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I'm back! A/N

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Been a while.....

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Hello Killjoys and Rebels! I'm sorry I haven't been writing lately! Very sorry! Its year? Yikes! Anyways, I'm sorry I was gone for so long I just lost all my inspiration for writing and I was stressing with school, but I'm back, inspired, refreshed, and ready to finish this :) So, since I can't work on more that two stories at a time I descided to continue this story, since I have big plans for it and another that you guys are gonna choose! If you have time, check out my two other stories and choose one between both if you have the time and are interested :) The links will be below. I hope you guys enjoy how the stories are going so far and stick around for more. (I feel like a youtuber :P) Enjoy!

Love you all! XO ~Kitty


1. I Want Your Bite :

2. I Never Thought I'd Fall So Easily :
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