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Franks POV
"You are not cutting me up!" I wail, its scary. A silver blade pointing at your stomach, not my favourite situation. Especially as I shouldn't be here for another few weeks. Gerards gone wherever they took him after he got a concusion and now I'm alone and about to become a mother/father. "Okay Frank, breathe." A nurse approaches me and gently takes my hand. I look at her as though she's got three heads. "Go and wake my partner up! He's asleep and this hutys!" Do you fuckers think joseph missed the birth of jesus? Even shrek went to see his offspring enter the world and his wifes a right ogre! Okay, that's mean, I'm sorry fiona. "Sir, he's concussed, he'll come around when he's ready." She smiles at me and I almost weaken. But no fucking way! He can watch this scene unfold if I have to be centre stage.

"Frank! I told them! I said nothing holds me down! I'm a father! Like God but hotter!" And he collapses into a fit of giggles. "His concussion wore off quickly but we gave him some pain relief while we stitched the cut in his hairline." A woman explains sheepishly.

"Laughing gas, you gave him laughing gas! And you leave me here shaking like jack fucking frost!" I'm angry, I'm fuming. A shrill cry pierces the air from nowhere. I'm.... A father.

Three weeks later

"She's all strapped in." Gerard says referring to his pride and joy who just happens to have him as her favourite parent, not like its a big deal. "I love you." Gerard kisses her forehead as he places her in the car seat. "Just as much as your dad. He looks at me while he's swinging his black clad legs into the drivers seat "thanks man, love you too. Sometimes." I stick my tongue out at him although it's no fun anymore he knows I'm only joking now he used to panic before hahhaha dr frankenstein at his service. "And now she can see her new home for the first time." He smiles. And its true. She, our beula can see our family home. My cursings improved, not to start my own car or fuck your mother and father if they're hot but I'm getting shit hot! Well I was. Anyways, we are a family and everything is picture perfect. "Argh! Fuck fucker and fucking hell!" My awkward fiancee shrieks like a girl. "Motherfucker, what?" I say, I'm trying to listen to Green Day if he doesn't mind. "Our child has puked in my hair!" He exclaims. No, I was wrong that's my girl!
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