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What Did I Do?

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"I turned out of the school gates, out of sight, and ran for my life."

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Hahahahahah, I'm back, babies! My holiday was pretty good, thank you for asking. We spent a whole week in a tent somewhere in rainy ol' Devon, Englandshire. No, Devonshire, England. Something like that. It rained every night. But it was sunny some days! I know, sun, in England?! I went onto the beach. In shorts. SHOCK HORROR. I just realized how pale I am, I freaking glow in the sunlight. I bet everyone was looking on and thinking 'hang on, what's a vampire doing on the beach?'

I also figured out how Albino I must be (despite having brown hair) because I burned in about four minutes. Anyway, enough about me. Here is the next chapter! I know, it's been forever. But I had NO internet connection for A WHOLE WEEK AND A HALF. It was scary. But yes, I'm home again. You'll be getting much more frequent updates!

So, here's the next Chapter. I do hope you like it, I grinned a lot in the process of writing.

Chapter 12; What Did I Do?

Gerard’s POV

Me, Seymour? Seriously? How was that supposed to work? And if Candace was Audrey, that would mean... I stared over at her, and she was looking back up at me. She looked as surprised as I felt. This would mean I could have to pretend to be in love with her.

Well, you can’t deny that this was going to be interesting. Frank was sitting down with his arms crossed and his brow furrowed, also watching Candace with an odd expression on his face.

“You okay, man?” I asked. Frank nodded slowly.

“You’re going to have to kiss Candace,” he said.

“Oh god...” I said. “This is going to be interesting.”

“Yeah, it will...”

“This means you have to kill people for the sake of a plant,” said Mikey, turning and looking at me.

“Probably why they chose him them, a secret maniac,” said Anna, shrugging. I laughed.

“This is definitely going to be the oddest play I’ve done in a while,” I said. “Frank, are you sure you’re okay?” I tapped him on the shoulder. He’d been glaring at a spot on the floor in front of us for a while now. He jumped but smiled at me, nodding.

“Yes. Just... I wonder why they chose you. I’m pretty sure you’d do better as the dentist,” he said. He sounded a little unsure of himself, but I shrugged it off.

“Oh. Alright then,” I said. I turned my gaze towards the front where Miss James and the new assistant where both waiting for the noise in the hall to die down.

Eventually it did, but only when the new assistant stood up and stood with his hands on hip hips, watching everyone. Some of the girls at the front began to giggle, looking at him.

“Okay, guys, you need to listen up now,” said Miss James, holding a pile of scripts in her arms. “I’d had a feeling that you guys would choose this one, and luckily we had the scripts ready anyway. Everyone with a main part, will you come to me, everyone doing props, please go to...”

“We’re just jumping right into it?” asked Frank, looking around at our friends.

“Miss James never had much regard for everyone’s timetables,” said Penina.

“Just as well, to be honest, she’s the best teacher in the school,” said Ray, shrugging.

“You only like her because she wears that tight skirt,” said Anna, smirking. Ray flushed.

“Well, she’s still a good teacher...”

I rolled my eyes and stood up, making my way down to Miss James to get my script. I ended up standing right next to Candace, who was unusually quiet. I had a feeling that she, like myself, was a little apprehensive. I didn’t want to ‘fall in love’ with her... maybe I could turn her to the dark side.

Yeah right. Dream on, sunshine.


“Come on, Jenna! I’m useless at fixing electronics, you’re the only person I know who could help me out!” I was complaining to Jenna on Friday, just as we were leaving school for the weekend. My computer had died that morning and I was trying to get her to fix it for me.

“Me? Am I the only one who could really help you?” she asked, fluttering her eyelashes.

“Jenna, you know that you’re awesome. I’m useless, you know I can’t do anything with computers,” I said.

“Flattery now? That might get you somewhere,” said Jenna, grinning. I rolled my eyes.

“Please? Come on, you know you’re brilliant, can’t you do something? Pretty please?” I said, putting on my puppy-dog eyes.

“Oh okay! If you insist.”

“I do insist,” I said, pouting. Jenna grinned and punched me gently on the shoulder. 

“Alright, if you must! I’ll come round tomorrow, I’m busy today.”

“You better be round tomorrow. I will personally hunt you down if I can’t use my computer by Sunday!”

“Oh alright, sweetheart,” she said, pouting. Bob glanced up to look around at Jenna.

“Sweetheart?” he asked, his blue eyes narrowing slightly. 

“Yup, we’re very good friends aren’t we, Gee!” said Jenna, flinging her arm around me. She didn’t notice the scowl on Bob’s face and I chuckled when I saw it. He was jealous.

“Course we are, Jenna,” I said, catching Bob’s eye and smiling sheepishly. The scowl disappeared from his face. Just then, my phone buzzed.

“Who is it?” asked Jenna before I even had a chance to reach for my pocket.

“I dunno... Oh, heya Mikes.”

“/Gee, I’m off to Ray’s house today so you’re gonna be all on your own. You’re welcome, bro,”/ said Mikey, and he hung up before I could reply.

“Asshole,” I said.

“What’s Mikey done now?” asked Jenna.

“Buggered off to Ray’s house. Apparently I’m gonna be all on my own today.”

“Well yeah, that’s true.”

“Oh, alright! I can cope being on my own,” I said, pretending to wipe a tear from my eye.

“Yeah, well, seeya sucker!” Jenna said. I rolled my eyes but waved as she bounded off out of the back gates with Bob. I sighed and made my way towards the front gates.

“You okay?” I turned around and saw Frank walking towards me. I nodded.

“Yeah. Everyone’s pranced off somewhere else, so I’m gonna be alone today. Unless you wanna come round my house?” I offered. Frank smiled.

“Okay. Um, Gerard... hang on, what’s that?” he asked, turning around. I’d heard the shout as well, it had come from the grounds behind us. I turned.

Frank’s POV

Okay, Frank, you can do this... just tell him how you feel... I thought as I walked towards Gerard.

“You okay?” I asked. He turned and looked at me, before nodding.

“Yeah. Everyone’s pranced off somewhere else, so I’m gonna be alone today. Unless you wanna come round my house?” he asked. My heart leaped slightly and I smiled inwardly. Concentrate...

“Okay.” Come on, Frank, just tell him... “Um, Gerard... Hang on, what’s that?” I asked, turning around. I’d heard a yell coming from the grounds behind Gerard and I.

“Come on, Frank,” said Gerard, jogging towards the sound of the commotion.

We arrived to see Ash standing, towering over a snarling boy from the year below. Not one of the thick-witted jocks, unfortunately. Hang on, Ash had managed to anger of of the nerds? No, it wasn’t a nerd... it was one of the ‘normal’ people who sat with the jocks. So like a miniature jock. Douchebag-in-training.

They were surrounded by every other student who hadn’t left the school grounds left, all pressed together like people pressed against the glass at an interesting Zoo exhibition. I had to stand on my toes to see over the top of everyone, but Gerard navigated his way easily to the front, holding me carefully by the shoulder.

“What’s going on here?” Gerard asked one of the bystanders watching form the front row. A short girl, possibly a year or two below me. Okay, I say short, but she was my height. So, in a way, still short.

“The short one was giving the goth one shit,” she said, pointing. “He got angry about it. I don’t know why, the short one just decided to turn up.”

“Oh. Douchebag-in-training,” I muttered. Gerard looked down at me and a smile played around his lips.

“A what?”

“It’s what my brain told me just now,” I said, keeping my eyes fixated on the scene in front of me. My cheeks were warm, and I could still see Gerard’s smirk from the corner of my eye.

“The kid’s got balls, I gotta admit,” said the girl.

“Nobody messes with Ash and gets away unscathed,” said Gerard. “I’ve known him for years, he keeps to himself. But he gets pretty...”

Just then, Ash rolled his eyes and punched the short guy in the nose.

“That’s what happens?” I asked, grinning. The entire crowd recoiled as the short guy stumbled backwards, and there were a few shrieks as the bigger dickheads shoved their way through to stand behind mini-douche.

Ash stood up tall but I could see his face flicker with a bit of fear. He could cope with one short, overconfident guy. I had a feeling he could cope wit three or four. But not seven... Before I even knew what was happening, Gerard stepped forward into the clear space where Ash and the rest of the jocks stood.

“What do you think you’re doing here, Way?” asked one of them. Gerard nodded and smiled.

“Just wondering what was going on here. Everything okay?”

Gerard’s POV

“Everything okay?” I asked, looking over at Ash. He nodded, twisting his mouth into a frown. I glanced over at the jocks, then back at Ash, then sideways at Frank. He was watching everything unfold with a curious expression on his face, halfway between amused and worried.

“Who do you even think you are?” asked Little Douche, putting his hands on his hips. Oh boy. I think he might have committed social suicide there, that maneuver was the sort of gay thing I’d do. I wonder...

“The school’s biggest princess fairy, my sweet,” I said, placing my hand over my heart.

“What?!” Little Douche looked horrified. “Are you gay or something?”

“Very,” I said, smiling.

“Oh, so he finally admits it?” asked the Leader Jock.

“Darling, I’ve always admitted it,” I said. I glanced over at Ash and saw a smile forming on his face. Frank’s eyes were filled with a twinkle, his hip to one side, biting his lip.


“You really are a humungous faggot, aren’t you?”

“We all are, really. You know you find it hot.”

“He has a point there,” piped up the short girl who stood next to Frank. A huge grin split across my face and I looked at her, silently hugging her.

“You...” Little Douche looked disgusted.

“Problem, honey?” I asked, smiling. He just sneered in disgust, turned on his heel and stomped away. And I mean he turned on his heel, like a little ballerina. “I don’t think he’s heterosexual,” I said, just loud enough for him to hear. He turned and glared at me, ready to start forward and hit me (probably).

“Look, just because you’re gay doesn’t mean everyone else is. Are any of your stupid emo friends? Oh, bad question, they probably all are,” he said. I nodded thoughtfully.

“You have a point.”


“We are all giant homosexuals here, we enjoy it,” I said. Little Douche was now really confused.

“What... alright, prove it.”

“Prove it?” How do I prove that. I looked around quickly, at Ash, at the girl next to Frank, at Anna who stood directly opposite me... my heart began to thump in my chest as an idea formed in my head. It might not prove it... but... I felt like time decided to stand still. I couldn’t move, I could hear my heartbeat pounding blood in my ears. It was a crazy idea... but it would solve...

I shook my head after what felt like a century had passed and looked around at the people surrounding me. Frank was still next to me. I winked at him, took his face in my hands, and kissed him.


He didn’t resist, or push me away. In fact, I have a feeling he began to kiss me back. But that could have just been me being over-the-top nervous. I kissed him for about five seconds before I pulled away and looked at the audience surrounding us. Anna’s face stood out quite clearly, her mouth open. Ash was expressionless, as per usual.

Everyone had gone dead silent. Panic began to build up inside me as I began to assess what had happened. Frank just looked shocked beyond words.

“Happy now?” I asked, looking at Little Douche. He looked speechless. My own words were threatening to disappear form my brain, and my knees were shaking. I smiled one last time, turned and walked towards the front gate. I had to struggle not to run, tried not to let panic override my body. I could hear murmuring start up behind me, and then suddenly a voice hit a cold blow to my stomach.

“What just happened?” It was Frank.

I turned out of the school gates, out of sight, and ran for my life.

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