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The Ponies Tale of the Angel Portal

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The story of two unesis ponies who were once in tune with one another until their tempers completely flare.

Category: My Little Pony - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Fantasy - Warnings: [!] [V] - Published: 2012-08-30 - Updated: 2012-08-30 - 378 words

Once upon a time there were two twin unesis ponies. They could show ponies something wonderful…and something horrifying and unforgettable. The one that could show ponies something wonderful was a beautiful white pony named “Angelic” while the one that could show ponies something horrifying was a radiant red pony named “Devilish.”

Angelic and Devilish were always in tune with each other. Nopony knows why and how because of how different they are from each other but perhaps it’s because of how similar their talents are…

Legends say that these two ponies are bound to be in tune with each other until the day they die. However there was one day the two sisters blew everything including their ability to be in tune with one another.

At first it was a normal sibling argument about who cared more when their youngest sister died…but it didn’t stay an argument for long. Tempers began to flare more than normal tempers do, and it became a complete war in front of everypony in town. Eventually the two ponies something that is said to impossible happened: heaven and hell split apart due to the lack of rhythm between the two of them at that time. After the war between Angelic and Devilish had ended a deadly portal had been created from the split apart heaven and hell and anypony who were to go into that portal would never come out alive…

Princess Celestia did not want to see this problem expand anymore then it already had. She frantically came to a decision to banish the two ponies somewhere no one would ever think to look for them: the prison underneath Magic City. Nopony know about the prison underneath Magic City. The only ponies who do know are the residents of Magic City and all of them try to steer clear of trouble because of this. So, with the two sisters banished all the ponies could live in peace again and Angelic and Devilish were never seen again…

But there was a time before that. Before everything… when these two ponies didn’t even have an idea what death was. And even before they had their cutie marks.

Let’s go back to that point in time, shall we?

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