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Summary says all :)

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This is the first thing I read.

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Hello again. Long time no type, eh? As said before, thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my little gay heart for caring. I barely know you guys and you're all so kind. Pretend that was said in a girly voice as I hug you all. At the bottom of this is more angst so if you don't want to see that, then just go straight to the rate button. JUST KIDDING. But, uh, if you want to. . Nahh. Just reading it is good for me and my corpse sister.

I don't need your education
Just show me where the money is
Sick and tired of useless judgment
Ready to dive into this romance trip

Stop telling me what I should be looking for
Girls are what I want and that's what I'll get
Let's run away and don't look back anymore
Cyanide and liquor will be our new fix

Butterfly wings were meant to fly
Remember what I told you
I'll hold this weight until I die
I'm sorry but it's time I tighten the cord

Number 1, I didn't know my baby sister knew how to spell liquor. . .Number 2, I didn't know she was into girls. Number 3, My brother and I must have been really stupid not to notice the warning signals. Maybe I could have helped Allie. Ugh sorry this is so whiny. You probably didn't expect someone to tell you they were gonna kill themselves on Ficwad.

I promise you XEvil_Angel X I will respect both. Part of me wants to make a "How MCR killed my sister" post and the other wants to look up more pictures of Bob Bryar. Damn, he is hot. What I really want is everything to be alright. OH LOOK AT CIAN BEING ALL SAPPY I want Allie to be blasting Thank You For The Venom (yep, she made me listen to that. i gotta say, it's good.) in the next room and for Liam to talk to me instead of throwing two grocery bags and a pile of clothes out the door and handing me a note that says Get out and Stay out. Yep, it's all good in the O'Connor family.
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