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Say You're Sorry

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Hurt Mikey, pissed off Aph and broken bones

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I couldn't stop thinking about Andy for the past two hours. By that point I knew he was being serious. He didn't pretend he wasn't with me when Ashley appeared. I'm so grateful I got a chance to be with him. He made my self esteem higher.

"So how was your date?" asked Crystal as she came in, Brendon close behind her. Does no one know how to knock now and days? It's funny how, after what Brendon did to my sister, he thinks he can just walk into my room. I could've been masterbating! Would I be? Depends.

"She had a date? I'm surprised. I thought you were a lesbian like you faggot friend Jenny" he said.

"First of all, her name is Janice and second of all, don't you ever call my friend that again or I'll remind you of what happened when you hit Crystal you fucking prick!" Yeah, he honestly changed. MY ASS! He's the same fucking asshole that he always was! I hate when a guy can manipulate a girl with false promises and hopes. Brendon is a good manipulator. Should I fuck him up again? I'm thinking yes.

"Aph! Don't talk to him that way!" She's gonna defend that stupid punk over her own sister?

"What? He started it! You should be defending me!"

"Why should I defend you if you started it?" Brainwash.

"What?! I didn't...Oh what's the point in fighting with you if you're just gonna take his side. Can you just get out of my room? Please" I feel a headache coming.

"Why don't you make us?" said Brendon as he walked and stood right in front of me. I'll take that as a invitation. I walked up to him and threw him a single swing to the stomach and he fell to the ground. Crystal pushed me out of the way and quickly dropped to her knees and help him up.

"Why did you do that?" she yelled as she struggled to pick Brendon up. I must have a good arm to be able to punch him that hard.

"He didn't want to get out of my room"

"You could have asked him nicely"

"Okay," I cleared my throat" GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY ROOM!" She gave me death glare and walk out of my room with Brendon. They just ruined my day. I was too busy being mad that I didn't realise my phone was ringing. I checked the caller I.D. and saw it was Mikey.

"Mikey! I was worried about you. You didn't call or show up for school" Ever since the day of the party he disappeared.

"Hey. Can I come over?" I heard sadness in his voice. He sounded like he's been crying.

"What's wrong hon?"

"I'll tell you when I come over"

"Alright I'll be waiting. Want Janice to come too"

"Yeah. I really need the comfort right now"

"Alright bye"

"Bye" I quickly hung up and dialed Janice's number. I wonder what' s wrong with him. Maybe Jayy did something to him. No, he wouldn't hurt him, he loves him too much. Then again, looks can be deceiving.


"Code red. Mikey is having trouble. I think we might need to bury a body""

"Code red! I'll be right over" The line died.


"What happened?" Janice bursted through my door like a police officer.

"I don't know. Mikey said he'll explain when he comes over"

"I hope it's nothing serious"

"It sounded like he was crying, so I'm guessing it is" We waited anxiously for Mikey to come. I really hope it's nothing serious, because I don't like seeing him get hurt. He's a good, smart, nice guy. I don't get why someone would do something to hurt him. Just then we heard the door bell and we ran to the door. I opened the door and Mikey stood there, hiding his face with his Misfit hoodie. He walked in and we walked up to my room.

"What's wrong Mikey?" Again, we waiting anxiously, then he took off his hoodie. I stared in disbelief. Who did this to my Mikey?! His face was covered in bruises. He had a black eye, a busted lip, a busted nose, and a huge bruise on his cheek.

"Who did this to you?" He started crying uncontrollably. I sat him down and rapped my arms around his shoulders. "Mikey, we need to know what happened to you, we have to regulate the bitch who did this to you"

"G..Ger..Gerard" he choked out. Gerard. Gerard! How can that son of a bitch do this to his own brother?!

"Why? What happened? What did that fucker do?" He took a deep breath to calm him self.

"I..I was in my room, playing my bass guitar ,then I hear Gerard and his friends come home. I ignored them and kept playing and then Gerard busted down my door and came in with his friends. He started making fun of me, calling me a fag, gr..grabbing my crotch, and asking me how much I like it up the ass. I got tired of it and told him to fuck off. Then suddenly he punched me in the face and he repeatedly kept hitting me. He told his friends to join and them being the stupid followers they are, they did. They all took turns hitting me. Then my mom yelled to let us know she was home and they all walked out, but before they left, Gerard lifted me up by my collar and told me I was nothing but a disappointment to our family for being a fucking faggot" He began crying again. I held him in my arms. Janice got up and went in my closet. Before I even guessed what she was doing in there, she came out with my wooden bat.

"What are you gonna do with that?"

"Remember what we did to Brendon?"


"I say we should do a reenactment of that day, but have Mikey's lovely brother and friends be the acters instead of Brendon" Bitch just read my mind.

"We shall!" I threw my fist in the air.

"You can't" said Mikey as he ruined my moment.

"And why not?" I can tell by the look in Janice's eyes she was ready to kick some ass.

"Because my parents are there"

"And?" They can join in the ass beating.

"And, No! If you kick his ass, my ass is gonna get in trouble"

"By Jayy?" Janice wiggled her eye brows.

"Not funny"

"Sorry ,sad attempt to make you laugh"

"Do you want to sleep over?" Of course I wasn't gonna let him go back to that hell hole.


"Can I sleep over?" asked Janice.


"Yay! Don't worry Mikey. We're gonna cheer you up and laugh so hard you're gonna piss on yourself" said Mariana as she took out a bra. Oh god.


"Run! Run! Run!," yelled Mikey as we watched Dead Silence. I hate that movie. It's just a bunch of creepy dolls that a women uses to come to life. If you yell, she takes your tongue. I would've been died by now."I told that bitch to run. See, that is why you always listen to the gay guy".

"When is comes to fashion then we will," Janice stuffed more popcorn into her mouth as she laughed while the man was being killed. How can she find this funny?! The old man is being malled to death! "Offensive". Mikey gave her the death glare.

"Hey Aph, can I ask you something?" Mikey looked as if he were being serious.


"Is there something going on between you and Andy?" Wow. News travels fast.

"He's....been talking to me lately, bought me flower, and today he took me out for a walk" Just remembering it made me smile. "How did you find out? You haven't gone to school".

"Gerard. He's talks to Andy on the phone and they talk about you all the time"

"Aw. He talks about you" teased Janice as she squeeze my cheeks. I smacked her hand away. I hate it when people do that. I get it, I have big cheeks.

"Stop that, What did they say about me?"

"Mostly about when you two were friends. What's the history between you two anyways?" He got up from his current laying position on my bed, to sitting in front of me. Story time.

"Well if you must know, Andy and I were friends since we were in diapers. Our mothers were best friends, which resulted to us having play dates. They use to fantasize about when we grow up, we were gonna be soul mates and live happily ever after. I remember if we ever got mad at each other, he would push me away and I would either push him down the stairs or kick him on his knee. When we turned seven, we had sleepovers, parties, and had movie nights. We hung out twenty four- seven. Then that's when Janice came into the picture. She was his new neighbor.."

"And still am," she interrupted. I gave her the death glare for interrupting my story.

"Anyways, he would always see her playing by herself, so he decided to invite her to our movie night. Which, by the way, pissed me off a little because i thought you were gonna take him away from me. Then after hanging out more, we all became friends, We were like the three musketeers. It all ended once we entered middle school. By that time it's all about popularity, physical appearances, and who had the best stuff. Andy was getting his sexiness by that time. He slowly started drifting away from us and started hangout with the jerks. One day he was hanging out with them and I walked up him to ask him if he was still coming over for movie night. The guys started laughing at him. Then he told me why would he hangout with a loser like me, then he pushed me in a mud puddle. That is were out rivalry began. The end"

"He's a jerk. How can you like him?" Mikey asked confused.

"Exactly my point!" Seriously how can I?

"You two really make a good couple tho" Janice nodded in agreement.

"I don't see how. Him with his beautiful eyes, kissable lip, and sexy face" I didn't noticed I was biting my lip in till Mikey and Janice gave me weird looks. If he were to be with me people would think it was a joke, because he only goes out with the most beautiful girls in school and somehow he decides to go after me.

"Look Aph, you're beautiful too. I mean look at you, you have a amazing figure, beautiful light green- yellow eyes, and a beautiful smile. Anyone would kill to have your beauty, I'm pretty sure Janice would too. So don't you ever fucking think that about yourself again" This is why I love Mikey. He can anyone feel better no matter who they are and what they've been through.

"Thanks" I threw myself at him and gave him the biggest hug I could, which I'm pretty sure is killing him. Hehe. Not long after Janice threw herself at me and we made a dog-pile. "Time for bed!"

"Nooo! I'm not sleepy!," Mikey whined.

"We have school tomorrow"

"Not going for one day won't hurt anyone" I guess he was right. I wasn't really in the mood to go to school. I shrugged and rested my head on Mikey's shoulder. As I watched the movie I slowly drifting off to sleep.


"Aph. Aph. APH!" I jumped up and screamed bloody murder. I rapidly started kicking my legs and flinging my arms in different directions in till I heard Mikey's voice telling me to calm down. After I calmed myself down I threw a pillow at his direction, but missed.

"What the hell Mikey?! You know I don't like that!" I crossed my arms and pouted like a little kid. I really do hate when someone screams to wake me up. Last time that happened I almost broke Crystal's nose. Oops.

"Aw. Sorry hon, I just thought you wanted to know breakfast is ready! And your dad said it was cool for you to stay home"

"Okay, I'll be down in a sec" He winked and walked up. I groaned and looked at my watched. It read 9'oclock. Even if I stay home I can never get sleep. I got up, brushed my teeth, and ran downstairs.

"Hola motherfuckers!" I yelled as I jumped on Mikey's back. It amazes me that Mikey's is as skinny as a stick, but somehow be strong. It's a good combo tho. If someone wants to fuck with him, he can just beat their asses. I got off his back and sat down on the kitchen counter.

"Here's your breakfast" Janice put a plate of pancakes in front of me. I love her so much right now. I looked to my right and see Crystal and Brendon giving me the death glare. I just stuffed my face with pancakes to rub it in there face that I'm having pancakes. Brendon gave me the finger, so I opened my mouth, filled with what use to be pancakes, and he looked at me in disgust.

"Hon, close you mouth. Flies are gonna go in there" Mikey pushed my jaw up.

"Sorry Brendon gave me the finger" Janice turned over to face Brendon, who was watching us like a stalker, and threw the spatula at him. Which did hit him in the face. She has a really good throwing arm.

"What the fuck man?" yelled Brendon.

"Sorry, it slipped" She smiled innocently.

"Shouldn't you be in school?"Brendon asked in a bitchy tone.

"Shouldn't you be in jail getting butt raped by now?" Crystal and Brendon got up and left up to her room.

"I thought they broke up" Mikey looked confused.

"She actually thinks he changed so she's gonna give him another chance"

"Dumb ass" Amen to that.


The rest of the morning we just ran around, played dress up, and make up, threw random thing at Brendon every time he would walk by, and reenacted scenes from our favorite movies. Basically kid things. I miss those days. Currently we were laying in the middle of the floor next to the door way. Reason: I tripped on my shoe and landed on Janice, who landed on Mikey. We were dominoes for a moment. We've been laying here for about thirty minutes talking about Teen Mom. The show anoys me so much. It's just a bunch of teen who were to dumb not to use protection and do some of the dumbest things. I heard the door bell ring and I crawled to the door and opened it. When I opened it I saw Andy.

"Oh hi Andy"

"Hi. Um....why are you on the ground?"

"Fell. Too lazy to get up"

"Ah. Let me help you up" He grabbed my arm and pulled me up.

"Thank you" Mikey and Janice stared with a smirk playing in their faces.

"So why didn't you go to school? I was really worried when I didn't see you" He's so sweet.

"Some problems with people"

"Who do I have to beat up?"

"No one I can handle it"

"Tuff. I like it"

"Thank you" I gave the biggest smile I could, which made him chuckle. I heard a car horn and Andy turned around. I looked behind him and sudden anger ran through my body. Gerard. Bitch time to die.

"Janice get the bat. Mikey stay here"

"Why?" She asked.

"Gerard" I just mentioned his name and she ran upstairs. I walked outside.

"Get out of your car you fucken bitch!" I yelled.

"Woah wait going on" Andy grabbed my arm and I pushed him away. Gerard got out the car and walked up to me. "What the fuck you call me?"

"Did I studder? Who the fuck do you think you are?"

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

"We're talking about what you did to your brother" said Janice as she walked out with the bat and stood next to me.

"So you guys are doing all of this for what I did to the gay fucker? That little fag deserved it for being.."

"Himself? Yeah he might be gay, but you're the fucken fag. At least he has the fucken man balls to be himself" I cut him off. "I'm not a fag". He stepped closer to me and pushed me back, hard enough to make me stubble.

"Dude chill" Andy said. I gave Gerard the death as he glazed at me with hatred and anger. I cringed me hand into a tight fist as my anger stared rising just by looking at him. I get closer to him and without hesitation, punch him with all my might in the nose. he grunted out in pain and I can see blood pouring from his nose. He grabs my arms and I try and over power him but it was useless. So I round kicked him in the ribs and he let me go, giving me the chance to kick him in the balls, causing him to fall to his knees. I kicked him in the chest and he feel back. I jump on top of him like a psycho and pinch him right at his jawline and spit directly at his eye. I get up and hover over him and kick him repeatably at his lungs. Is this too cruel? Noooo. You can hear them almost crack. Janice came out of mid air with the bat and began viciously started attacking him with the bat in the face. You can see his face bruised, swollen and covered in blood. Janice and I hover over him and shake our head. He's such a piece of shit.

"This is just a warning Gerard, if you EVER touch Mikey again like you did, we will kill you. You might not care about him, but we do. Some piece of shit brother you are!" I spat at him. He really doesn't deserve to have a bother like Mikey. "Mikey come here!". Mikey nervously made his way to us and gave Gerard a apologetic look. "Say you're sorry" I demand.

"Sorry for what?" asked Mikey.

"Not you, Gerard" Gerard just laughed at my demand. This bitch thinks I'm playing doesn't he. I gave him a hard blow to the ribs." Say It!"

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry Mikes! I truly regret what I did to you and it won't happen again I swear!" He flinched after he finished talking, curling up in a ball.

"I accept your apology. Now get the fuck out of here before these bitches kill you" Mikey helped him up and took him to his car. He's so nice

I forgot Andy was still here. I slowly turned towards him and gave him a shy smile. Shit shit shit shit! He walked over to me and hugged me. What the fuck? I beat the shit out of his friend and he doesn't care. We are gonna make such a perfect couple.

"You look sexy when you beat people up, I should get you mad more often" He winked at me, got in the car, and left. What the hell just happened?

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