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Driving home

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The parking lot was still full with people trying to see the midnight showing. We finally had reached the truck and Radziel phoned Zachariel telling him the movie was over and that we were going to drop off Michelle and I. “Hey Michelle where do you live. I live in Pine Valley on Virgin hills court,” said Michelle. Paul giggled Larry said “oh” and Brandon just smirked.”Hey! Be more mature,” said Balthazar frowning at them. Michelle just grinned…“It’s ok I’m used to people giggling at my street’s name. Balthazar had taken a liking to Michelle. It was similar to my relationship with Radziel. Michelle became more comfortable around him after learning that he is not bad and is a “good guy”. ”Ok could you still follow us. Cause you never know,”Radziel said to Paul and Larry. Michelle’s house was not too far from town. “So how long have yall known each other asked, “Michelle. “ We’ve know each other for about a year. “What made you guys become a team, “asked Michelle.” Well I guess because we are good guys and we share the same views.” Like what asked Michelle. Well just want humans and supes to live peacefully. Or just don’t want a bunch of baddies to take over. Some rebel angels and werewolves want to take over the world, and some zombies and vampires want to do the same but just drink your blood or eat your brains” said Brandon.” What about demons” she asked. “They don’t want to eat or drink just take people’s souls and take over the world,’ said Balthazar. But yall don’t,” said Michelle. “Yep” added Radziel staring at the road. “We are a team of good guys. Hey we are like the Avengers,” said Brandon. “Naw dude we’re more like the X-men. Yall are the Justice League” said Michelle. “Wrong universe babe,” said Balthazar. It only took five minutes too reach the residential area where Michelle lived. We passed by of cul de sacs with fenced yards with dog houses. We had reached Michelle’s house which was a one story house with a double garage. Balthazar got out the car and helped Michelle out.” Bye Michelle,” I said. Bye Gemma nice to meet you,” she said touching my shoulder. Bye Radziel. Bye Brandon.” See ya Michelle. Bye Michelle. I hope what had happened earlier make you change your views about vampires,” said Brandon. Michelle laughed.” No of course not,” she said. Balthazar then followed her to the door.” Bye Michelle,” I could hear Paul and Larry shouted from their car.” Bye, Larry and Paul,” said waving. Balthazar then caressed Michelle’s face and bashfully kissed her on the cheek. He then pulled out his phone and started to type. She then took out her phone and began to type. “I think her views of demons have changed now that’s for sure,” said Brandon.”Yep, said Radziel. Michelle then gave him a big hug and entered her house. Balthazar ran to the car in super speed and jumped in.Radziel then sped off fast.”Careful, Radziel we are in a residential area,” I said. “Sorry, reflex he said trying to win me over with a sly grin. In less than fifteen minutes we were on an empty highway. It was really late and I began to feel nervous again. The look the rebels gave us at the theater spelled out that they were not benign like Radziel. “What are you doing tomorrow,” asked Radziel. “I’m going to school and…”You have class tomorrow,”Radziel interrupted me. Goodness that is crazy who goes to school on a Saturday,” he asked.” No I don’t have class tomorrow.Im just going to the library to look over my notes. I told you finals is next week then I go on my fall break,” I said. “Well that is sweet. We can spend some time together,” he said looking at me grabbing my hand. I smiled and looked up.’RADZIEL LOOK OUT,” I SHOUTED. There something came down from the sky and crash landed on the hood of the car. Radziel pressed the breaks super fast and almost swerved over a little making the tires screech loudly. The thing then broke the window with what it looked like a large club and tried to grab us. It was an angel. I screamed in horror. Brandon and Balthazar both opened the passenger’s backdoor too attack the thing. Balthazar used his super speed to grab the thing and began to tussle with the angel while it lifted him to the sky.Radziel then rushed out of the car and before I knew it I saw large wings come from his back. He then lifted off the ground and went after the angel that had Balthazar. Paul and Larry were not too far. They stopped the car and ran to the truck.”Gemma, Gemma,” are you ok said Paul opening my door. “Yeah I’m fine. I touched my forehead and saw there was blood on my hands.” Come here” Paul then went to the back of the truck and removed a black tarp covering.It had revealed a variety of weapon.Paul grabbed a medieval looking bow and arrow and me a wet handgun. “You know how to use a gun,"he asked. Not very good” I muttered. “You’ll do fine."Look shouted Larry. The moon was slightly showing from the night clouds I saw a winged figure carrying a body. Larry then grabbed the other handgun and Brandon searched the area."Dont shoot yet" said Paul.
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