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As Razor Sharp White Teeth Rip Out Our Necks

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Frank surprises his friends. Gerard should be more careful with where he feeds.

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Chapter 4

Frank’s POV

The morning passes slowly, each class more boring than the last. Do the teachers prepare their welcome back speeches during the summer, or do they improvise? I thought this school year would be the same as the others, but things have changed. For once, Pete and I do not sit alone at lunch. We’ve been joined by Ray and Bob and a few others. Patrick, a chubby kid with impressive sideburns for his age, Bert, a “class clown” type guy, and Billie, the only kid at this school brave enough to wear eyeliner. Well… except me.

Pete shifts uncomfortably in his seat next to me. He’s got major trust issues with new friends because of all the bullying he’s been through.

“It’s okay man, these guys are cool.” I whisper reassuringly to him.

Pete gives me a half-hearted smile and pokes at the food on his tray. Suddenly, I feel a weird tingling sensation in the back of my head. The feeling that somebody’s looking at you. I turn around in my seat. Behind me is a table of “popular” kids. None of them seem to be looking at me. They’re all staring intently at their cell phones. Probably some oh-so-riveting Facebook post about a party I wasn’t invited to.

“Dude, you’re staring at her again!” Ray says to me.

I turn back to my friends. “I seriously don’t know who you’re talking about.” I say. Who the hell is this chick I keep accidentally staring at??

“Then why are you blushing?” Bert teases.

“I’m not!” I cry, but I can already feel the heat spreading through my cheeks.

“You’ve been checking out Holly Amador all day.”

I quickly turn around again to catch a glimpse of this Holly chick. She has long auburn hair twisted into a braid and eyes rimmed with electric blue eyeliner. I recognize her from the hallway this morning. She’s pretty, but nothing stirs inside of me. I wonder what it would be like to have a crush on a girl…

“I don’t like her.” I inform everybody.

“Oh, please.” Bob laughs.

“We’re not stupid.” Patrick says.

Frustration builds up inside of me. I don’t even know Holly, much less like her! I want to punch the teasing smiles off of all their faces.

“I don’t like girls!” I blurt.

Pete chokes on his milk.

“What?!” Ray, Bob, Bert, and Patrick all exclaim in unison.



Later that day…

Gerard’s POV

“No! P-Please!! I won’t tell anybody!”

I roll my eyes. “Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard it all before.” I sink my teeth into her throat to silence her. Minutes later, Holly Amador is lying dead on the locker room floor. Not a single drop of blood spots the off-white tiles. I smooth my hair and smile at myself in the mirror. My canines are still dripping with her blood. And yes, I do appear in mirrors.

I heard Holly snicker and make a rude remark about another girl’s appearance in English. That’s how she became my prey. I always target the mean and stupid in attempt to thin out their numbers. Yet no matter how many of them I kill, there’s always more. Stupid people shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce.

But then you wouldn’t have anybody to snack on.

I groan. Stay out of my thoughts, Michael.

It’s Mikey, mind you. Finished yet?


Mikey appears in front of me and slings the girl’s lifeless body over his shoulder without a word. We’ve created a routine over the years. Mikey gets rid of the bodies for me, and I do his math homework.

Mikey and I were Turned by the same person, so we both obtained his power of telepathy. It still remains a mystery as to how Mikey can Travel and I can’t. Other than telepathy, I have no special abilities. It’s a bit disappointing, really.

“See you later, Gerard. In the parking lot, where you’ll be driving me home.” Mikey grins.

“Why can’t you just Travel??” I cry.

“Automobiles are so much more fun.”

“Going from one place to another in half a second isn’t?”

“It gets quite boring.”

“Oh, per favore-”

Suddenly, I hear somebody pounding on the locker room door. “Holly! If you don’t hustle out here right now, you get an F for today’s grade!” It must be the gym teacher.

I stifle a laugh. Holly’s going to be rather late for class.

Then the door swings open.

"Per favore"- Please.
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