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Chapter 27

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Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho/its plot/characters/etc. and make no money from this story.
Recap: The guys stumbled into the remnants of a fun drunken party the girls had, including fort building and a strip drinking game of ‘I never’.

Now dressed in her previous clothes, which consisted of a pair of orange sweatpants, a loose gray shirt, and bare feet, Komeko sat with Keiko and Shizuru, who were also clothed again, in the living room. Yukina and Botan had both left, but the other two girls had decided to stay for the day since it was still the weekend. Currently, they were in the kitchen, sipping water and non-alcoholic drinks.

“That was awesome.” Shizuru commented.

“I regret nothing.” Komeko said, raising her glass of water in a toast.

They clinked glasses lightly, since they were all still sporting headaches, and smiled. They were interrupted by another knock on the door and Komeko got up hesitantly. She came back in a few seconds later, Kurama, Yusuke, and Kuwabara trailing behind her.

“Are you guys done with your lesbian sex party now?” Yusuke asked, looking annoyed, but curious.

Keiko slapped him harshly.

“Nope, as consequence, I am now pregnant with Shizuru’s baby. You’re gonna be an uncle, Kuwabara!” Komeko grinned while slapping him on the shoulder.

“Congratulations, man.” Yusuke said.

He took quick glances between Komeko and his sister with a horrified look. Yusuke erupted with laughter even though his face hurt and Kurama tried to hide his growing amusement. Shizuru walked over to Komeko and rubbed her stomach affectionately.

“Yep, baby bro. You’ll just have to get used to being Uncle Kazu.”

“Oh, Kuwabara, relax. You look like you’re going to faint.” Komeko nudged him. “All that belly rubbing made me hungry. You guys want lunch?”

“I don’t get it!” Kuwabara yelled in frustration.

“We were kidding, you moron.” Shizuru said while smacking him upside the head.

“Oh, hehe.” He laughed while scratching the spot she just hit.

Later that night, Komeko walked out from her bathroom and heard another knock from the front of her home. Surprised to be hearing from anyone at this time of night, she approached the entrance wearily. She didn’t feel any demonic auras and didn’t even smell anyone outside the entry. She slowly opened the door and looked left, right, and up before stepping out. Her bare feet met paper and petals as she looked at what was beneath her.

Roses, how had she not smelled them before? There were two roses with a small card on top of them. Not sure what to think, she picked up the group of items and opened the paper in a delicate manner.

‘I’ve seen you often and I can’t get you from my mind,
I like how your eyes soften when they meet mine.
Please accept these flowers from my heart to yours,
I want my identity kept secret, not explored.
Patience will bring me to you.

- Your Secret Admirer’

Komeko stepped back inside after making sure no one else was around for the umpteenth time. Her mind reeled with the possibilities as it tried to cope with what just happened. She could take battles. She could take bloody wounds, but taking a love note from a ‘secret admirer’ was not something she had ever had to do before. The roses were symbolic and peculiar all they same. It was obvious who had the green thumb among her friends, but was this really what Kurama would do? They almost smelled like his roses, but didn’t at the same time. His scent itself was on nothing. In fact, there was no actual scent on the card or anything besides the floral aroma. Perhaps that was what was missing from making them smell as nice.

Anyone may have a scent, such as Kurama smells like roses and healthy earth more often than not, but everyone has their very own scent as well. This is what Tsuiseki demons track down and attach themselves to. Whoever had sent these things had deliberately taken their odor off of them. Left without other options, her mind flew towards it being Kurama and a small feeling warmed up inside of her. She wasn’t sure how to describe it, but it was definitely pleasant.

She put the flowers in a vase and the card in a drawer before going to sleep.

Komeko and Kurama sat together in his room a few days later, books open in front of them.

“I really do not want to do this.” Komeko whined.

Kurama looked over at her curiously. “Then why are you enrolled at Meioh? I would assume that a demon, at least one that works for Koenma, would not necessarily need to get a school education in the Human World.”

Komeko sighed and put her book down on the bed beside her, re-crossing her legs to get comfortable.

“What you said is true and logical. I shouldn’t have to be here. Koenma made this a part of my punishment. Most demons in general have little need for an education and obviously you’re a special case, since you’re part of a human family now, but my situation is just different.”

She played with a strand of fabric as it pulled off of her sock.

“What are you being punished for, if you don’t mind me asking?”

Komeko stared at him for a few seconds before answering.

“My past, I assume, is no where near as long as Yoko’s is. I was told stories about him when I was born to keep me away from going places I shouldn’t be. It’s odd to think my race and your past life were both considered stories to make children wary and mindful, but I didn’t lead the most…” she paused looking for the right word, “innocent life before I came here.

“When I was younger, I joined up with a group of demons that labeled themselves a battalion. It was great at first and I really felt like I had a purpose. We helped many villages and even saved a few lives, I’d like to think. Yet, it always seems like there’s something breathing beneath the surfaces of things. In this case, what I later found out was something ugly and deleterious.

“The leader of our battalion had us go on missions that were not what they seemed. I have blood on my hands because of it. We were eventually disbanded and I consider that my past now, but it doesn’t mean I feel less guilty about it. Koenma had contracted me while I was with the battalion and when things fell apart as they did, he offered to give me a way to repent, as it was.

“After spending time here, I’ve liked what I’ve seen amongst the humans. Sure, there will always be a bad apple here and there, maybe even some big rotten ones, but the majority of them have given me a perspective that I don’t think I would have otherwise found where I was.”

She looked down at her socks again, worrying away the string. This was more than she had opened up to anyone in a long time and she wasn’t precisely fond of feeling this vulnerable. Her movements were stilled by Kurama’s hand as it was placed over hers.

“I’m glad to hear that. I’d say you and I share more things in common than we knew. The relationship that I maintain with Yoko is complex in more ways than one, but I do know about my own past being less than innocent as well.” He said, using her words.

She gave him a genuine smile. “Alright, now that all that’s laid out on the table, let’s get back to this crap.” Komeko said, giving the books a distasteful glance, but savoring the feeling of his gentle hand on hers more than she’d care to admit.

By the end of the week, Komeko ended up with another set of flowers and a card as she had previously. It read the same – poetic at first and then saying things would eventually be revealed. Currently, she was standing with Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Kurama as they looked for a good movie to see. They were predominantly reruns and nothing that peaked anyone’s interests really.

“These all look crappy. What else can we do?” Kuwabara spoke what was on most of their minds.

Truthfully, it was weird to be back with the monotony of things. Not that it wasn’t nice, but the adrenaline that they had had before was just addicting.

“I don’t know. We can always go pick a fight with somebody.” Yusuke offered offhandedly. Komeko and Kurama both gave him a look. “…or not.”

“I know what we can do. Meet me back here in about an hour and we’ll have some fun. It’s a surprise, but don’t worry about being dressed up or anything. It’s casual!” Komeko said before taking off at a normal run towards another part of town.

“I wonder what she had in mind.” Kuwabara thought aloud.

“Indeed.” Kurama agreed.

“Whatever, it’s gotta be better than this crap.” Yusuke said, gesturing to the movie titles.
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