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Chapter 26

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Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho/its plot/characters/etc. and make no money from this story.
Recap: After winning the Dark Tournament, Sakyo set the stadium to explode. The gang escaped with the help of Chu and they were reunited with Genkai as they left the island.

“I wonder what they’ve been up to, I haven’t seen Keiko for the last two days and that’s weird for her. We just got back from this crazy ass tournament and I don’t get it. She wasn’t at her house, or anyone else’s, so this is the last place to look.” Yusuke deducted as he, Kurama, and Kuwabara walked down the street towards Komeko’s house.

He pounded on the door for a few minutes before it opened up, revealing only Komeko’s head peeking around the corner.

“Hello.” She looked at them with wide eyes.

Not understanding her confused and questioning stare, Kurama politely asked if they could come in, but not soon enough, as Yusuke just lumbered his way in with Kuwabara right behind him, Kurama hesitantly last.

“We’re looking for Kei- Holy hell, what is this!?”

“I didn’t invite you in for a reason, buddy!” Komeko yelled, hiding her upper body with one arm and using the other to get the guys out.

He was thrown out a millisecond later, landing harshly on his face, followed by Kuwabara right behind him. The two scrambled away from each other before staring at the now shut door that Kurama had been pushed out of.

“Why do you think they were all half naked?” Kuwabara asked, rubbing his head. Blinking away his befuddlement, Kurama stood next to them with a light red tingeing his face, also staring at the door.

Nearly 24 hours ago, Komeko had been in her kitchen, cooking up some late lunch, when she had a knock at her door. She didn’t have to wait long to find out who it was, as Shizuru bust through with Yukina, Botan, and Keiko behind her.

“What’s up, girlies? Is everything okay?” She questioned in worry.

“Don’t you worry your pretty little head about anything, K! We brought the party to you.” Shizuru announced, plopping down a few different bottles of alcohol on her counter.

Botan shut the door behind her. “You said you wouldn’t have anything with us at the tournament, so now is our chance! We even brought Yukina and Keiko so they could have some fun too.”

“I don’t know about that. I mean, no offense, but isn’t Keiko a bit underage?” Komeko eyed the booze on the counter wearily.

At least she wouldn’t get drunk, and neither would Yukina, since their metabolism was so much different than theirs.

“No worries, we brought alternative drinks for her. She agreed to be our sober buddy for the evening.” Botan said as she set a few non-alcoholic drinks besides the others.

“Well, at least we’re just at my house. So, why not?” Komeko shrugged in agreement, happy. “What else did you have in mind?”

Botan was already over near Komeko’s stereo, looking for something good to pop in. She looked like she found precisely what she was looking for, as a tropical and happy song started up in the speakers. Satisfied with her decision, Botan gave the girls a thumbs up.

“Make yourself at home, sit wherever you’d like, no worries.” Komeko supplied for Yukina and Keiko, who stood a bit awkwardly.

“Thank you, Komeko.” Yukina said as she bowed slightly.

About an hour and a few drinks later, they had all eased up. Keiko was in a good mood that she caught from her friends, and so were Yukina and Komeko. Currently, Botan was trying to get them to agree to a few different games she had thought up.

“We can do truth or dare, spin the bottle, or something.”

“B, those sound kinda lame. I’d rather build a fort or something.” Shizuru offered sarcastically.

Komeko, relaxed on the couch beside Yukina, added, “Do you know how long it’s been since I made a fort?” They stared at her for a moment. “I can’t even remember. I was like, five.”

“How long ago was that?” Shizuru asked.

“Pfft, like a couple hundred years ago.” Komeko answered.

“What? I didn’t think you were that old.” Shizuru said, surprised, as she threw back the rest of her drink.

“Yep, but it’s really not that long. Remember how Kurama changed in the ring? Well, he’s much older than I am.”

“Oh! Speaking of Kurama, what’s going on between you two?” Botan nudged Komeko playfully.

“I wouldn’t know what you’re talking about, ma’am.” Komeko downed a few sips of her drink and let the burn hit her stomach. “Nothing going on there!”

“Yeah, like we believe that!” Botan said while she stood up and pulled Komeko from her sitting position.

The song around them kicked up a notch in intensity and Botan moved her feet around well for as many drinks as she’d had so far. Both Yukina and Keiko watched the two with their full attention, so that they did not notice when Shizuru stepped into the kitchen and began rifling through the cabinets.

“You ought to, because it’s the truth.” Komeko pressed as she played along with Botan’s movements.

Soon the two were twirling each other and Komeko dipped Botan as they went. “I’ll let it slide for now, but don’t get too comfortable about it. I smell what’s going on, even if you deny it!”

Komeko let out a full laugh at the deity’s choice of wording. “That’s sly. I thought I was the Tsuiseki here.”

Botan, now aware of the pun she made, laughed at herself. “I didn’t even mean to say that, guess I’m just that awesome.”

Her giggles erupted a few seconds later and they both sat on the other couch. Komeko lifted her glass in a toast.

“To the entire team, which we may be so lucky to consider ourselves a part of, winning the tournament and setting all this bullshit straight!”

They downed their glasses each in a single go. Komeko licked her lips, as did Keiko and Yukina. Something tasted funny here. At their accusatory looks, Shizuru defended herself.

“Hey, I just thought you guys could use a little of the good stuff.” She pulled a bottle from beside the couch that Komeko recognized immediately.


“What is that stuff, Komeko?” Yukina asked, feeling her head spin a little.

“That’s something I managed to jip off of Chu on the way back here. It’s not like his Ogre Killer, but it’s not exactly too far away. Don’t tell me you gave some to Keiko, it’ll kill her!” Komeko yelled, standing a little wobbly as she stared down Shizuru in panic.

“Relax, I did give the girl a few shots of something else though.” Shizuru smirked.

Komeko tripped back down to the couch and stared at Shizuru and Botan. “This means war.”

Roughly a half an hour later, homemade forts were erected around her living room that was bare of the other normal furniture. On one side of the room was Fort Komeko, with its namesake being the only inhabitant, and the other, Fort Shizuru, which held the older Kuwabara and Botan. Yukina and Keiko were to be the referees.

Komeko peeked between the curtains at the front of her fort, red bandana tied around her forehead. She could see no sight of the other two girls, but her energy was bounding around in her body, begging for movement.

Shizuru looked out from the top of her fort, wearing a black bandana around her forehead, just like Botan, and eyed Komeko’s fort with distaste. Seconds later, a battle cry rang out as Komeko jumped from her position and attacked the fortress, toppling it over. Botan laid passed out on the ground, eyes swirling, while Komeko straddled Shizuru and went straight for her sides. Laughter erupted from Shizuru as she was tickled.

“Say you give up!” Komeko laughed loudly. “Your battle partner has been laid to waste on the ground. Resistance is futile!”

Waking from her stupor, Botan snuck up behind Komeko. Having had enough of the demonic alcohol, her senses were quite dulled, and she didn’t react in time. She landed on her back with Botan doing what she had done to Shizuru now to her.

“Not fair!” Komeko let out between giggles.

She never let people know how ticklish she was, but she did not seem to have much in options right now. She used her feet to lift Botan at her waist and hold her up so she could get away. The diversion worked, until she was backed into a corner of the room. Her eyes narrowed playfully at the girls before she disappeared before their eyes. Dumbstruck, Botan and Shizuru stared at the spot Komeko had been in.


“Look out, she’s behind you!” Keiko called out, speech only slightly slurred.

Alas, it was too late for the two combatants. Komeko slung Botan over her shoulder and knocked Shizuru down. She stood proudly and straight at her victory as Yukina yelled out the ten count. She was taken by surprise, however, when Shizuru managed to flip her off her just after the count was over. Lying in a heap of giggles, the girls detangled themselves and shook hands.

“That was the most awesome thing I’ve done in like twenty years.” Komeko said, grinning.

“You can say that again!” Botan agreed.

“Not to mention our lovely referees, Keiko and Yukina!” The two took bows at the announcement before erupting in laughter.

“Now, let’s figure out an even betterer game than what B said before.” Komeko slurred.

“Hey, my games were true to their inner selves, not lame!” She defended. “We could always play some awesome sort of dressing up like game.”

“Ladies?” Shizuru asked the girls to vote.

“Nah, you guys couldn’t handle seeing my beautiful body. You’d swarm me.” Komeko answered jokingly.

“I’m not that fond of it either.” Yukina said.

“I think it sounds like fun.” Keiko answered.

“Sorry Botan, my votes with them.” Shizuru added.

“Then, what is your suggestion, missy?” Botan asked Komeko.

She stood up triumphantly as an idea came to her.

“How about a drinking game?! You guys dragged me into this ridiculousness, now I want to pull you under with me.”

Wobbling slightly, she pulled out five shot glasses and their last bottle of alcohol that was half full.

“Now this piece of awesomeness right here is going to be intertwined with the game ‘I never’. To play it, one of us pretty ladies starts off by saying something they’ve never done. Then, anyone who has done it, has to drink. For example, if I say that I have never kissed Kuwabara in any manner, Yukina would have to drink!”

“But, I’ve-” Yukina tried to interrupt.

“Oh, you know it’s true, Yukina.”

Botan nudged the girl slightly with her elbow. She only blushed in response.

“We all understand?” Komeko asked.

“What if we don’t want to do the shot?” Keiko asked timidly.

“Then strip a piece of clothing!” Botan supplied.

Everyone sweat-dropped and Shizuru poured the shots. “Shizuru, you start!” Botan instructed, before anyone could interrupt her.

“I’ve never eaten jello.”

Keiko took off one of her shoes while Komeko and Botan took a shot each. Shizuru refilled them.

“I’ve never kissed Kuwabara!” Komeko said happily.

Yukina and Shizuru both took a shot, where Shizuru’s was obviously only in a family way.

“I’ve never pet a horse before.” Keiko said.

Komeko and Shizuru both took a shot.

“I’ve never been to the mall.” Yukina said.

Botan stared at her in awe.


“Just take your shot, woman.” Komeko moved the glass over to her as Keiko took her other shoe off.

Several ‘I never’s later, the bottle was gone and the pile of clothes on the floor had grown.

“I’ve never shots a gun.” Botan said drunkenly.

Komeko abandoned her bra onto the pile and Shizuru tossed her pants on.

“I can’t think of anymore and if I lose this game, I’ll be pissed off.” Komeko said, slur starting to coat some of her words as she drug out some of the letters.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” Shizuru said as she slung her arm over Komeko for balance.

“I think it’s time for a…” Komeko dozed off mid sentence as she and Shizuru had sat back down on the couch while the rest of the girls followed suit shortly after.

Pounding rang in Komeko’s head and she vaguely recognized where it was coming from and what direction up was. She tried not to step on the bodies lying around her living room as she figured out precisely where the door had gone. A shiver ran down her spine and she looked down, realizing she was naked.

The pounding got more insistent and she opened the door, hiding most of her body behind it.

“Hello.” She looked at her new guests with wide eyes.
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