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Chapter 29

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Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho/its plot/characters/etc. and make no money from this story.
Recap: Komeko, Kurama, Kuwabara, and Yusuke watched an underground fight and Yusuke stepped in when one of the competitors turned out to be a demon.

Standing in her red Meioh uniform, Komeko looked dismally at the names on the list before her. Kurama stood next to her and his name was the easiest to find – at the top. She wasn’t even recorded with his; she was on a separate sheet of paper that listed other students who were of lower ranking. Grumbling to herself, she went on quietly about how she was just going to smack down all the books and burn the building, aggravated was an understatement.

“Not my damn fault I don’t get this stupid human crap. I’m made for battle tactics and wit, not history homework.” Then, she redirected her commentary towards Kurama. “At least I’ve gone up since you’ve been helping me. I appreciate that.”

He smiled at her and chuckled. “Yes, perhaps you’ll get off that lower paper soon. You were close to the top of it. In fact, let’s make a pact.” She stared at him thoughtfully, motioning him to continue. “I believe that by the end of this year, you will get at least to the middle of the top.”

She eyed him wearily. “You’re on. Let’s do this!” Komeko said and shook his hand.

“Whatcha doing with your new girlfriend, Minamino?” A male voice, gravelly, interrupted them.

“Is it impossible for a guy to have a female friend platonically?” He answered.

That hit her right in the friend-zone, but she played along. “Yeah, get your mind out of the gutter.”

He left, seemingly embarrassed and got ready for class to start.

Komeko stared over where Kurama sat, reading. They were between classes, on a short break, and he was relaxing. Two girls came up to him and started talking about wanting to hang out with him. Komeko put this aside as she watched him swiftly grab something from one of the girl’s shoulders. As they left, she approached him.

“What was all that about?” He held open his hand to show her and the stench from the Makai hit her nose. “Damn.”

“My thoughts as well.”

“We’ll have to have a nifty little chat with Koenma about this one. Fantastic.” She sat behind him and stared out the window until class resumed, consumed enough in her thoughts to completely miss Kurama’s stare aimed towards her.

Komeko sat quietly in the back of the lab where Kurama was working on a few different chemistry substances. Her book was splayed out in front of her, but her mind kept wandering towards the red head a few feet from her. She was brought out of her daze when several male students walked in. They began begging Kurama to join the biology team – especially so he would attract more girls around them. Komeko felt bad for the guys, but sat bolt upright as she heard Kuwabara yelling.

He wasn’t just yelling just anything either, he was yelling for ‘Kurama’. She face-palmed. Not a second later, the door burst open, flattening the biology club member to reveal the orange haired wonder.

“There you are! I’ve been looking around for you! Read this.”

He shoved a note into Kurama’s hands and Komeko peeked over his shoulder by standing on her tip-toes. She became mad at the words, but couldn’t fight a familiar feeling bubbling in her stomach from the scent on the paper. It evaded her nonetheless.

“Hey, did he call you Kurama?” One of the other biology club members asked.

Kurama did his best to cover it up, flailing his hands up dismissively. “It’s really just a silly nickname, nothing to even bother remembering.”

They walked out into the hallway, with Botan trying to figure out what they would do to find Hiei. Komeko stared at them for a moment before the deity spoke.

“If only Hiei was here to use his Jagan to find himself.”

She continued to stare at her blankly.

“Logic tends to be fear’s prey.” Kurama spoke. “We can just ask Komeko to find him, if she doesn’t mind that is.”

Komeko smiled brightly. “Not a problem! I’ll meet you guys in the park in an hour.”

She was gone a millisecond later and let her senses push out to find the fire demon. He was restricted to this area and it wouldn’t be too hard to find him. She eventually came all the way across town, a half an hour later, to see him in a tree, eyeing the humans at a restaurant below them. He stiffened at her presence.

“What do you want?” He asked.

“Well, straight to the point, aren’t we?” Komeko replied vaguely. “Your presence is requested by the rest of the group. Seems Yusuke has been kidnapped and the people holding him want you to come to their mansion. They want everyone there or they said they’d kill him.”

“That’s funny that he’s been taken. I have no intentions of going though. Let him get out of his own mess.”

She stared at him, hard, for a moment. “After what he’s done and how you’ve fought beside him, you won’t help him?”

“Not a chance.” He glared at her.

She scowled. “Comradery should mean more than that. Grow some balls, you jerk.”

His glare darkened and he went to withdraw his sword. She was gone before he unsheathed his sword and he didn’t bother chasing after her.

Komeko waited impatiently in the park, anger still festering. Botan was the first to arrive, bag in hand, but the other two were not far behind her.

“Where’s he at?” Kuwabara asked.

“The brat refused to come and I wasn’t about to get burned forcing someone that stubborn to get here. I can tell you where he is, but persuading him is not my strong point.” Komeko answered, harshly kicking a pebble with her shoe.

“Not a problem! I thought we may have an issue with Hiei coming to us, so I brought some of the gadgets from Spirit World! Now, let me see here…”

She picked up a few things from her case before settling on one, a whistle. “Now, this is will give off a sound far away enough that will make Hiei come to us. It’s supposed to attract demons. I suggest you cover your ears though.”

Komeko did just that, as did Kurama and Kuwabara. Botan, blowing her lungs through the thing, sounded it off. It hurt both Komeko and Kurama’s ears shrilly, but did nothing to Kuwabara.

“Now, what?” Kuwabara asked once Botan was finished.

“Now, we wait for Hiei to come to us. It may take a few minutes.” Botan answered.

Kurama and Komeko laughed as they watched Hiei fall none-too-gracefully from a tree behind Botan.

“What was that infernal racket?”

Botan shied away, behind Komeko.

“You gotta come with us to get Yusuke back. They said if we all don’t show up, they’ll kill him.”

“Even though the prospect of hurting humans is appealing, I will not go.” Hiei said finally.

“How about this: if you go and help to get Yusuke back, I’ll ask Koenma to untether you from his restricted area?” Botan asked.

Kuwabara looked at her like she had grown a third head. “What?!”

“Now, that, I can agree to.”

About forty minutes later, they were in front of the designated estate. The mansion looked deformed in all its glory and rather distorted. The darkness surrounding it didn’t help either, since the shadows casted twisted veils over its abstract angles.

“This is the only one around here, so it has to be correct.” Botan said.

“Alright, well, you better stay here. We don’t want you to get hurt.” Kuwabara warned.

“I’m just as capable and you could always use another person to help you out and I have the extra technology.” Botan countered.

“She’s right. We’re safer in numbers.” Kurama agreed.

“I got your back, B.” Komeko said, winking.

They walked up to the front door and stopped, reading the note. It warned they were to never utter the word hot in the House of Four Dimensions. Mindful of the note, they stepped inside. Immediately, the air changed around them. Komeko felt it.

“That’s odd.” Botan said. “What is this place?”

“Did you both feel that? It’s felt like we were transported to a different space.” Kurama noted.

“More like traveling through space and time. Welcome to the house everyone. I’m so very glad you made it. ” A faceless voice announced.

“Yeah, that’s him, one of the guys Urameshi left with.” Kuwabara noted when a teen came out from around a corner.

“Recognition, I just love how that feels.” Kaito said.

Kurama explained how both Komeko and he both knew Kaito from school. “Why have you kidnapped Yusuke?”

“It’s a real grip-your-seat mystery, isn’t it?” Kaito replied, sitting down. “I hear your team won something called the Dark Tournament and that that’s quite the feat. Congratulations. I was most surprised by learning about your participation, Shuichi.”

Kurama glared darkly and a shiver ran along Komeko’s spine. Kaito spieled on and Hiei drew his sword, declaring his impatience. His blade shattered as a shield erected in front of Kaito.

“How’d he do that?!” Kuwabara yelled.

“Only your words have power here, not brute strength. Just make sure you follow my one posted rule.” Kaito chided.

Hiei pushed the envelope further. “I will not be ruled by your three letter word or let it control my fate. Hot.”

Hiei’s body lit up with crackling energy and his soul was sucked from him, transformed into a little ball in front of Kaito.

“I told him not to doubt me. Say the taboo word and I get your soul.” Botan held Hiei’s stiff body and the others glared. “Accept the challenge or do not get your friend back.”

Kaito explained his powers and rules further, while insulting Kurama’s friends.

“We forget about Hiei for now and we move on!” Kuwabara suggested.

“Kuwabara!” Botan scolded. “Just because he gives us the cold shoulder doesn’t mean we should do it to him.”

“You can’t go anywhere without the key.” Kaito said. “Yanagisawa has the only key to that door.”

Kuwabara approached the tall haired boy and threatened him. Kuwabara threw a punch that was blocked by another shield – severely hurting his hand and wrist.


“We’re still in Kaito’s territory, so we gotta be gentle, okay?” the student rubbed Kuwabara’s head.

“I’ll play by your rules, Kaito, whatever they are.” Kurama agreed.
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