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You can poke at the closed wound but it's either tender or numb.

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Frankie issues

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Spent my lunch alone at a park near by, I laid in the grass, jamming to tunes. I played air guitar for the most part. Then i twitched. So i sat up and looked, noticing the group from before. What was their problem? It must be hard to have one stalker, but i have a whole group. Must be famous...

I didn't like the feeling i got everytime they were around. They gave me chills with their eyes and faces.
Looking back at them, i quickly grabbed my stuff and decided to go to the music room at the school to play some guitar before class. How weird? Their stares followed me, still haunting.

Talking with my teacher, he was pretty cool. He used to be in a band, and we talked about everything. I had a good rest of lunch, and i sat on this couch playing to riffs. When this boy and girl walked in, followed by this boy who caught my eye. His black hair all shaggy, his smile was big. They laughed on about something until that boy started singing a bit. And they listened to him with intrest.

I looked away and continued with the guitar. Until i can feel that feeling again and i noticed it was some ofthe people from that group again. Who the fuck are they?

" Aye! I like how you play that!" this guy sat down beside me, he had piercings and tattoos. " Uhh thanks.. " i said quietly. I didn't notice him around but atleast he wasn't part of that group. The guy put out of his hand, " my name is Zack, " he smiled. His eyes were dark blueish with purple in them. You can tell he had contacts. " Frank. " i smiled back. We kept conversation for the whole class. Zack introduced me to his friends and they pratically let me in their clique. It was a clique with popularity standards. They were known from everybody and anybody in school. The jocks weren't the big ones in this school. Because sports wasn't a big thing here. It was all about the music. So i fit perfectly in. I met a lot of people. My first day. 

Being seen with my new friends, made a lot of difference. Even though i kept a hold on people for a longtime. It felt just natural this way. But i was still careful with the people i trusted. So i kept a mysterious image for the first few months. End of October was approaching and my birthday was coming up. I was happy with my life. Satisfied for once. 

My hair grew out, and i cut it, but left it shaggy. I put on my black leather jacket, it was getting alot colder withthe weather changing. I put on gloves and looked in the mirror. I put on shades, i almost dropped the cig out of my mouth. When my phone went off. When my new girlfriend called. We talked until we met up by the park. I wasn't gonna lie, ever since i met zack and the others, i dated alot of people but Nikki, was the only one i felt right with. We were just like bestfriends and j loved being around her. 
We walked to school, hand and hand. Meeting Zack and Zane by the front. 

The looks i got from that group was old news. I never saw them around hardly, well I guess i didn't bother to notice.

It was passed lunch, and I was excited to get into class today, Zack said he wrote a song for us to play along too. So i was pumped. I sat with him at the back and tried a few chords. We spent about half the class doing that. Until he got called to the office, i kept playing for a while. Class was done, and school was done for me today. I put everything away, and thought  I was the last one. Then i heard thumps in the recording room on the other side of the room. I decided to investigate.

I looked around then noticed a shadow of this guy walking, then he sat there, he starting singing. Wow he sounded like an angel.
I had no words to express the beauty of it.
Reality hit me, who the fuck is this? He wore a black hoodie, and his back faced me. I climbed a box to get a better look. I can see black hair. Is that one of those boys from that unusual group? I whistled, and he stopped and turned his head and looked at me. He had black shades on, and looked at him. No words were said. Just an awkward stare.
I got up and just walked out, grabbed my guitar and quickly walked home. Not wanting nothing to do with them, my friends hung around a few of them. But we weren't the type to go sit and chill. Just strut around the school, we had a reputation. For what we did, we were fun, tough when we had to be. 
Had no time for those losers or other cliques who we didn't like as much.

It was the weekend finally, there was a big party being thrown at one of our houses. It was suppose to be a massive party. People been talking about it for a weeks. I met up with some friends and we made our way there. We sat around for a bit, then people showed. A few hours passed and there was a few people. Alright i can't lie, you can barely walk without touchig elbows. I made my way outside trying to find familiar faces. I was already half cut. And i stumbled when i made it by the pool. I saw Ashley waving at me, then i noticed Nikki, Jared, Zane and Zack laughing at something and smiled when they saw me, " where were you Frankie? We lost you amongst the booze " they laughed even harder.
" awh shit i don't know "
" shots, shots, shots, shots "
Chanting was going on, " that sounds good! " i laughed and ran overthere, 
It must of been 3 in the morning, the party was dying. I lost my closest friends anyways. I wanted to lay down, the comfyest place i canthink of was the grass.

Outside once again, i lay down and cuddled in my sweater. I curled up and looked at all the people who were looking like zombies. Then i looked at a group of people walking my way, not this shit again! 

I closed my eyes and opened them again! They stood there lookig down at me, i tried to call Zack or Zane. But i couldn't get the words out. I crawled a big ways, looking down at black converse, i looked up,
There was black ripped jeans, black tight tee, and black hair. Pale skin, oh fuck a vampire!

I looked back and the rest of those people left, then i looked back at the boy standing there. He starred at me curiously. " Frank!? " he finally said. 
Confused, i looked up at him. I shook my head. And mumbled barely any words. And layed down, i don't care if he kills me, my heads spinning.
 I passed out, and woke up.
Beeping noises were faint and i groggily opened my eyes. My mouth was dry and I was sore all over. I started to move and i was trying to get up until i felt a hand on my wrist. 

Looking over to my side, a boy sat there looking up at me, " Who the hell are you? And where am I? " i said as i started to look arounf the room, it was all white. And blank. " the hospital, it's okay! "
" what? " i sat up, i started to panick, " why am i here? " my stomach hurt as i layed back inthe bed. " ugh! " i groaned and rolled over. " you were sick and i brought you here, they pumped your stomach."
" huh... " i was so confused. I looked back at the boy sitting there, his eyes were hazel. With this tint of green, they were red around. And had bags. He must have never slept?...
" wait, who are you? "
He just looked at me, and looked at the door as a man walked in, dressed in white, " Oh, Frank you look better. " he smiled as he wrote on some papers. " well you can leave when you want, and i'll write you a prescription alright? If you have any problems you can come back. " he handed the paper to the boy sitting in the chair next to me. Then left.
I just looked over at him and he smiled at me.

I chose to not say anything else, i didn't know who he was, and he wouldn't tell me so I closed my eyes. Just hoping this was a dream. I must of fell asleep again, i don't know how long though. But I awoke to bunch of noises in the room. I opened my eyes as this nurse was setting up a table with food for me and tv. I looked at her and gave her a small smile and she waved and left. I was still in the hospital, i wasn't as sore as before but my head still spun, i felt weak and kinda sick. 

Then i remembered, there was a boy sitting next to me and i looked over and saw him curled up in a chair, he was quietly snoring. Why is he still here?  I sat up and drank some water then took out the ivy and stuff out of my arms. The machines made some noise and ignored it. I just wanna go home. I found my clothes piled neatly on this table. I grabbed them and tried to walk out of the room. I finally found a washroom where i could change. When i got into my clothes i was walking passed the room i was in when the boy walked out confused. He looked at me, " whoah where you going? " " home! " i announced before he grabbed my wrist. " can you not touch me! " i snapped at him and pushed him away and tried to stomp off. " You're gonna hurt yourself, if your in this condition! " he said, as he followed me. " can you just leave me alone already! " i fell over and hit the ground, when nurses rushed to me, i felt myself fade away. 

I awoke again, in the hospital bed, my clothes were on, but i had needles in my arms again. And my head was sore. I looked at the boy who paced back and forth until he noticed my movement. " I'm taking you back to my place" he looked at me, and i became angry, " can you just get me a phone so ican call my mom! " " i can take care of you! " " do you want your parents all stressed! They will think you can't take care of yourself! " he yelled at me. I thought about it, i didn't want my mom to worry, and this guy looked like he wouldn't leave me alone. But he still is a stranger. " fine, until im better! " i said.. And took out the needles, as his eyes grew big, i sensed fear from him. He grabbed a wheel chair and i sat down. I don't remember the car ride but i was at a home that i was unfamiliar with. Time elapsed so quickly i didn't know about anything that was going. It felt like days. Everything felt foggy to me, and i awoke. On a strange bed in a room that smelled like coffee. Fuck sakes im in heaven aren't I ?
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