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Chapter 25

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Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho/its plot/characters/etc. and make no money from this story.
Recap: The fight was interrupted by Sakyo’s new fight proposal. Yusuke fought valiantly against Toguro and defeated him once Kuwabara was killed in the cross fire.

Everyone was silent, until Koto spoke. “That’s hard to call…”

Juri stepped forward and looked at Toguro’s pale form, grossed out. Yusuke stood up slowly.

“We can go home now!” Botan yelled happily while hugging each of the women beside her.

“Winner of the Dark Tournament, Team Urameshi!” Koto and Juri announced in unison.

Yusuke collapsed on the ground, nearly passed out, and Kurama rushed to his side, snapping him out of it. Tears ran down Yusuke’s face for his best friend’s death. Suddenly, Kuwabara stood up. Yusuke, completely dumbfounded, stared at his team members. He proceeded to beat the living crap out of Kuwabara, enraged beyond a doubt. Kuwabara dropped to the ground, bruised and broken, but still alive.

Sakyo approached the group and explained some of what he assumed Toguro’s intentions had been.

“It’s been a most enjoyable game. Where’s the thrill in gambling if you know you can get out of all your bets? Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it myself.” He pulled out a remote and hit a button.

The stadium shook. ‘Stadium detonation now commencing. Fifteen minutes.’

“What?!” the girls all yelled in surprise.

Everyone began running from the collapsing building. Sakyo walked calmly into another area, presumably to his death.

“We can’t waste time or we’ll be foundation! Keiko, snap out of it!” Botan shook her as Shizuru walked away.

“Where’s she going?!” Komeko questioned.

“I don’t know.” Botan worried.

Keiko sat, unmoving, between Yukina and Botan. Botan shook her again before Kuwabara appeared. Some of the wall started to fall on Yukina, but Hiei saved her easily.

“You’re of no use.” He insulted Kuwabara.

“Thank you very much, Hiei.” Yukina spoke quietly.

“We gotta get out of here, you guys.” Komeko said.

Yusuke started shaking Keiko and yelling before he started slapping her back and forth. Her mighty slap graced his already bruised face not a second later. Her confusion was apparent, but they all had to run along quickly to escape the collapsing building. Eventually, their movement was stopped by a large amassment of demons.

“Uh-oh.” Kuwabara said.

“You’re too weak Yusuke.” Kurama told Yusuke when he wanted to try to blast through it.

‘Stadium detonation: 2 minutes.’

Chu blasted through the rocks, smiling down at the group triumphantly.

“Let’s go!”

They couldn’t have been happier to see them and they all followed as quickly as they could. Parts of the building around them fell, tumbling down.


Everything exploded in a fury of rubble.

“Everything’s over now…” Kuwabara said.

“Ugh! The prizes for winning the tournament!” Botan cried aloud, remembering that they were supposed to have had a wish granted for each member.

“Those bastards couldn’t have given us what we wanted anyways.” Yusuke responded before shouting to the sky. “It’s done! We finished it, Genkai!”

Yukina, Shizuru, Botan, Keiko, and Komeko walked the edge of the beach calmly. It was nice to have the water just wash over their feet and relax. The salty air whirled into her senses and rested in the pit of her stomach in a way that made her feel airy and at home amongst the women beside her. They stopped in front of a grave that was made for Genkai and prayed quietly, saying their last words.

“Goodbye, Genkai.” Keiko said softly as they left.

Back in their hotel room, clothes were flying in the air as they tried to get their things together. Botan held up a random bra and looked at it confusedly.

“I don’t remember bringing this.”

Komeko snatched the clothing from Botan’s hand and stuffed it into her bag.

“That’s because you didn’t!”

Yukina sat, waiting with her bag already packed and in front of her. Keiko was throwing the blankets around, looking for a few things she still didn’t have. Komeko closed her case and smiled at it triumphantly. Sure, she didn’t bring a lot of things, but you couldn’t exactly wear the same clothes for a week. She wondered how Yukina kept so clean, because she never even smelled dirty in the slightest.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the final boat back to the mainland will be boarding within the hour.” An announcement rang in the hotel just as everyone finished their packing.

“Let’s go, girlies!” Komeko yelled happily, standing at the door way.

They each filed out, bags in hand, and quickly made it to the dining area to meet the guys.

“Jeez, what’s taking these girls so long? We’re gonna get left behind.” Kuwabara grumbled. “It’s just like family vacations. My dumb sister’s always making us late. She’s probably pluckin’ her moustache.”

Shizuru crept up behind her brother silently. “Should I tell them about your fluffy doll?”

Kuwabara jumped sky high and landed in Kurama’s now vacated chair.

“No, no, uh, hi, sis! That’s enough family stories, I was just telling them how pretty you are.”

“You’re a moron.” Shizuru commented.

The rest of the girls walked up to the table and smiled at the guys in greeting.

“Sorry we’re late!”

Everyone threw their bags to Kuwabara, who tried very hard to keep them balanced. Komeko kept hers beside her and just nudged him forward after everyone else, grabbing one or two of the bags when they started to fall and handing them back to him. Eventually, Kuwabara regained his balance easily enough.

“You know, I’m actually gonna miss this place.”

The barge came in and they looked at it with different emotions bubbling beneath the surface.

“Back to skipping detentions.” Yusuke said happily.

“And video games!” Kuwabara chimed in.

“My human mother.” Kurama said.

“Various crimes.” Hiei added.

“More homework.” Komeko and Keiko said together, but more distaste for Komeko.

“Alright, let’s go home!” Yusuke threw his fist up.

“Well, excuse me if I’m a little insulted!” Genkai’s scent wafted into Komeko’s nose, making her grin.

“Hold on a sec.” Yusuke paused.

“You jut gonna leave the old fossil behind?” She questioned.

Yusuke looked dumbfounded. Everyone ran towards her happily.


“She’s really alive!”

“Must’ve rubbed off on me, dimwit. I died like you – half-assed.”

“Genkai… Genkai! Come here you beautiful hag!” Yusuke hugged her and swung her around thankfully.

Everyone stood on the boat and watched the water slosh around the hull. A few fish could be seen swimming along side of it playfully. Komeko turned towards Kurama.

“Well, that certainly was what I would think to be a happy ending.” He said.

She nodded. “I’d be most inclined to agree with you. I do owe you something though,” she stood, slightly on her tip-toes and kissed him quickly on the lips, “For kicking the living shit out of Karasu and killing the bastard.” She winked at him.

A slight blush graced his cheeks and he smiled at her. He gave her a hug with one arm and held it for a moment. A pleased sigh left her lips and she grinned at the ocean around them. She wondered how these developments would shape when they got back. Certainly, they wouldn’t all be cooped up together as they had been and, hopefully, there wouldn’t be as much to worry on about. A sinking feeling rested in the pit of her stomach, but she pushed it away to enjoy the moment.
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