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Full lucious lips, sweet tasting , beauty but evil.

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Tick, tick, tick. A steady rhythm. 
" I don't love you like I did yesterday... "
Those words break my heart, a hopeless feeling, emptiness in my chest. No words can desrcibe how i feel this very moment.
" THAT'S A LIE! " I screamed in his face. His expression changes. " Frank, I can't do this anymore! "
He stands his ground. And i just can't find the words to change his mind.
" I met someone else... Someone better than you. "
Making eye contact didn't help. Maybe he doesn't love me.
Staring into those big green hazel eyes that we're glossy, but serious. I couldn't look at him anymore.
" Just go! "
I managed to get the words out, i buried my face in my hands. I heard his footsteps make their way out. I can hear the door shut. Time passes as my body falls slowly to the cold, hard, cement floors of the basement.

My heated up emotions and body fighting with the cold air of the room. I soon fall asleep, as it feels like forever since you've been gone. All i keep thinking is.. I never wanna wake up......

Replaying in my mind, the same dream. I'm strangled and tied. I keep coughing away and spitting. My oxygen is low, my lungs can't take any in. I'm choking. Help me? Please? I beg you? Save me....

I awake with hands on my face and neck, touching and feeling me. Voices are faint. My vision is so unclear i can see a dark figure in front of me. My mother is sitting beside me trying to pick me up and i can feel wetness on my face and body. 
I can suddenly hear the voice more clearer. " Mom.. " I can barely get the word out. 

" are you okay honey? " she rocked me like a baby and pushed my hair back. " i guess, what happened?"
Well i heard you screaming and i guess you choked on your own spit, i came running downstairs as soon as i heard yoh when i came back from work. " What's wrong? Did you have a bad dream? "
I shuddered and thought back. I didn't say anything and sat up. " Can we talk in the kitchen when i get some water and coffee? "
She nodded as we made our way upstairs.
I told her everything that night.


It took time, I dropped out of school but took homeschooling, I shut out eveyone. Slowly repairing myself. I thought it was easier not to have anyone close, you only get hurt. It's been 3 & a half years. I was 13, i'm turning 17 soon.
I blocked out the image of the boy i used to know, he must be 19 now i'm guessing?
Doesn't matter, alot has changed. I'm a different more colder person now. I was a wimp, clueless young bitch back then.

My mom encouraged me to try high school for my senior year. I worked so hard, i only have 2 credits to earn to graduate. To get out of this place, to be alone forever. If i'm going back to public school. I have to face people. The fear of being around them. I looked at myself in the mirror, I'm bulletproof. Don't show my flaws. When it comes to people, i have to make myself and others believe I have no fear. They'll believe it.

I sold some old guitars to get some cash for new clothes and school supplies.. Supplies.. You know coffee, guitar picks cds. Ipod, smokes. Fuck don't i love school shopping when it comes to my list. 
I missed out on so much, never leaving the house. I bought a new guitar too. I still had money left so i put it away for the near future.

Weeks passed and school was starting. Well, I never had to get up so early in my life. Luckily my classes were after 2nd period. So just before lunch. Than after. So I woke up around 10ish and took a shower, i got dressed and put on eyeliner and wristbands to hide old scars on my wrists. It was still hot outside so i decided to put on a tee and leave.
 I walked two blocks, and looked at the unfamiliar building, when i dropped out of shool it was the junior high. 

There was cars parked down the street and parking lot. Cliques were swarming. People were skipping the first day, no surprise. I walked to grab my schedule at the office.

After finding my way around in the big building I didn't pay any attention to anyone in there. Or around me. My class starting in 10mins so i decided to hang outside an exit by the class to light a smoke. I sat down and looked for a lighter in my bag. And looked up at the clouds. My music blasted in one ear. 

Suddenly I can feel eyes on me from across the yard. It irritated me, and i looked for some shades in my bag, put them on and glanced at a group of people sitting around a hill by trees. They looked unusual, I couldn't call then a clique really or label them as anything. But what do i know? I haven't been around so much people in years. 

Looking at my ipod i flicked my cig, got up and walked towards to door and head to my classroom, I sat down at a empty table, I had chemistry than music in the afternoon. So only mornings will suck. Oh well.
Laying my head down on a table i didn't pay attention to the people coming in. 

The teacher blabbed on about the introduction of the class. So i played on my new ipod, and deciding where i was gonna get brunch. I'm thinking pizza. 

I was in my own world for a long time until I realized their was a body next to me. And  i glanced at this dude who just curiously starred at me. His hair shagged down and his blue eyes caught me looking back at him and he looked back at a group of people on the other side of the room. I noticed them from earlier. They have starring issues i thought.
Time passed and it was lunch. Fuck yes!
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