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An hour in a half went on and I just looked on or volunteer to sing songs that were deemed too “poppy” or “silly” for them.”Hey I want to see a movie tonight,"said Larry looking at his phone.” I don’t like horror movies,” said Paul. “You’re kidding? They are the best ones, “said Larry. “Why not just see a comedy,” said Paul.” I don’t want to see horror or comedy I want to see an action movie said,” said Balthazar.” Why not Conan? “Asked Balthazar.” I heard that movie sucked the big one,” said Larry looking through his phone.” How about Fright Night,” shouted Michelle?”No, no Vampire movies,” said Balthazar.” I don’t like watching horror movies. It is like watching a bad scripted reality show,” said Paul. “Oh, shut up. We all know that you want to see the Glee movie,” shouted Brandon. ”Hey, I like musicals and Glee is a good show,” said Paul.” I like Glee too, said Michelle. Paul smiled.” I want to see a horror movie. It will pump me up,”
said Radziel grinning. I giggled. ”Ok who is all in favor for a comedy or a musical Larry said mockingly and looking at Paul. Paul and Michelle raised their hands. “Ok who wants action?” Balthazar raised his hand. “Who wants to see a HORROR MOVIE,” Larry shouted.Me, Radziel, Larry, and Brandon raised our hands.” Hells yeah, majority rules a horror movie it is,” said Larry.”Aww man,” said Paul. ”You’ll get over it Paul,” said Brandon. They all left the room to get their jackets.” So I hope you ladies are alright with squeezing into a Ram,” said Radziel. Michelle giggled. The guys entered the room shoving one another.”Hey, where are you all going,” asked Zachariel in harsh voice.”Uh, we are just going out to the movies,” said Paul.Zachariel just stared back.” Everything is fine. We are all going out. If any rebel angels, vamps, or zombies give us any trouble we can take them down. Besides most of them don’t even go to public places anyway,” said Radziel.”Yeah, just look out and don’t mess up the truck,” said Zachariel,”Yes dad,” said Balthazar in a falsetto making everyone laugh.”Hey, Paul you and Larry take the audi,"Radziel said to Paul."Aight,”Paul responded. Once we got outside it was still wet and misty. I followed Radziel to the truck and sat beside him in the passenger seat. Michelle sat in the middle between Brandon and Balthazar.” I wear my sunglasses at night,” singed Balthazar. “Have you tried to wear contacts,” asked Michelle. ”Naw, my eyes are too dark for it to absorb the color. Either I tell everyone I’m already wearing freaky contacts or just wear sunglasses,” said Balthazar.”Radziel then started the truck and backed out the muddy driveway. I looked onto the black highway relaxed but still very alert. Being a criminal justice major I was told by my professors that it is good to stay that way at all times. It started to drizzle a little. Radziel then picked up speed as the truck raced down the road.” The radio played some random pop songs as I tuned out the ramblings from the backseat.” I wish there were more theaters in this area,” said Michelle.” I wish there were more bars,” said Balthazar.” I wish there were more blood banks,” added Brandon. I laughed at Brandon’s comment and honesty. It was a ten minute drive and we finally got into town. It was a Friday night. Thank goodness. I took a deep breath looking through my phone preparing myself for a weekend of studying and whatever else that may come up. It has been like that for over six months. I tried not to get used to seeing horrifying creatures out to kill me but I it was a reality I had to accept. At the theater parking lot it was full and there was a good crowd of teens and young adults lined outside the ticket booth.Radziel parked the truck and looked and gaze at the radio clock.” The movie starts in like three minutes,” said Radziel.”Don’t, worry there is going to be ten minutes of commercials before the movie starts,” said Brandon. Radziel took out his phone to call Paul and Larry.” Where yall at,” he said.”Ok meet us at the ticket booth said Radziel.”I hope this movie has not sold out already,” I said grabbing Radziel’s hand.”Nope.Vampire movies are so 2009,”said Radziel smiling looking at Brandon. Brandon flipped him the bird. And Radziel just laughed. Once we arrived at the ticket booth the line had moved up.”Hey, you two pay for Michelle’s way,” said Radziel.”You mean I pay Michelle’s way.” said Brandon. “I have money, concession stand money that is. It is more than the movie he said smiling at Michelle. Michelle giggled. Larry and Paul then walked up.” Ready to see “Fright Night“,” said Larry.” You got any extra change I think the price of popcorn has gone up,” said Balthazar looking through his sunglasses from a distance at the concession stand.” I thought you had concession stand money,” said Brandon.” I do, but I don’t have enough to cover myself,” said Balthazar. Brandon rolled his eyes and the rest of us laughed.
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