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And If They Get Me In The Sun

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Gerard doesn't like facing his feelings.

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So sorry it took so long to get posted! I've been super busy... anyways, I hope you enjoy. :)

Chapter 6

Gerard’s POV

Gerard! Ubi inferorum es?

I ignore my brother and continue to sprint down the alley. My sodden sneakers make squelching sounds with each step.

Deus damnit, responde mihi! Mikey’s voice angrily shouts in my head.

I stop running when I reach the street. I pull the hood of my black jacket over my head and begin to walk aimlessly down the street. The cold night air is refreshing, and the rain feels good on my face. Downtown Newark at 1 am is the perfect place for a vampire to take a stroll.

I attempt to think of other things as I detour around the city. But I can’t stop thinking about that boy… is he alright? I didn’t even stick around to see if he was going to make it… I just handed him over to the doctors in the emergency room and beat it out of there. I was too scared of what might happen. I always assume the worst.

God damnit, Gerard. You don’t even know the kid’s name. How can you be this worried about him?

He’s different… there’s something special about him. Those eyes…

I groan. Here I go again, arguing with myself.

GERARD! ADEPTO VESTRI ASINUS REVENISSET DOMUM! Mikey screams. I flinch. Does he have to be so fucking loud?

OPPILO! I fire back.

Bysso. Esse sic. Mikey huffs and finally falls silent.

Suddenly, my throat begins to ache with thirst. I decide I need a “drink” and step inside a run-down bar, pushing my wet hood and hair back from my face. The atmosphere is oppressive, the lighting dim and the air thick with cigarette smoke. The few people in the bar are silent, hunched over their drinks, looking extremely depressed. There’s little to no conversation, and the bartender is sitting on a stool, reading a book.


I approach a gloomy-looking man and sit beside him. He’s young and attractive, wearing a rumpled business suit. He gives me a half nod in greeting.

“Can I buy you a drink?” I ask politely, smiling.

He scratches his five o’ clock shadow and glances at me sideways. “I don’t swim that way, man. Sorry.”

I laugh loudly, startling everybody in the bar. The bartender gives me an odd look. “I’m not hitting on you. I’m simply trying to be friendly.”

He smiles half-heartedly. “Oh. In that case, sure.”

Two hours and five drinks later, the guy is drunk and laughing hysterically as I tell him a made-up story about a party that never existed.

I pretend to check my imaginary watch. “It’s nearly 4 am. Shouldn’t you be heading home?”

The man blinks stupidly. “Yeahhh… home…” he tries to take a sip from his glass, only to find that it’s empty.

“Here,” I say, dragging him out of the bar, “Let me get you a cab.”

“Cab…” he repeats, his voice slurred. He follows me into a nearby alley, too drunk to realize where I’m leading him.

A few minutes later, I’m kneeling on the asphalt and wiping his blood from my mouth. I shouldn’t have gotten him that drunk. The alcohol made his blood bitter.


I look up to find my younger brother standing there. Mikey’s arms are crossed, and he does not look amused.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” he snaps. I cringe. When Mikey is mad, he usually scolds me in Italian. He only yells at me in English when he’s really angry.

“Well, I am a vampire,” I laugh nervously. “I sort of need to feed…”

Mikey rolls his eyes. “Yes, but you don’t need to run off to Newark in the middle of the night, prowl the streets in all black like some ax murderer, attack a drunk man in the middle of an alley where you could be potentially seen just to distract yourself from your feelings, and just completely run away from the issues at hand.”

I tilt my head to the side. “Issues?” I ask, though I know exactly what he’s talking about.
My brother gives me another “not amused” look.

I look down. “I know…” I say sadly.

Mikey squats beside me. “Hey.” he says, putting his hand on my shoulder and shaking me gently. “Look at me.”

I look at him. His dark eyes are full of concern. “I know you care about this boy…” he begins.

“I never said I did. I don’t even know the kid’s name.” I say quickly, feeling myself grow nervous at the mention of the boy.

“I can tell. I know you better than you think I do, Gerard.” Mikey says quietly. I don’t say anything.

“You’re afraid to get close to him or admit to yourself that you have feelings for him because he’s a human. And you’ve been killing humans for over a hundred years. The only person you’ve ever been close to is me. You’ve never had a romantic bond with anybody, not even when you were a human.”

I look at him with wide, incredulous eyes. “How did you…” Then I frown. “Stop reading my mind, you asshole.”

Mikey grins, his canine teeth flashing in the moonlight. “Mi dispiace.” he says, though I know perfectly well that he’s not sorry.

I laugh in spite of myself. Though my brother can be a nosy, cocky bastard, it’s hard to stay mad at him.

“Now come on.” Mikey says, standing and pulling me up with him. “We should go see how that boy is doing.”

“B-But…” I stammer.

“I know you want to.”

“Dannazione.” I groan, following Mikey into the night.

Ubi inferorum es? Where are you?
Deus damnit, responde mihi! God damnit, talk to me!
Oppilo! Shut up!
Bysso, esse sic. Fine, be that way.
Dannazione. Damnit.
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