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"I’d be happy to kiss him forever. Dead, of course, from starvation or suffocation. But I'd be happy. Dead happy."

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Here's the next chapter. It's so good to have internet access again. As is obvious from the wonderful piles of awesomeness that I am managing to pour out here. I've written freaking loads of the next chapter, too. So, you guys aren't going to have to wait forever until the next instalment after this is done. Well, perhaps you guys should read this first, before you start worrying about the next chapters to come. Always thinking ahead, me. Hurh Durh.

By the way, who saw Reading Festival? I wasn't there, but I saw lots of it on BBC3. Green Day was there too, oh fucking yes. It was an amazing moment. Anyway, next chapter is here. Hope you likey.

Chapter 13; Complications

Mikey and Ray were sitting on the front gate outside the house when I got home. They didn’t say anything, but Mikey held up his phone towards me when I approached.

“What happened?” I asked... though I already had a feeling that I knew what it was about.

“Anna says that you kissed Frank,” said Mikey, watching me carefully.


“Gerard motherfucking Way!” I turned and saw Jenna marching towards me, hands clenched into fists, dragging Bob along behind her.

“Whoa, what...”

“So the first thing you do when we walk out of the school is kiss the boy you’ve been complaining to me and Penina about for god knows how long, now. And you’re just... you just walked away and left?! Couldn’t you have at least TOLD me?!”

“Us,” said Penina, running to catch up with her.

“Um, Mikey, how many people have you told?” I asked, raising my eyebrow at him. He shrugged.

“I told no one. It’ll have been Anna.”

“Oh for fuck’s sake...” I sighed and ran my hair through my hands.

“So, are you and Frank dating now?” asked Jenna, her eyes lighting up. “Oh my GOD! You two would be so cute! This is perfect, I just...”

“No we’re not,” I said bitterly. “It was a spur of the moment thing to shut up that asshole who was getting on Ash’s nerves.”

“Since when did you care about Ash?”

"Well, I guess..."

"I think you should go back to Frank."

"But I don't..."

"I wonder what Frank is thinking..."

"Guys!" I shouted, trying to get their attention. "Look... I... don’t know why, okay? It just seemed like the right thing to do to make the guy... awkward, I don’t know! Okay? And none of you were there, you should have seen his face when I left, I bet he fucking hates me now!” I shouted, standing up and striding into the house. I ran all the way to my room and locked the door.

Stupid fucking friends. Why did I even bother? Why did I have to go and kiss Frank? I’d heard his voice when I left, he sounded so confused, maybe even angry. But... I couldn’t help feeling, maybe it was the right thing to do. And he had kissed me back, had he not? I was only there for five seconds, but as I had held his face in my hands, it had felt so right. It was only five seconds, right? Not forever? I’d be happy to kiss him forever. Dead, of course, from starvation or suffocation. But I'd be happy. Dead happy.

“Oh, shut the fuck up,” I muttered to myself. I kneeled on my bed to peer out the window at my ‘friends’... My heart sunk. Frank was standing there, phone in hand, and a frown on his face. My own phone began to buzz, and as I watched through the slit in my curtains, Frank held his to his ear. He was calling me?!

I let him. I watched, ignoring my phone, until he gave up and turned it off. My ringtone stopped when I watched him press the ‘end call’ button. I sighed, pulled the curtains even more tightly shut and lay on my bed, picking up my phone. One missed call from: Frankie. I looked at the screen, frowning.

“Oh, Frank, why did you... couldn’t...” I let out a sigh, hugged my phone to my chest, lay down on my bed and closed my eyes.Maybe it was a dream. Maybe I wouldn’t have done something that stupid, I’d wake up and it would all be something I could laugh about the next day...

Frank’s POV

What? I was standing in a bit of a daze. My brain didn’t seem to be able to comprehend what had just happened. Gerard was still looking into my eyes. He smiled, said something to the audience, then walked off.

Hang on, there was an audience? Oh shit. Shitshitshitshit. Gerard had... he’d kissed me. And... Oh shit, I kissed him back didn’t I? My stomach had just gone funny...

“What just happened?” I wondered aloud. Everyone around me had begun to mutter. Gerard had disappeared. Ash was standing in front of me. How did he get here?

“Gerard Way just kissed you,” he said bluntly. I still couldn’t get my head around it.

“Huh? Why?” I asked. Stupid question, Frank, he was doing it to stand up to the dickheads that were pushing Ash around.

“Why don’t you run after him?” he asked. I shook my head.

“I know why he kissed you,” said Anna, texting someone.


“I can’t tell you.”

“Oh, come on, Anna!” I complained. “Look, why on earth would someone just randomly walk up to his friend and kiss him? I don’t get it!”

“You really are thick, aren’t you?” said Ash, rolling his eyes.

“What?” Anna shook her head and began to walk away. “No, really... Anna! Okay, does everyone know something that I don’t?”

“Yes,” said Ash. “You are so oblivious to it, it’s crazy.”

“I’m oblivious to WHAT?!”

“Why would somebody kiss someone else?” he asked slowly, like he was explaining something to someone very slow.

“Because... they like them?” Ash said nothing, just looked at me expectantly. “What?”


“But... hang on... what?! Gerard... me... what?”

“And he finally understands,” said Ash. He sighed. “You are very slow, you know that?”

“But... oh.” I need to go and find him.

Anna had finished texting whoever it was (everyone from the Queen to David Bowie it seemed) and we set off, a giant grin on her face. I walked really slowly, my hands in my pockets, worrying what was going to happen now. Anna was sort of leading me towards Gerard’s house, because I was still in a bit of a daze and couldn’t remember where I was supposed to be going.

“You okay?” she asked, looking at me. I nodded, my mouth suddenly very dry.

“It’s... I’m scared, Anna,” I admitted. She stopped and looked at me.

“Scared? What is wrong with you, man? The guy of your dreams pretty much just admitted his undying love for you, and you’re SCARED?”

“He didn’t exactly admit any sort of love, Anna, he used me to shut up the other guy,” I said, hanging my head. It’s what I felt had happened, anyway. Why else would Gerard just kiss me, in the middle of everyone? Wouldn’t he be scared of what everyone would think?

“I bet he fucking hates me now!” Yes, I bet he does... wait, what? I realized that we were at Gerard’s house, and it was him who had been shouting. I looked up just in time to see him stride up the path and slam the door. He even looked pretty when he was angry. His hair sort of tangled into his eyes, which were a very beautiful greeny-hazel as he glared at nothing in particular.

Oh, you really do have it badly.

“Speak of the devil!” said another voice. It was then that I realized how many people were there; Ray, Mikey, Penina, Jenna and Bob were all gathered around, unusually silent, watching the door that Gerard had just disappeared through.

“Well, here he is, and he has no idea what just happened. He’s still all hormonal and confused, bless,” said Anna, patting me on the shoulder. I batted her hand away irritatedly.

“Don’t,” I said, pulling out my phone so I didn’t have to look at them all staring at me.

“Why don’t you call him?” asked Jenna. I sighed, searched for ‘Gerard’ on my contacts. I pressed call... I waited for a few moments before I put it to my ear.

One ring... two... three... four... I waited for seven rings before I sighed and shut it off. I shook my head.

“Look man, Gerard’s probably as confused as you are right now,” said Penina, moving towards me, a sad smile on her face.

“He’s normally just a horny bastard who sleeps with anything and everything, it’s unusual for him to have actual real emotions.”

“Mikey!” shouted Anna, Jenna and Penina at the same time.

“Not helping, man,” said Ray, shaking his head.

“Mikey does this to wind people up, don’t take any notice,” said Penina.

“But if Gerard did like me why would he kiss me, someone, anyone in the middle of a huge crowd of people to - and I quote - “Prove it” to make the assholes watching “happy?” I said, looking at them all.

“It’s Gerard,” said Bob, as if that would explain it. He had been unusually quiet up until now. “When you care for someone so much, when you love them, sometimes you do crazy things, things that you can’t find reason for. It makes you go odd. That’s what happened, Frank. Gerard realized how much he cares for you.”

“In the middle of everyone, risking his entire reputation?”

“Gerard’s always been a violent homosexual vampire princess, if anything it’ll only boost that opinion,” said Anna. I began to protest, but she cut me off. “Look, if you’re so worried about it, why don’t you ask him?! He is literally in this house behind me.” I began to speak again, but this time it was Jenna who cut me off.

“If you do like him so much it’s making your brain go fuzzy, why do you keep telling yourself that he doesn’t like you?” she asked.

“Since when had my brain gone fuzzy?!”

“Since about twenty minutes ago, when he kissed you,” said Anna, checking her watch. I sighed.

“I... oh, leave me alone, okay?”

“Hey, man, come here,” said Penina suddenly. And she wrapped her arms around me in a hug. Whenever I saw her hug Gerard, she was tiny against him - but she was exactly my height. “I’ve known Gerard for ages and believe me, he can be a pain in the ass. But no matter how much he confuses you, he’s worth having by your side. Don’t be disheartened, okay?”

I sighed and hugged her back, and in that moment I realized why she and Gerard were so close - she knew what to say. And I suppose that, with she being Gerard’s closest friend, and me having a (pretty fucking huge) crush on the guy...

Well, in all honesty, she should be ready to rip my head off in case I did anything stupid, but I was thankful.

“I’m gonna go now,” I said, detaching myself from Penina. “I’ll see you all on Monday, guys.”

“Why Monday?”

“Because it’s the weekend tomorrow, dimwit.”


“Well... I suppose I’ll see you guys later,” I said, shrugging. They all nodded, and began to disappear in different directions.

Gerard’ s POV

I spent the entire weekend in a nervous daze about what would happen on Monday. I didn’t come out of my room all of Saturday through fear that I’d have a collection of goggle-eyed lunatics pressed against my bedroom door, waiting for me to emerge and spill my deepest, darkest, most emotional emotions. Or something.

I think I was asleep until about one in the afternoon on Sunday. I knew that I had unlocked the door the evening before to grab a pizza... at about midnight, when everyone was asleep. So that’s probably how Mikey had been able to barge into my room and try to get me up on Sunday.

“Get up, lazy ass, you can’t mope about here over Frank all the time!” he yelled striding in. “Gerard, you... where are you?”

“Uhhh, fuckoff,” I groaned, pulling my duvet further over my head.

“Oh, still asleep? Comeon, you have a visitor!” he trilled, jumping on my bed.

“I don’t care if it’s fucking Glenn Danzig, just goaway!” I said, my face still muffled in my pillow.

“You don’t wanna talk to Frank then?”

Frank. My heart began to thud erratically in my chest and I pulled my pillow away from my face. Sure enough, the sexy midget was standing in my doorway.

“Uhhh. Hi,” I said, blinking stupidly. He smiled sheepishly.

“Maybe I should come back later,” he said, scratching his neck awkwardly. I nodded.

“Ugunfuh, sounds good,” I said, yawning. I waved at him, and turned back on my side, pulling my pillow over my head again.

“Gee, it’s one o’clock, you need to get up,” said Mikey, poking his face under the covers.

“Ahh! Get your ugly mug away from me!” I shrieked, shoving him off my bed.

“Come on, sleepyhead!” he sang, dragging the duvet off me, leaving me exposed.

“Michael James Way, give me back my fucking...” I shouted, stumbling out of bed. He just grinned and ran out of my room, holding the duvet like a cape.

“Come and get meeee!” he yelled, running down the stairs.

“You little piece of shit!” I shouted. Then I stopped, and turned around to look at the bewildered Frank, who was still standing just inside my doorway. I looked at him for a minute, and ran my hand through my hair. “I hate him. I really and truly hate him,” I said. We looked at each other awkwardly for a minute.

“Um... you might want to put some clothes on,” Frank said, blushing. I looked down; sure enough, I only had on my boxer shorts.

“Oh yeah. Not being too awkward, am I?” I said, winking. his blush just deepened - god did he look cute. At least I knew he didn’t hate me now - he had come to see me, right?

“Don’t flatter yourself,” he said. More silence.


“Go put some clothes on,” he said, shaking his head. “Then...”

“You need to talk?” I asked quietly. He kept his gaze down and nodded. I knew why he was here... after the awkward ‘incident’ on Friday. I needed to talk to him too. But I had to admit I was fucking terrified.

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