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Chapter 28

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Recap: The night after her party, Komeko was given a pair of roses from a secret admirer. The day after, she studied with Kurama and revealed more of her past.

Komeko stood in front of the movie theater exactly an hour later, waiting for the guys to meet up with her. She wasn’t waiting long, at least for Kurama, since he was the first to show.

“Hiya!” Komeko greeted him with a hug and friendly smile.

He hugged her back and he looked at her curiously for a moment. “I thought you said we needn’t change?”

“Oh,” Komeko looked down at what she had decided to wear, “no worries. I just wanted to get out of my uniform. I know you had already changed yours, but I was lazy before. Consequently, I chose this!”

She spun around once, giving Kurama a decent sight of her outfit.

“You look quite nice.” He complimented.

‘Especially with how that top emphasizes her curves.’ Yoko echoed in his mind.

“Thank you.” She had on light wash blue jeans, her normal converse, and a black halter top with roses on it. She had definitely picked this out in hopes of catching Kurama’s attention. She figured this might be a good time to bring up the flowers she suspected him of giving her, “I actually-” but the thought left her mind as part of Kuwabara and Yusuke’s conversation caught in her ears.

“I don’t want to!” Kuwabara whined.

“Come on, it’s not that bad of an idea.” Yusuke said.

“What’s not that bad?” Kurama asked.

“Nothing!” They said in unison; Kurama and Komeko eyed them cautiously.

“So, Komeko, where are we going?” Yusuke asked, trying to turn their attention elsewhere.

She lowered her voice slightly, intending to only have the guys in front of her hear. “We’re gonna go get to see some cage battles tonight. They’re all underground and they move pretty often, but I managed to get the location for tonight’s fights.”

She looked proud of herself for a moment. “Alright, let’s go then!” Yusuke said cheerfully.

The four friends walked down the street for nearly twenty minutes before they stopped in front of an alley. Komeko stood with her back to them, braided hair falling over her right shoulder, and knocked twice rapidly in a row. A slot opened up before her and muddy brown eyes met her clear blue ones.

“What can I do you for?”

“Your town’s finest, please.” Komeko answered.

“What is she talking about?” Kuwabara asked Yusuke.

“It’s most likely code to get in.” Kurama answered for him.

The door opened and the four walked inside of the dark lit hallway. The presence of alcohol and cigarettes was apparent, but not overwhelming as they ambled further in. Eventually, they came up to an area with a caged ring. It was something that could easily be disassembled for movement; inside stood two shirtless men that were geared up to fight each other. There were plenty of people around them, but not enough to make them stand squished beside each other.

“You ever been here before?” Yusuke asked Komeko.

She nodded. “A couple of times – it’s really not too bad. Like I said, it’s nothing super human like, but it’s still enough to enjoy.”

The announcer interrupted anymore conversation to be had. “Please, finish placing your bets as it’s time for the fight between Arakaki and Ichikawa!”

A roar from the crowd kicked up in their ears and the two men came to the center. They touched wrapped fists for a second before starting. Arakaki, the shorter of the two, began with a few punches to Ichikawa’s face, but they were blocked easily enough. He brought up his knee to the taller man’s torso and caught him in the ribs. It made his opponent drop his block long enough to give Arakaki an open window and he took it by landing a nose-breaking punch to his face. Blood trickled down Ichikawa’s face and accumulated to drip off his chin.

The smell was harsh on Komeko’s nose, but she cheered on with Yusuke beside her for the fight. It was nice to be out and see a little bloodshed that didn’t always decide someone’s life – just a monetary outcome. Even Kurama seemed a little hyped up from the match; it was nice to see him just be one of the guys once in a while. He obviously had some of the same instincts as the others, but repressed them into more sophisticated outlets quite often.

The idea of him feeding his inner beast excited Komeko. It was probably just as pleasing to Yoko as well.

“The winner of this fight is Arakaki!” The referee announced.

How long had she been thinking to miss the end of the fight? She shook her head to make sure she cleared it as she watched the next two men enter the ring. Something was really off about one of them though.

“Do you feel that?” Komeko asked Kurama, directly to her right.

“If you mean the energy that that particular fighter is emitting, then yes.” Kurama responded, looking slightly troubled.

“It feels kinda demonic to me.” Yusuke added.

“I don’t feel anything. I hate feeling left out like this, you guys.” Kuwabara whined.

The four’s expression changed into pure concentration as they watched the match start.

“Now we have Matsuki and Yoshida! Begin!”

Yoshida was clearly the person with the energy here. He had short blonde hair and sharp features, while Matsuki had black hair in a pony tail around the base of his neck and slightly softer features. The dark haired fighter started offensively and felt like he had the upper hand when he managed to back Yoshida into the edge of the fence. The tables turned quickly when a stronger power sprang forth from him and the blonde managed to land several kicks and hits.

The final kick was right to his knee, which broke. Matsuki started moaning in pain and even though he was down, it looked like Yoshida was going to go in for the finale.

As his hand shot forward, Yusuke yelled out. “Hey! Leave him alone! He’s down for the count!”

Yoshida’s attention immediately turned towards their group and he stood at the fence in front of them.

“Make me.”

“Alright, asshole, let’s go!” Yusuke eagerly walked up the ramp and slipped off his shoes. The referee asked for his name and he gave it. “Yusuke Urameshi.”

“Good thing Yusuke looks a lot older than he is. We know he can kick this guy’s ass, but it’s not like anyone else would let a kid fight down here. That’s the only reason we even got in here is because of us looking old enough. At least no one really asks any questions.” Komeko ranted absentmindedly before locking onto the fight.

“Place your bets guys! Do you want the newcomer, Urameshi, or do you want the previous winner, Yoshida?”

The crowd yelled out different opinions, but the favor swung to Yoshida. Yusuke got close to his opponent before the fight started.

“When I win this, I want your girl over there with the roses.” Yoshida pointed at Komeko.

Clearly being able to hear the two, she yelled at him. “As if, pervert!”

Bristling with the idea of being a prize, she crossed her arms over her chest and glared. Kurama protectively slid his arm around Komeko, who didn’t brush him off.

“I doubt she’d be too happy with that, but when I win, and I will win, you gotta get your demon ass out of here. Got it?” Yusuke threatened.

Yoshida stared at him for a moment, partially awestruck, before recognition hit him. “Shit, you’re the new detective, aren’t you?”

Yusuke just smirked as the ref came back to start the fight. Yoshida, now slightly panicked, went to offense quickly. Yusuke easily blocked and dodged the hits that flew at him. Yoshida lashed out with an upper cut and Yusuke took his chance to land a right hook straight to his face. The blonde fell down for a moment, but sprang back up quickly. Yusuke held his hands out in formation for his spirit gun, but was interrupted.

“Yusuke, that wouldn’t be wise!” Kurama noted since they were among humans.

“Shit, looks like I gotta beat you the good old fashioned way. Not that I have any complaints. It’d do you good to get your ass kicked.”

Angered by Yusuke’s words, the demon charged him into the fence. It shook with the blow, but didn’t falter from its holdings. Yusuke kneed him right in the torso, sufficiently knocking the wind from him. Before he fell, he also landed a perfect right punch to Yoshida’s face. The demon stayed down and Yusuke bent over to whisper to him.

“Don’t forget our wager, Yoshida. If I see you around again, you’ll be in a lot more trouble and pain.”

Yoshida backed up, face bruised and lip swollen, to the fence and away from Yusuke’s threatening glare.

“Yeah, Yusuke!” Komeko cheered while Kurama slowly pulled his arm from around her waist. She flashed him a grin before winking. “Thanks.”

‘Anytime, sweetheart. Next time, let’s place our arm a little lower though, okay? I’m sure she’d like it if you just squeezed her-’ Yoko was cut off by Kurama.

‘Stop it.’ He smiled outwardly.

A few minutes later and they were walking home.

“That was awesome, Yusuke.” Komeko high-fived him.

“Yeah, I’ll be ready to sign autographs later.” He joked.

The area where the four would part ways came up quickly. “We’ll see you guys later!” Kuwabara said, waving good-bye.

She and Kurama walked quietly down their street in a comfortable silence. Darkness had already begun to settle, but the nocturnal creatures had started to frequent the area. An owl hooted towards their right and it made Komeko smile.

“Isn’t this pleasant? Sometimes, I think I enjoy the night time better than the day time.” She admitted.

“I agree with you, it is very nice.” Kurama said.

She liked being here, next to him, in the darkness, calm and happy. It was a treat and she soaked it in until they came to his house quicker than she cared for.

“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow for school, right?” She asked.

He smiled at her. “Of course, we’ll walk like we normally do.”

“I’m thankful to have someone near me like you, Kurama.” Komeko admitted.

His smile widened good-naturedly and they hugged before Komeko started walking back to her house, mind floating in the clouds.
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