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friends for never

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stefan nd asley enjoy every secod of being together

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"ash im going to work be back later love you byeee" i shout as i close the door
bzzz bzzz i grab my phone 1 message ashley horne- bye baby missin u already xxxxxxxxx
aww he is so cute i reply - love you babe if u miss me so much come with me xxxxxxxx
just as i put my phone in my pocket it goes of agian 1 new message ashley horne-turn around babexxxxx
i turn around and see ash running down the pavment
i stand next to stefan and reach for his hand he grips back ad we smile, we walk into the studio and see dru
"yo guys, i see ash finally came out then stef?" dru laughs
and stefan nods and we all smile, then stefan pulls me close and we begin to kiss dru just stands awkwardly until he says
"ok guys, either go get a room or lets make some music?"
me and stef look at each thinking the room was a better idea but just head to the recoring room and laugh,
"ok guys i think me and ash should sing this song i wrote...its called friends for never"
stefan smirked and pulled ashley in to the recording room, they song the song together and it felt like it was only them who were standing and the rest of the world was gone
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