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Nearly Human

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Gerard and Frank officially meet.

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Chapter 7

Frank’s POV

My head hurts like shit. Screw the doctors for not letting me smoke in here. I’m so confused. Nothing makes sense. The doctors told me that there was a fire while I was in gym class and some guy brought me here. Apparently he just handed over my unconscious body and left without giving his name. When I asked them what he looked like, all they said was that he had dark hair. Well, thanks for being so fucking specific.

My leg throbs with a dull ache. I have a first-degree burn stretching from my knee to mid-calf. The doctors said I’m lucky. My jeans took most of the damage. It’s not bad, but it hurts like a motherfucker. I shake the IV drip taped to my arm. “Hurry up you bitch, I’m in pain!” I shout.

The curtain that secludes me from other patients in the E.R slides open, and a ticked-off nurse frowns at me. “Please keep your voice down.” she scolds.

I roll my eyes. “Sorry.”

“By the way, you have a visitor.” the nurse tells me.

“Is it my parents?” I ask hopefully. I gave the doctors my parent’s numbers, but they haven’t answered their calls or shown up yet. Shows just how much they care.

She shakes her head. “A young man named Gerard. Shall I let him in?” she asks.

“Sure,” I reply. Who is this Gerard dude? I don’t know any Gerard’s.

The nurse leaves, the curtain swishing behind her. A moment later, a familiar raven-haired boy enters.

I nearly gasp out loud. It’s him. The mysterious boy I kept seeing at school today. My heart flutters. What is he doing here?? He adjusts his blood-red tie and gives me a small smile.

“Hi, my name is Gerard Way.”


Gerard’s POV

“Hi, my name is Gerard Way.” the words sound stupid as they come out of my mouth. Why’d you have to throw in your last name, idiot? Human teenagers don’t introduce themselves like that!

“F-Frank. Frank Iero.” the boy stammers. Mio dio, he’s cute. His eyes are still a little bloodshot. I feel a pang of guilt when I see his bandage-covered leg. I don’t know how the fire started, but I know it had something to do with me.

I can’t believe I’m actually talking to him. Why does he have to be so perfetto? Even when injured and in a hospital gown, he’s so beautiful that it almost hurts to look at him. I get lost in those hazel eyes of his and completely forget what I had planned to say.

Mikey! What do I say??

Act politely concerned, he replies.

“How are you feeling?” I blurt.

Frank laughs. “Like shit.”

More guilt. “It wasn’t exactly a great start to the school year. I’m very sorry,” I say, genuinely sorry. I sit in the chair next to Frank’s bed.

“Don’t be! It’s not your fault.” Frank reassures me. Even more guilt. If only he knew.

“Still, I feel terrible. When I saw you lying there in the gym, I was so scared…” I quickly stop myself. What the hell am I doing?? Was I seriously about to open up to him??

Frank gives me an incredulous look. “You’re the one who saved me?” he whispers.

I look at the floor in embarrassment. “I wouldn’t exactly call it saving…”

“If you hadn’t gotten me out of there, I most likely would have burned to death.” Frank says with admiring eyes. My heart flips over and begins to ram against my ribcage in an erratic dance.

Suddenly, Frank sits up and wraps his arms around my shoulders. His IV jerks forward and topples onto the bed, but he doesn’t seem to care. I inhale sharply. Frank’s slim, pale neck is just inches away from my teeth. I can smell the tantalizingly sweet blood running through his veins.

Mikey… his neck…

Control yourself, Gerard.

I give Frank a stiff pat on the back, holding my breath so I don’t smell his delicious blood. He pulls away after a moment, blushing furiously. My heart does that erratic dance thing again. Dannazione! Why is it that whenever I look at this boy, I get soft in the head? He makes me feel things I haven’t felt in over a hundred years. My hard, antisocial outer shell fell away the instant I saw him on the burning gym floor. My rules about not interacting with humans (besides feeding, of course,) went right out the window. I even had a conversation with that guy at the bar.

I just met Frank today, but he’s already changed something inside of me. Something I can’t quite figure out. Emotions are a foreign subject to me. But Frank… Something about him makes me feel… almost human.


Frank’s POV

I pull back from Gerard quickly. That awkward pat he gave me must have meant that I made him uncomfortable. I feel like an idiot.

“S-Sorry,” I stammer, blushing deeply.

Gerard smiles and I die a little on the inside. “Why are you apologizing?”

Okay, so he’s not creeped out. And he smiled at me! I fiddle with my hospital gown nervously. “I… er…” God, I’m socially awkward.

Suddenly, the curtain is flung aside. “Oh, Frankie!” my mom cries, flinging herself at me. My dad is quick to follow.

“Hi, Mom.” I say. Thanks for showing up, I think irritably. I crane my neck over her shoulder to give Gerard a “help me” look.

But he’s gone.
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