard!
"Mi dispiace," I'm sorry
"Bello," Beautiful.
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