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Bickering and Singing

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Zachariel then walked over to Brandon and Larry who was snarling and wrestling each other, and grabbed them by the shoulders off the floor. Brandon’s teeth canines were fully extended and Larry was struggling in Zachariel grip to get to him.” KNOCK IT OFF" shouted Zachariel making the whole room rumble.” I have already seen five rebel angels residing in that warehouse and a few zombies around this area tonight.” We are up against thousands of other supes who want to rip us apart. How could we work as a team when we are always fighting amongst ourselves? Just a while ago you let those two vampire bastards disrespect our house. You assholes did not do or say anything to stop them." Michelle shifted in her seat and I looked down.Radziel just stared on listening to Zachariel."Im sorry Zachariel but I am just tired of cleaning up around everyone," said Larry.” We all have our duties in the house. Your's is to clean up. If you don’t like it then get out,” said Zachariel walking out the room."Damn Larry you are always starting something,” said Brandon. Shut up. If you did not let your stupid doucebag vampire friends over here all the time I would not have clean up as much,” said Larry.” Well you heard Zachariel, either clean up or shut up,” said Balthazar.” Stay out of it Balthazar you instigator,” said Paul.” Shut up,” shouted Balthazar back at Paul. They then started bickering at one another again."Hey you guys," said Radziel.Zachariel then walked back into the living room.” Are you morons still arguing? Save all that energy when you’re fighting another supe outside the house. It feels like I’m babysitting human infants in this house sometimes,” said Zachariel.That comment made me feel kind of uneasy but I kind see where Zachariel was coming from with them constantly fighting each other and not saving it for their enemies.” I don’t have a ride back home,” said Michelle in my ear."Oh, ok we can drive you back,” I said."Hey are we still going to play "Guitar Hero" asked Radziel."Yeah, dude who's singing,” said Brandon.” Wait Michelle has to go home,” I shouted. Larry looked at the clock on the cable box. It is only 9:03 p.m. I think curfew is at I don’t know 11:00 p.m. for minors."Larry said with a playful grin.” I’ve stayed out later than that. Hanging with vampires has made me a night owl,” said Michelle boasting.” More like buffet look at those bite marks,” said Balthazar. Michelle put her hand on her neck.” I think he's talking about the other ones said Larry pointing down at her thighs."Oh," said Michelle blushing.Hey who is going to sing,” asked Brandon.” I will” said Zachariel grabbing the microphone. Paul searched through the song lists."Hey what about this,” said Paul selecting a Bon Jovi song. Brandon smirked.” No select something else. Something that has an ounce of dignity,” said Zachariel with a slight grin.Paul looked through the list again and selected the song "One" by Metallica. The song started to play and Zachriel started to sing verbatim while Brandon played the drums and Paul followed along with the game with the guitar.Zachriel sing the song with such emotion and conviction. For an angel who disliked humans he sure liked human music.
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