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Will It Wash Away This Jet Black Feeling?

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Burning love... literally.

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Chapter 5

Frank’s POV

Heat. Blistering, insufferable heat. It’s suffocating me. The air is so hot that it burns my throat as I take each ragged, strained breath. I can practically feel my skin melting. I’ve never felt heat like this before. It consumes me, rushes through my veins. My blood is probably boiling. The floor beneath me feels like lava. Imagine being in a sauna in the middle of July. Think that sounds bad? This is worse than that.

Am I in hell? I don’t recall dying. Last thing I remember… Shit. I don’t remember anything. Actually, where the hell am I?

“Hello?” I call out. My voice is hoarse and it hurts to speak.

I drag myself to my feet and stumble forward. Suddenly, burning pain blazes up my leg. It’s white-hot pain, even worse than the sweltering air. It feels like my leg is splitting in two. I scream and blindly stagger backwards. But the pain doesn’t stop. It continues to sear through my flesh like a hundred thousand angry bees with magma-covered stingers. I collapse on to the floor again.

“Calm down. I’m going to get you out of here.” a voice says in the distance. It sounds weird, like I’m underwater or something.

Who’s there? I want to ask, but no words will come out of my scorched throat. Suddenly, something blissfully cold touches my arm. Two cold arms wrap around my trembling body and lift me up. I shudder from the sudden change of temperature. It feels amazing. Like ice has been injected into my bloodstream. I open my eyes to see who saved me from a fiery death.

My vision is too blurry to see him clearly, but I can make out raven-colored hair. I weakly reach up to touch him. Is he an angel? Maybe I’m in heaven…

“Go to sleep now, you’re going to be okay.” he tells me. I nod. Sleep does sound pretty nice right now. I close my eyes and lean my head on his frigid chest.

“Everything’s going to be okay….” I hear before falling asleep.


Gerard’s POV

The door swings open. Panic overcomes me. We’re going to get burned at the stake. And just like that, everything erupts into flames.

I stand there in shock until Mikey grabs my arm.

Che diavolo?!” he cries. We dash out of the burning locker room without another word, leaving Holly’s body behind to cremate.

The 40-foot walls of the gymnasium are on fire. Not a single surface besides the floor remains untouched by the flames. The inferno is rapidly taking over the bleachers. A row of seats breaks off from the rest of the bleachers and crashes to the floor. Fire begins to spread across the polished wood. Well merda. I can’t feel extreme temperatures, but I know very well that fire can destroy me.

Demone…” Mikey mutters under his breath.

I notice a small figure sprawled on the floor, merely two feet away from the fire. He’s probably dead. Suddenly, they rise and take a step towards the flames. Fire blazes up his right leg. He lets out a piercing scream and falls back to the floor.

An invisible fist squeezes my heart. The reality of the situation finally hits me, like delayed reaction. I need to protect that boy. I don’t know why, but I need to. I sprint towards him. The fire will reach him at any second. My legs feel like lead as I run across the gym, like a nightmare where you’re running from an enemy but you’re too slow. Vampires are supposed to be fast, but at this moment, I feel completely human. Human fear and human adrenaline course through my veins.

I finally reach him and lift him from the floor without checking to see who he is. “Calm down. I’m going to get you out of here.” I tell him.

I begin to run to the door, which is thankfully not blocked by the fire. Yet. The boy’s hair falls away from his face and I recognize him immediately. It’s him. The boy I saw in the hallway that made me stare like an idiot. The boy who made the world stop spinning for a second.

His eyes open. They’re bloodshot and he looks like he’s about to faint, but his beauty is still breathtaking. He reaches up like he wants to touch my face.

“Go to sleep now, you’re going to be okay.” I say. That squeezing feeling returns again. Is this what it feels like to… No, vampires can’t…

Before I run out the door, a section of the wall crumbles and collapses, leaving a heart-shaped gap in the building.

Che diavolo- What the hell?
Demone- Devil.
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