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stashley begin

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stefan and ashley are in love but will it all end?

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"STEFAN I HAVE SOMETHING TO TELL YOU COME HERE" i can't belive im going to tell stefan about my feelings...NOW
"i'm just getting out the shower hold on i'm coming" stefan says as he walks through the door in just a towel around his waist
"go on ash, what do you want to say that couldn't of waited till i got dressed ahha" stefan just laughed, he seems so calm
"listen stef i'm just gonna say it...i'm gay" i can't belive i just said that he is gonna freak
"cool dude, there a lucky guy?" stef seems so calm i can't belive it
"erm well actually, its you stef...i love you..." omg what is he going to say
"erm..." he doesn't say much he just leans in and....
OMG stefan just kissed me :) ahhhh
"so stefan...are you gay?" i ask curiously with a huge smile on my face
"no, i just love you" he smiles and we kiss again...
i can't belive this...i just kissed ashley, i didn't even no that i'm gay but now i have kissed him i feel so good, i am so happy right now..
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