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Facing you was my biggest fear, getting you to want me is a challenge,

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- My vision and memory was so much clearer. I wasn't really sure what happened, not even sure what or where i am now. I looked around, and looked down at my body. I was wearing silky black pajama pants and a black t-shirt. I was in a king size bed with black and purple sheets and blankets. I looked around a large room with posters, paintings and wall paper. There was a lamp on somewhere showing dim light. This place was my sort of liking. I felt comfortable in a strangers house... Well bedroom. It was kind of cold, and i started tk feel kind of creeped out, i woke up in a stangers house? Bed? And my last memory was waking up in a hospital bed. 

My body was stiff and i was really hungry. I looked ever for my clothes but couldn't find them.So i opened the door revealing a staircase. With light shining at the top, i walked quietly up the stairs looking at the surroundings, it was a normal looking house, it was clean and had a lot of pictures of stuff and other stuff. I smelled coffee, and i saw a doorway that lookef like it led to the kitchen. I walked in the room. Following the smell of cocoa beans. 

A voice say with a shocking tone! " You're awake ! " this guy jumped up with his arms out, i looked at him, and rubbed my eyes, and backed off a bit..i was so confused from all the sleeping.

" who are you? " I said, as i gave him a weird look. 
He just smiled, " Coffee? " holding out a mug to me, i grabbed it and walked to the precious coffee and poured some. I turned around and looked at the man, " are you gonna answer me!? " " Well, technically i did, " he snorted, sipping at his mug. I didn't say anything, and just tried to figure out where I saw him before. I think he belongs to the people who keep stalking me, not only that, just him jn general reminds me of something, someone i used to know so well. His face structure, his posture, his hair. 
" It's you! " i yelled! And dropped my mug! I looked at the door to the outside and ran as quick as i could. I was running down a street, bear foot! 

I was confused of what happened, what day it was, where i was but sure as hell i didn't wanna be any where near him! I kept running until i recognized broken fences and bush. It was the back way of the school. I jumped up and over the fence, and i ran home from there. The door was locked, probably because my mom was at work, i wonder if she was worried!? Thought i was home the whole time... Whatever! 
I opened a window and leaped into my room. I hit the cold floor pretty hard, i just rolled over and got onto my bed and slid under the covers, i started crying.. Not because of the hospital, or everything that has happened, or hitting the floor.
Even if i cut my elbow!
It was because I thought I would never face the boy who i chose to block out of my thoughts and memories of the past! 

The worst part is, he took care of me. When obviously no one else did... Besides the doctors and nurses!
I'm mad at myself, i'm mad at him, especially him! He thinks he can waltz into my life again!

I quickly remembered this was the very room, the very bed i cried on, years ago. When he told me he didn't want me! He didn't love me! Every memory that was just lies made here. Early teen hood. So dramatic!

I rubbed my tears away and looked down! Ew his clothes! I ripped them off, and i grabbed clean clothes and ran upstairs to get a towel to take a shower. I spent most of my time in there. Because obviously i don't remember how long i slept for! A day? Few days? Weeks? I don't know. I just wanted the water to wash everything away! Including me.

Looking into the fridge, finding food to cook, i felt safe in my own home. Atleast I knew my location..
Whatever happened yesterday, is not worth remembering! Or even earlier. Everything before my shower doesn't matter!
All blocked and shut out of my life once again.

Watching t.v and munching. I felt so much better, I didn't know if I had school today or not! I looked at the date on the t.v. October 28th..a Tuesday! My birthday is in 3 days. I been sleeping half a week. 

Well then. It was 2:51 p.m, Well i would of been home right now anyways. I need my cellphone, cigs and ipod! Shit! oh and clothes! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! What Should i do! I know! I'll demand them back ! At school  tomorrow! I'll get the guys to ask for me!
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