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Sleepless Nights and Cigarettes

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Franks getting bigger still and his back isn't liking it.........

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Sorry ive been so long gone! :) xo

A few months Later

Franks POV
"Geeeeeee!" I whine like a bitch. There i said it but my fucking spine is being stretched and mini me or little bean or whatever you wanna call it hates me, hates me so much, he or she is trying to have me killed, by her or him self. Normally i'd have a nice cigarette. But fucking no, my insecure for no apparent reason boyfriend says it's harmful to our creation. Our murderous, dangerous little offspring. It wouldn't shock me if they arrived with claws and huge teeth and green skin, like something out of attack the block or darth vaders little sibling. Wow, that would be cool actually. But yeah, i am excited. Really i am, just not enjoying this stage right now. How women cope with it i don't know. Not that they're weaker then men or anything, but it's pretty common to come across women with more than one child. Like seriously? Go through the cigarette virginity and crippling back pain over and over again? No thankyou.

"Lie down, you need to relax. I'll get some lotion and you can have a nice footrub." Gerard smiles at me like i'm his granddaughter who has a stomach ache or something. I guess i have to be grateful though don't I? Not like i can hide i appreciate his gesture, but all i really want is a cigarette and something like a tequila shot or a Jamesons. I can almost smell the tar burning away, the ash glowing and then tumbling through the air as it falls to the floor.... Wait, i can smell smoke. It's not me unfortunately. Fuck me sideways and call me maybe! "Gerard Arthur Way!" I scream, ignoring my pain and bursting into the bathroom. " You cheat! You liar! Urrr!" I scream as he stands there trying to keep his cigarette away from my eyes. " I can see it! I can see it! You said you'd quit with me you bastard!" I'm running at him until, a gush can be heard and my pyjama bottoms are drenched.

Gerards POV
"Frank! Oh Holy fucking hell! Okay, Just breathe, deep breaths go slowly, i'm going to call an ambulance and then they'll help us okay?" I turn to run to the phone but he grabs my arm.
"You fucking got me here! If you hadnt started that fucking art teaching job and made yourself look nice so i'd like you! Or if you skipped off with Malibu Barbie i'd still be slim and a smoker! And i'd be drunk off my tits right now! And i don't even have tits! I'm not due for another six weeks!" He wails as he starts to cry. His hormones have been getting worse too.
"I'll be right back." I have to pull myself away and frantically call for an ambulance before returning to him. He punches me in the face, and somehow i tumble into the bath tub. And then, everything seems to fade to black.
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